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Kris Humphries


On Wedding Guest

3/19/2013 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
-- the guy who has accused Kim Kardashian of nuptial fraud -- just scored hundreds of thousands of bucks from one of the wedding guests.

TMZ broke the story ... Andrey C. Hicks -- who sat right behind the formerly happy couple at the rehearsal dinner -- was arrested in 2011 for bilking Kris and other friends out of millions of bucks ... by convincing them to invest in a bogus hedge fund. He pled guilty to the charges late last year.

Now, Hicks has to pay the piper ... a judge just ordered him to repay the ill-gotten loot, totaling $2,375,204.60.

It's unclear how much of that money will go to Kris, but we do know the NBA'er lost hundreds of thousands of $$$ in the sham.

Hicks was also sentenced to 40 months in jail.

The reality is ... it's gonna be hard for Kris to collect.  And the other reality ... he's gonna end up with goose eggs in the divorce trial.

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the kardashians are paying tmz off to say nice things about them... thats why

562 days ago


Frankly, I am sick of Kris's azz period. Rich people never have enough - always trying to get more more more $$. So he got scammed. Big deal. So he got scammed by KK Whore. Big deal he knew he had a skank from the beginning. No sympathy now. Enough is enough. Time to move on from all of this crap.

562 days ago


Don't be so quick to count Kris H out
TMZ. You never know what's going to happen.

562 days ago


Kickstandgiggles, I'm glad you acknowledge that he got scammed by KK whore ( only hope the judge sees it that way too) It should be his call if he wants to pursue an annulment or not. He was the victim and we shouldn't judge him. He's not looking or your sympathy.. Move on.

562 days ago


This site can go straight to hell, what biased reporting. You can't even pretend to post a fair story. Go kiss Pimp Mama's ass some more why don't you.

562 days ago


Who cares he's a doofus.

562 days ago


ANOTHER biased story! TMZ... you are no longer the credible news source you once were.

562 days ago



562 days ago


Wow, her whole set of friends are scammers too. This doesn't surprise me at all. You are who you associate with.

562 days ago


Another "paid for by KK" post. Goose Eggs? Who but an Old hag would write that!

562 days ago


Humphries isn't looking for Kim's money. He WANTS AN ANNULMENT!

562 days ago


LMFAO. I just thought of something. If the judge grants Kris his annulment that means the pre-nup is null and void and the CONFIDENTIALITY clause is lifted, that means that TMZ can start kissing Kris H's azz trying to get huge exclusives. Can you imagine all of H8TARDS finally hearing the truth from Hump's mouth to TMZ's ears? This site will implode from the hits. TMZ will make money off the guy they have been trashing for over a year, BWUAHAHA. I hope Kris tells you all to stick it and goes sells his stories to ROL, Huff Post and Hilton. Would serve TMZ right for backing up the Karstoogian pigs.

562 days ago


TMZ your onesided reporting on all things Kim K related is absolutely disgusting, True Kris may not be the brightest bulb in the box but at least he has a real talent, a real career and is not an adulterer.

It is time you call Kim out for what she is . . .a narcassistisc talentless whore who is commmitting adultery. Sure if she wrote her reusme she would say she is a model, actress businesswoman. But smiling into a camera lense makes her no more model than it make her skinny. Reading lines does not make her an actress and choosing the color of a nail polish and making sure the name begins with a K does not make her any type of a business woman.

Kim is a disgrace to all females and no female should look up to her or want to be like her - she has no class, no dignity, no brains and it is time for TMZ to stop kissing her HUGE A**

562 days ago


Whenever I hear a baby crying, I think of Kris Humpty Dumpty. Plz grow up!

562 days ago


Not everyone is convinced that she is even pregnant. There has been NO PROOF, to that effect. Kayne West will never marry Kim Kardashian. I do not believe that is her goal .She will be like Kourtney-unen***bered by a "husband" She doesn't look or act like a pregnant woman What's the deal?

562 days ago
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