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Lindsay Lohan

Attempts Intervention

And NOT for Her

4/6/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is trying to live by the adage, "Do what you know," and she knows how to party ... but apparently not well enough to save a good friend.

We're told Lindsay tried to stage an intervention for hotel magnate/BFF Vikram Chatwal, who was arrested at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport for possession of heroin, cocaine, weed and Rx pills.

Chatwal owns the Dream Hotel in NYC, where Lindsay has frequently stayed and partied.  We're told Chatwal has comped her when she's there.

Sources say Lindsay tried to return the favor in 2012 by surprising Vikram at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood.  The plan was ... when he walked in the room, a bunch of friends and family would be there to express their grave concern over his drug use and partying.

It's unclear why ... but the intervention never took place, and Vikram kept partying, right until he was busted.

Let's get serious.  Lindsay never stopped partying either.


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"IF a blind man leads a blind man BOTH WILL FALL INTO A PIT" , Matthew 15:13- 14

572 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- CaptionLindsay Lohan will soon join Barbara Walters for an exclusive, revealing interview, Access Hollywood has learned.

In the next few weeks, Barbara will sit down with the actress for an extensive, “no holds barred, no questions off-limits” interview, a source close to Lindsay told Access on Sunday.

The 26-year-old actress has chosen to speak with the iconic journalist because she “trusts Barbara.”

“[Lindsay] has a lot of respect and admiration for her, and knows the interview will be done accurately and fairly,” the source said.
If Lindsay Lohan’s new reps think canceling her “20/20” interview with Barbara Walters was funny, “The View” host isn’t laughing.
Walters revealed Monday that she was told by LiLo’s new peeps that she won’t appear on Friday’s “20/20” with the news doyenne because “Lindsay doesn’t feel up to it ... she has a lot of problems and it was just one more.”

Then, Walters said LiLo’s reps delivered “the punch line: Lindsay Lohan is sitting for an interview with Jay Leno.”
Rim shot!

It’s highly unlikely that Leno — a notorious softballer comic — will grill the troubled actress the way Walters would.
Walters rather tersely said on “The View” that she was “disappointed.” But it seems “angered” or “insulted” might be more accurate.

Not quite three weeks after parting ways with Steve Honig, her publicist of two years, LiLo brought in PR giants Rogers & Cowan last week. Their first order of business was nixing the interview with Walters, who famously brought fellow TV pro Oprah Winfrey to tears in a 2010 interview.

LiLo “has new PR people — a very well-known group that we do business with all the time — so, I’d like to keep doing business with them,” Walters said, leaving the likelihood of that happening in question.

A source close to Lohan told us, “They did not think it was a good idea for Lindsay to do the sit-down with Barbara Walters because she is in such a fragile state.”

We’re told Lindsay’s new PR team, headed by power player Tej Herring, also “thought Barbara would ask questions about Lindsay personal life and [they] want it to be about her work.” Our source also says, “If it was up to [Lindsay] she would have done it.”

Leno is booked to chat with Lohan Nov. 20 — provided she shows up. Lohan’s highly anticipated Lifetime channel movie, “Liz & Dick,” airs Nov. 25.

572 days ago

Ms. Sunday Funday    

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572 days ago

Ms. Sunday Funday    

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572 days ago


Everyone night, night for the evening? Enablers need NOT apply . . . .?

572 days ago

chris thomas     

Like this moron is a good choice to sit in on a intervention shes a never was who partied her career down the toilet the sooner she drifts off into the abyss the better off Hollywood will be.

572 days ago



572 days ago


After a realy bad review of her cameo, and theatre goers given their money back, lindsay dt shakes it off, takes it on the chins, staggers away with her shoulders held slumped in pride..still driving (wrecklessly) to her oscar goal

572 days ago



572 days ago


by surprising Vikram at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood. The plan was ... when he walked in the room, a bunch of friends and family would be there to express their grave concern over his drug use and partying.

It's unclear why ... but the intervention never took place, and Vikram kept partying, right until he was busted.

Well duh! They all decided to party when they saw he had brought enough "Stuff" for everybody. Or, they were going to have a surprise party for him when the rags found out and Lindsay decided to call it an intervention to make her look good.

572 days ago


Avi snows subtle break up by phone " hey linds do your feet stink"......lindsay chokes "hell no".....avi comes back with "must be your puz then"... Click

572 days ago


Lindsay lohan has defied darwins theory of evolution..

572 days ago


Were in the world is Lindsay Lohan? The silence is deafening. The country is on pins and needles wondering if she will show up and screw up in their city. Since we haven't heard anything bad about Lindsay in a little while it makes you go hmmmmmm. Maybe Lindsay is being kept prisoner by chatwal somewhere so that she can't testify against him when he goes to trial. He is going to tell them that those were Lindsay's pants he was wearing and they were Lindsay's drugs. She was with him but ditched him when she saw he wasn't going to make it. It's all Lindsay's fault she made him do it! See how it feels to take the blame of others Lindsay?

572 days ago


We all know, when something does happen to Blo, the blame is going to be on everyone BUT Blo.
Lindsay Lohan Pal: ‘I Fear For Her Life If She Goes To Coachella’
Posted on Apr 8, 2013 @ 3:40AM | By Jen Heger

Pacific Coast News

Lindsay Lohan‘s plans to attend the upcoming Coachella music festival has one of her best friends, Claus Hjelmbak, fearing for the actress because of the temptation to abuse alcohol and drugs, and tells exclusively, “I fear for her life if she goes to the festival.”

PHOTOS: Lohan Adds Yet Another To The Ever Expanding Album — Take A Stroll Down Lindsay Mug Shot Memory Lane!

Hjelmbak, a Danish celebrity promoter, has been friends with Lohan for years, and has decided to go public with his fears because he says it’s the only way he can get the actresses’ attention.

“Lindsay is in a very dark place right now, and I’m absolutely scared for her life. Coachella is the last place she needs to be. For someone struggling with addiction, like Lindsay, the amount of drugs and alcohol at Coachella is just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. I know because I have been to the VIP tent at Coachella in the past. Lindsay can turn it around, but she has to look deep inside herself and get the help she needs,” Claus tells us.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan And Her Sugar Daddies: Who Are The Three Super Rich Men Allegedly Keeping Her Afloat

As previously reported, during the last minute plea talks between Lindsay Lohan‘s attorney, Mark Heller, and prosecutors handling her lying to cops case, the wayward actress told him to keep her out of rehab until AFTER the Coachella music festival so she could attend.

“Lindsay was adamant that she not be forced to go to rehab until after the Coachella (Valley Music and Arts Festival) in the Palm Springs area on successive weekends in April. Lindsay LOVES going to the musical festival, and she’s determined to go this year. She didn’t want a little thing like rehab to get in her way of attending. Linds refused to sign off on any deal that would have prevented her from going to Coachella. It’s that important to her, for some strange reason,” a told us.

PHOTOS: Lindsay & Dina Lohan Party Hard In London

Lohan has attended the Coachella music festival in 2010, 2011, and 2012. This year’s festivities take place on April 12, 14, 19, 21, and the line-up includes the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Lumineers, Moby, and the Airborne Toxic Event.

During a plea deal that Lohan reached in her lying to cops case, the actress was ordered to enroll in a rehab facility, by no later than early May. This will be Lohan’s SIXTH trip to rehab since 2007, and she’s spent a total of 250 days getting treatment for alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Through The Years

Claus has choice words for the crowd Lindsay is surrounding herself with.

“The people associated with Lindsay right now are a very bad influence on her. They are only using her because they love to be around a celebrity. Lindsay needs to cut off ties with these losers because they are bringing her down. I may have had my differences with her father, Michael, but at least he is trying to do something to help her. Lindsay’s father is the only person trying desperately to help his daughter, he gets it.

“I wish Lindsay would go to rehab right now, and not wait until the last possible moment. I want Lindsay to know I’m here for her, and that I just want her to get help before it’s too late,” Hjelmbak says.

572 days ago


I do hope she makes it to rehab, because that my friends is going to be entertaining. She doesn't want to be there and is waiting until the last minute to get into one. She's going to be really pi$$y after a couple of days in one, if she even goes. I'm waiting for some drama to come up with this.

572 days ago
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