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'Buckwild' City Mayor

Happier than Pig in S***

'Buckwild' Got 86'd

4/10/2013 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mayor of the town where "Buckwild" was filmed is crackin' out the fried chicken and sweet tea now that the show that reinforced Southern stereotypes has gotten the ax.

Charleston, West Virginia Mayor Danny Jones tells us, "I’m relieved and happy the show is cancelled, and so is everyone around here. The show does nothing for us and exaggerates every negative stereotype about us."

Mayor Jones also put on his programming hat, surmising "Buckwild" without Shain Gandee is like biscuits without gravy.

We broke the story ... Shain was found dead in his truck from carbon monoxide poisoning last week, following an off-roading trip with his uncle.

Now if Mayor Jones could only turn cinder blocks into tires ... think how nice those lawns would look.


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does he want the west virginia mountaineer football team ran out of town as well? they have some of the most vile and nasty fans in college football.setting fire to couches int he middle of the streets.

538 days ago


He ain't the only one .Now to 86 MTV

538 days ago


Wow...don't see how it would have been possible for you guys to have been more flagrantly condescending, (economically) bias-baiting and flagrantly stereotyping of the mayor of Charleston, the region and the people in that area in that nasty little piece of slam-journalism. Way to stay classy, TMZ..

538 days ago


as i said last night.the logic of people is amazing.." i dont like this show nor do i watch it.but i sure am glad they canceled a show i never watched or cared about.because if it was still on the air id be stressing about it.boy am i glad they canceled a show i didnt watch"

538 days ago


So who is this "us" you refer too? I realize you are the mayor of your crap area of the world but you DO NOT speak for everyone, fatcat. Let's say some nice words about this dead human being instead of slamming MTV, huh?

538 days ago


negative stereotypes.......if you don't live the dream there wouldn't be a stereotype. Reminds me of a friend's cross country trek who stopped at a bar to get a quick meal,,,built in urinals around the bar.....nice

538 days ago


West Virginia is not in the south, so it would be reinforcing a Northern stereotype.

538 days ago

Buddy Fresh    

Mayor Danny Jones - The guy that runs the most miserable city in America.

538 days ago


i agree, MTV and all there reality shows need to go. Play some DAM videos or dont have hours of reality crap marathons of shows on constantly instead of playing music videos. VH1 is another one to that should play more music to.

538 days ago


You would have to be a complete idiot like Danny Jones to think that everyone in West Virgina acted like the people on Buckwild. You suck, Danny!

538 days ago


With that last glad the a-holes at TMZ can accept the torch from Mtv in making them look and sound like toothless redneck hillbillies...thanks TMZ

538 days ago


A pig in s**t is not good for these gets all over their clothes when they climb in to get laid.

538 days ago


West Virginia is hardly traditional Southern, the mountain region is Appalachian but that is not exactly the same.

538 days ago


Only MTV could make a show that COMPLETELY makes the people look stupid,way to go....first Jersey,now this

538 days ago


Wow, Seriously TMZ! I believe you are putting words into the man's mouth. I am from WV though I have moved out of state, I still have many friends and family that are in WV. I can assure you that "Buckwild" does not have the popular opinion among natives and this is what Mayor Jones was trying to relay on the cancellation. I mean how would you like it if MTV rolled into your state or city and filmed the "trash" or lowest of the low in the area to depict where you are from? Every city has a bad area with a bad class of society and MOST would not want their background affiliated with that stereotype of people. With that said WV is also a place that holds a great degree of compassion and empathy in its culture concerning its citizens and visitors alike. This phenomenon is called hospitality and it is also why I think that you are full of sh*t.

538 days ago
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