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Bieber's Dumb Friend

STAGED Selena Gomez

Hookup Pics

4/11/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BUSTED!!! Justin Bieber's freeloading friend is NOT hooking up with Selena Gomez, even though he went to Herculean lengths to make it seem that way ... and we have video proof.

King Kevi -- who became famous-adjacent recently by living in Justin's house and throwing ragers with lots of girls, bongs and beer -- caused a stir when these pics (below) surfaced, showing the fake royalty appearing to leave Selena's San Fernando Valley estate Saturday night.


Various media reported Kevi -- the up-and-coming nobody -- was inside her house and "hung out."  But we got our hands on surveillance footage taken the night in question ... showing Kevi posing in front of Selena's house while camera flashes went off ... but never making it past the gate.

Selena wasn't even home at the time the photos were taken.

In other words ... it was all a setup by the guy who is mooching off the Biebs.

He's no Kato Kaelin.

2:45 PM PT -- King Kevi tells TMZ the whole thing is a simple misunderstanding -- saying, "I was there to drop off something to a friend at the party. I walked multiple times to the front gate to try to call my friend and every time I had to chase off the photog."

He adds, "After the last attempt, I went to my car to leave and that's when my friend called me to come inside. When I backed in, I gave him another call to open the gate and he didn't pick up so I left because I saw the photog come back around."

"I apologize for all of the media speculation that is coming out about Selena and I."


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Hay tmz try to find an adult that matters leave the powder. Butt out of any intelligent conversations before you become the powder butt

529 days ago


Re#47 don't you see the girls looking at you duh and SO?

529 days ago


Hope he cleans house!

529 days ago


This is the kind of story I would expect to find in a 1980's copy of The National Enquirer - right between the Alient Abuduction and Rub the Big Blue Dot for Good Luck, articles, lol!

529 days ago


Justin's pet monkeys are back in the news.

529 days ago


Or was it a set-up, at the request of the Beav? Maybe he wants to try to make Selena look bad, get sympathy from people that his friend is messing with Selena? Oh, no, I'm so heartbroken, how could she? How could he? Although I do have to say , she did burn him pretty good on Letterman, and it is a sophomoric-type of play that I would expect from an uneducated spoiled brat like him. Jus' sayin'.

529 days ago


This story is really stupid, but what’s more annoying is that TMZ can’t get their facts straight. The March 29th article said Lil Twist (not King Kevi) threw the pot party at Justin’s house while he was on tour. However, TMZ was later quoted as saying King Kevi, Lil Twist and another guy (probably Lil Za) are actual roommates, and are living at Justin’s house full time. Just sayin…

529 days ago


Its time to dump those friends Justin.

As the old saying goes,'Tell me who your friends are,and I will tell you who you are".

529 days ago


I bet more antics like this and he will be history when Justin Bieber is back from tour. That's what could happen when you leave friends to take care of your house.

529 days ago


Who cares

529 days ago



529 days ago


Bieber camp trying the make her look bad and FAILS!

529 days ago


After reading some comments I can see that nobody understands what happened her. The friend here is not trying to look like he hooked up with Biebers x for no fact it wasnt even his idea. He will get nothing from this. So who stands to gain here? If this were the case Justin would be kicking this fool out. You see Justin put this whole thing together to make his millions of fans hate his x Saleena and to make them believe she was cheating on him and seeing his friend behind his back. This back fired when the survailance footage came out. Justin is a fool.

529 days ago

George Smith     

You know i dont want to read this bs so what if she and i hope she did, leave selgo alone . You know for real thats invasion of someones privacy and that is against the law yall know. Yeah called bieber a dirt bag, he should be called a--hole

529 days ago


lol he looks like a dummy walking and running around

529 days ago
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