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Sharon Osbourne

I Won't Go Back to Ozzy

'Til He's Clean for Months

4/17/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Osbourne is in the business of tough love ... because she's NOT going to reconcile with hubby Ozzy Osbourne until he proves to her he'll be sober for the long haul.

Sources connected to the couple tell us ... even though Ozzy says he's been sober for 44 days ... it's not enough for her. She's been living with this most recent bout of drug and alcohol abuse for a year-and-a-half, and Sharon is saying 44 days doesn't make that go away. 

Ozzy has admitted ... his boozing and drug use caused their split but he's confident Sharon will NOT end their 31-year marriage by filing for divorce.

Our sources say ... Sharon's intention is not to end the marriage, but she believes she has to make it clear to Ozzy once and for all ... she can't handle his substance abuse.

Sources familiar with the situation say there will be NO divorce.  As one person put it, "They've been through hell and back together.  They're not breaking up."



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Stay tough, Sharon. Millions of us fans love you and Ozzy and we want you and your family to be well.

520 days ago


Why is there a tilting mannequin on the left side of the first photo? Ozzy abusing drugs & alcohol? No way, I don't believe it.

520 days ago


Sharon stay strong.

520 days ago


She's kept him drugged and drunk for so long as she rode his coattails to make a claim for fame for herself. Now, he's not needed since she's finally been established so she kicks him to the curb. Sounds like any other fame-whore to me.

520 days ago


If he sobers up he'll realize who he married and go back to drinking.

520 days ago


Sharon is a very smart woman,I can't imagine anyone but Sharon that can get Ozzy to toe the line,and if she did'nt love him she would'nt care,we love him to Sharon so thank you for keeping him clean,because it keeps him here

520 days ago


A drunk and/or a addict that is still using has absolutely no other goal on a daily basis that to continue.
Suggest - for you - that he is subject to sporatic dug testing by a qualified lab. Attend 12 step programs on a daily basis; you should check out and attend Alnon and/or go to the world convention in Vancovwe, B.C during the July 4th weekend and find a long term Alnon Member for your support.
I a using addicted family everyone experiences damage and at the moment you are the most important.
You "didn't cause it, you can't cure it and you cannot control it".
41 days is nothing but we all wish you both luck and help.
Being with people who have experienced the ravages of addictions and stopped or are part of the
marriage and who is on the way with their support system for their own recovery is the way to go.
The sitution is critical and can be deadly so seek the support of like "kind" in recovery.
Good luck.
I was like Ozzie; literally hated to get clean and sober, stayed clean and sober for two plus years before I could even understand 12 step programs were really a design for living, a key to balance and
for the first time in my life a road to living and feeling "normal".
Today I am 41 yearscLEAN AND SOBER. i AM GRATEFUL Good luck.
of addict

520 days ago


One thing she has to be concerned about is her own career now.....she can't go on TV and preach to others if her beloved husband is doped up everyday.

520 days ago


He is an ignorant arrogant losser that abuses drugs and drinks too much dump him

520 days ago


she should dump him he is not atlented he is a substance abusing losser.

520 days ago


Tough love is not easy, but sometimes it is necessary.
It is too bad considering all the troubles with Jack and Kelly's health recently.

520 days ago

Lone Duffer    

She rides his coat tails to fame and fortune then dumps on him. Just another money grubbing whore.

520 days ago


Should have used the tough love approach long ago because a house full of enablers is not going to get an abuser clean. Although it is in no way the fault of a loving family to want to shield a substance abuser from pain, rock bottom is sometimes necessary to make working at sobriety look like a better option. That being said, this guy has been an alcoholic and drug abuser longer in his life than he has been clean, so if he doesn't want it for himself it will not happen for long.

520 days ago


Way to Go Sharon, don't give an inch, my mother put up with my Dads alcholism for years tilshe had enough.

520 days ago


They got to love you more then they like to get high Im really rooting for them. They really do belong together :)

515 days ago
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