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Dead Bombing Suspect

Heavy Into

Hip Hop

4/19/2013 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The older brother who was killed and suspected in the Boston bombings was deep into hip hop, and it appears he belonged to a fan website that touted that genre of music.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev has an email associated with the website, ""

The site provides information about hip hop artists and upcoming DVD releases.

What's interesting ... hip hop lyrics are notoriously violent and often degrading to women.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev has a boxing profile in which he says he doesn't take his shirt off much because he doesn't want women to get bad ideas, adding, "I'm very religious."  This statement is significantly more conservative than the hip hop genre.


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TMZ really needs to stop the race baiting. It's like they're keeping racism alive for the clicks.

517 days ago


Even when black people have NOTHING to do with this TMZ will always find a way to try to make black people look bad at ANY chance they get..sad

517 days ago


REALLY TMZ?? REALLY?!!? You are a bunch of idiots. How is there any importance in this? Dont you think there are important things to talk about besides these cowards love of hip-hop. Get your **** together TMZ and report on something with actual importance.

517 days ago

lee miller     

dumbest post everrrrrrr made on this site

517 days ago

Nat Turner    

Blame it on HipHop huh?

517 days ago


Go home TMZ, you're drunk...

517 days ago


TMZ, this is so ridiculous

517 days ago

Miguel Mancilla    

You'd have to be pretty stupid to think that he was part of the bombing because of hip hop.

517 days ago


well tmz has hit a all new low..... your retarded kill yourselves

517 days ago


Tmz.....this article--stupid-- its the first word that comes to mind....

517 days ago

Photo Rob    

pointless and irresponsible post TMZ.

517 days ago

Ain't BreBre    

Look at this ****. You white people are so upset with the fact black men are becoming rich without having to get student loans and falling for the bull-**** educational system until you want to blame them for terrorist acts. Which rap song talks about bombing marathons, federal building or any type of bomb threats? Stop the bull-**** please! The acts of terror are taking place because their is a black president and America make excuses for racism to the point these White supremacy groups think they can do whatever the want to the our country!! Bottom line stop teaching and promoting racism and we may be able to stop American terrorism.

517 days ago

jeff zydzik    

TMZ, you should be ashamed of yourself for putting this up. Hip hop has absolutly nothing to do with anything about this bombing. I really do like and respect TMZ but this artical is very offensive. This does seem a little racist and im white middle class.

517 days ago

Dorkney Dunkins    

Shame on you, TMZ. Not all hip-hop is violent and degrading to women. There are hip-hop artists that rap about social and political issues, such as Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, KRS-One, Rakim, and others. It's possible that he joined the site to keep up on those rappers.

517 days ago

S. Ross    

Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and Charles Manson liked rock, and.... TMZ writers, please do not forget you aren't journalists in any way shape or form. This is the b****hit we get when you forget that. Stick to being payed stalkers.

517 days ago
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