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Kris Humphries

I Can Still Afford Groceries!

4/20/2013 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0419-kris-humphries-tmzKris Humphries might have walked away from his divorce from Kim Kardashian with squat ... but he still had enough green to go grocery shopping near his apartment in NYC this morning.

Kris and the Nets take on the Bulls tonight ... so maybe he'll win something this weekend.

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At least kris earns his money and doesn't eat poop

549 days ago

For Sooth?    

He is lucky to have escaped from the crusty, oozey, scab of a family.

And it never ceases to amaze me how Kim manages to look like a slutty stripper while pregnant. Is that what Kris would have wanted for HIS unborn child???

549 days ago


Report 🌊12🏄0🐠17💦17🐬1🐚3: 17 minutes ago Wow, just went to radar online and Tmz definitely are on k trash payroll . Where is tmz story on Alex ROLDAN. I've never seen one. They post ridiculous story but avoid this one, cause it hurts kris j even more. Harvey is tp tmz what benzino was to the source. Like 0 Dislike 0

549 days ago


Can anyone on the board remember which site on internet it was that posted the info that TMZ was being investigated for microphones in a courtroom? I think TMZ had better start thinking, if someone is accusing you of that, putting up info on here about this case is giving them some added facts to go with their accusation. Careful TMZ, I really would rather read this site then have to go elsewhere because you were taken down.

549 days ago


TMZ is in kardashian pocket. Kris H walked way with the respect of the majority - Kim K walks away with nothing that's what TMZ should be reporting !!!

549 days ago


He should be able to afford a lot of groceries, now that he doesn't have to feed her fat ass.

549 days ago


Harvey, why are you so biased. Are the Kardashians slipping you some money? You have been totally against Kris when he was the one who got the shaft. Please quit putting so many stories about the Kardashians on your site. I am thinking about not using your site in the future.

549 days ago


I'm waiting for Harvey to deny that he doesn't use hidden mics in a courtroom then have someone how he knows info about sealed files. When he has to finally answer that he's getting his info from the Kard clan then KH's lawyer can jump on TMZ for slander. Then we'll see the KARD Klan, deny, deny, deny and throw Harvey and company under the bus. TMZ has aligned itself with the lowest of low when it comes to getting what they want. If TMZ crosses them, no amount of bad Kard stories is going to redeem themselves. Something tells me if this does develope, TMZ is going to learn a very hard lesson about taking payoffs to post positive spins on one person while trashing another while trying to state "SOURCE". LOL.

549 days ago


And the smear campaign continues, TMZ is a joke anymore! Going back to ROL

549 days ago


@#76-Swack- I noticed that too. Kim's "victory photo", in black/white dress,REMOVED! Too many comments on possible FAKE pregnancy & the conspicuous absence of KANYE WEST. Very suspicious. TMZ has no integrity toward it's readership.

549 days ago


AOL a division of Warner Bros (the owner of TMZ) was brought out by Time Warner, Time Warners assets include the E! which is the link to Kartrashians.

549 days ago


i dont understand why tmz, pulled the really hateful and boasful story about kim beating kris in court.the kards have already had their image damaged, since sham wedding and treatment of kris. and that hateful treatment is still going on even after settlement. their ratings are down and public image damaged. who really won?

549 days ago


oh he got something.just got paid under the table.i mean think about it.out of the blue he decides to just take the divorce with nothing? use your brains and not just buy into the bull **** the kardashian s*** tell you

549 days ago


Hey TMZ, we all get it out here that his issues wasn't money. It was pride and it was his beliefs The guy is only 28 years old and he just not that worldly. He got sucked in and spit back out again. It was reasonable to assume the woman you are marrying wants to be married to you, go on a honeymoon with you, and live with you. Guess what? The guy never got any of that. His lovely wife stood before his minister making a commitment to God that she had no intention of fulfilling. Her only intent was to fulfill her commitment to TV ratings and making money.

And that's why I give this guy a break.

549 days ago


Kim should be asked ,under oath ,if she is really pregnant & if so ,who is the father? If she is,(pg),it must not be KANYE WEST'S,because the dude is NO WHERE IN SIGHT!

549 days ago
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