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Kris Kross Death

911 Call

5/3/2013 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments after Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly's unresponsive body was found Wednesday at his Georgia home.

The caller appears to be Chris' mother, but it's not entirely clear.

During the 911 call, the caller tells the dispatcher that Chris is not breathing. The dispatcher then walks her through instructions on how to resuscitate him.

As we reported, police claim Kelly's mother told them her son had taken a combination of heroin and cocaine the day before he died and that he had an "extensive history of drug use."

Kelly was 34. 


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Man, he was breathign earlier. WOW !! THis is what 1st grade education gets you. FYI: When somebody stops breathing ... CALL 911 imediately not later. Amazing, and when you call 911 listent to them and dont lay the phone down. Are we sure she wasnt doing speedballs with him?

506 days ago


This lady ..I have no words. She is the same mom who wouldnt report her 8 yr old missing for a week if the kid never came home from shcool. Maam where is your kid" I dont know, I havent se her for a week so I decided its about time to call 911"

506 days ago


There are some boundries that should not be crossed and this is one. A woman who has seen her baby struggle with addiction. The same woman who gave him life was there when it ended. I cannot imagine. My heart breaks at the thought of any mother having to bury their own child.. Thoughts prayers and love to the family

506 days ago


Unbelievable. You have GOT to wonder what in the world was going on...the operator was very professional and crystal clear with her instructions. At times you can hear 2 people unintelligibly speaking in the background, but not seeming to follow her simple instructions. I'm sure she was grieving, and people handle that stuff differently, but why all the hellos, and was the caller & the other person DOING???? Seemed to forget they even called 911 to me. What's up with that?? 👎

506 days ago


the person who called sounds drugged as well....

506 days ago


Why do you feel the need to post these, TMZ? It's so disrespectful.

506 days ago


Ghoulish. Not necessary. Morally questionable.

506 days ago


I feel like these calls should be private TMZ, I get they are "public record" but out of respect to the family we have no need to hear the last moments of someone's life that's just TMI territory. This is a private moment between his mother and her dying/dead son. If there was criminal wrong doing then let the call come out in a trial but I have to agree with Kimmer and previous posters, we have no need for this information...

506 days ago

kennedy chisuta    

"Someone tried to rhyme but they can't rhyme like this! Wiggity wiggity wiggity wiggity whack!"

506 days ago


911 calls should be treated as health records. No one should be worried about what they say.. they need to just get help.. not worry about it being on tmz

506 days ago


His mom probably doing crack during the 911 call lol

506 days ago


This could have been avoided Chris. Why did you have to take drugs? I remember having my autograph made by them when I was a kid. They were both nice kids you know. My aunt lives around the corner from the other Chris from Kriss Kross. R.I.P. CK.

506 days ago


ok here is my opinion for what its worth.

firstly i am not listening to this audio. i think the fact that it has been posted is absolutely sickening. you guys over there at TMZ are exactly what is wrong with the world. just take a look at some of the nasty comments on here. these are the evil people that you people and people like you have created. WELL DONE YOU EVIL BASTARDS.

and to all the ignorant people commenting...i would say imagine if that was one of your loved ones. but i know its pointless because you guys would probably cheer at losing a loved one.

anyway im gone. screw you.

506 days ago


I'm glad i wasn't that 9-11 operator i wouldn't be able to resist myself i would have to had said at one point "is he unconscious? did he make you go JUMP JUMP? before he fell unconscious?"

506 days ago


If this was a story about a white person, you would see comments like / so sad/ rip/ but whites could care less just how the world goes

506 days ago
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