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'Buckwild' Star Salwa

Ordered to REHAB

After That, Back To Jail

5/4/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Good News: "Buckwild" star Salwa Amin is getting out of jail!!!

Bad News: She's only being TEMPORARILY released so she can go to an inpatient rehab for opiates.

Worse News: After she completes rehab, the judge is making her go back to jail.

Old News: Salwa was locked up without bail in West Virginia on March 27, when a court-ordered drug test turned up oxycodone and morphine.

On Monday, a West Virginia court ordered her to an inpatient treatment program ... it's not clear for how long.

Salwa was originally arrested in a February drug raid at her friend's house. Officers allegedly turned up oxycodone and heroin and booked them on counts of felony drug possession with intent to deliver ... that's why she was ordered to drug-test in the first place.

Once she's done with rehab, Salwa is coming STRAIGHT BACK to jail to await a court date regarding the original drug charges ... and that date hasn't been set yet.


No Avatar


And LiLo's not in jail. Something is wrong here.

500 days ago


Yep definately a learning curve this thing called life. We need more news

500 days ago


I like bad girls. She'd be fun to party with and have xxx with. She's good girlfriend material but not wife material cause she'll cheat on you. She's got a rockin lil bod. Anyone know her nationality?

500 days ago


She's indian

500 days ago


Damn, I wouldnt mind doing some oxycodone and heroin with her.

500 days ago


Sure she gets rehab AND jail Lindsey gets sh!t!!!!

500 days ago


That seems a bit like an over reach. Unless there are more charges coming. For example, possession with intent to distribute...

500 days ago


Fair for her. If she lived in LA county she coulda skirted the terms by 90%... damn being outta Cali State!

500 days ago


It is a hard road to recovery from addiction. Hopefully, stringent laws/sentences will save her life. Is it fair that Lohan has had umpteen chances and blown them all? Absolutely not. She is a waste, is wasted much of the time, and will die. Perhaps Salwa will not.

500 days ago

L. Rosemond Kitching    

FUN FACT: Morphine and heroin are almost IDENTIICAL in chemical structure, with the difference being that heroin is suspended in a different salt base than morphine and passes the blood-brain barrier at a quicker rate (in other words, heroin gets the user higher faster). Additionally, whether or not someone uses heroin or morphine, the drug is metabolized into a chemical called diacetyl-morphine. It would be next to impossible to differentiate between the two on a drug test, unless the heroin was cut with barbiturates or benzodiazepines, in which case she would have tested positive for one (or both) of those. Bottom line: whether or not Salwa was using oxy and morphine or oxy and pure heroin... We will never know.

500 days ago


star? who her?

500 days ago


if it's a successful rehab she'll get a fully suspended sentence for the unheard charges.

500 days ago


After reading this I was dreaming:
Good news: Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is getting out of jail.
Bad news: She's only being temporarily released so that she can go to an inpatient rehab.
Worse news: After completing rehab, the judge is making her go back to jail.
Old news:......
But it was just a dream......sigh!

500 days ago


Yup, and if her name were just Salwa LOHAN she'd be luxuriating at the Betty Ford Center, popping Adderall, and lighting up a ciggy after a massage and
facial. Maybe she should start thinking about hiring Shawn Holley - she cuts the cushinest deals and I hear she works for free!

500 days ago


Good. They're trying to teach you and save your life, Salwa. I hope you learn. Too bad California judges aren't as vigilant. Lindsay could use that.

500 days ago
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