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Kobe Bryant

Feud With Mom


5/4/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0503-kobe-bryant-pam-tmz-gettyWe now know why Kobe Bryant is at war with his mother ... at least from his perspective, and it has to do with money.

As we previously reported ... Kobe and mama Pamela Bryant are locked in a battle over memorabilia ... his old jerseys, varsity letters from high school, championship rings, trophies and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Pamela has taken all the stuff to an auction house, claiming he gave it all to her, and she got a $450,000 advance which she says she's using to buy a house in Nevada.  Kobe contacted the auction house and said they had no right to sell any of the items because they belong to him.

Sources connected with the Bryant family tell TMZ ... the dispute between mother and son erupted over real estate. We're told Kobe offered to buy his parents a "nice house" in Vegas for significantly less than a million bucks, but they wanted something bigger and more extravagant and Kobe drew a line in the sand and refused to up the ante.

Our sources say Pamela was infuriated and believed Kobe was shortchanging them, especially compared to what he does for Vanessa's mom, Sofia Laine.  Kobe put Sofia up in a $3.2 million house in Newport Beach, CA, which sold recently.  After the sale, Kobe moved Sofia to another multi-million dollar mansion nearby.

From Kobe's perspective, our sources say he's really upset because he believes he's stepped up for years, by giving his parents millions of dollars and buying them homes and cars.

This feud has been brewing for years ... dating back to when Kobe's parents went ballistic when he married Vanessa without a prenup.

Kobe tweeted on Saturday morning, saying, "When u give Give GIVE and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand? #hurtbeyondmeasure #gavemenowarning #love?"

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Dom The Mover    

Kobe, C'mon Man, It's Moms! shame shame shame!

516 days ago


If it's not you on the court , or your face in the ad's, then it's not your money mom and pop. Money sure does twist people. And for a moment I was wondering why Kobe and Donna Summer were fighting. Good picture TMZ.

516 days ago


At first I thought it was tacky, that a 1 million dollar home wasn't enough. But I can see how they're hurt that he has the MIL in a 3 million dollar home. Insulting, but move to a different town where no one will think to compare, and forget about it. Kobe should really just put both sets of parents in a $250,000 house and let them whine, but equally whine.

516 days ago


My question is: When Kobe purchase his home; why he didn't take his memorabilia with you? When you move out of your parents house, you take your memorabilia with you, DON't LEAVE IT AT YOUR PARENTS HOUSE.

If his parents lost their home to a fire would he still be crying about his memorabilia?

516 days ago


Sometimes you just need to cut your loses and go on with your life. Leave the lawyers out. Let her know what the consequences will be if these things are sold and then stick to your word if she does sell them.

516 days ago


Kobe, you do not OWE your parents anything. And besides, you probably have already given them money and stuff. YOU are the successful one, not them. If they want a real wealthy type of lifestyle, then THEY can go out and earn it. For you to offer to buy them a reasonably nice, middle class home is VERY generous. Then they can go out and make the money to support themselves and pay the taxes on it. You are not their meal ticket. They are the parents, not you. People like them see how the very wealthy live, and then they decide that they, "just gotta have it, just gotta have it" with dollar signs and delusion in their eyes and heart. It is called conspicuous consumption. And it is completely disgusting. People call it trash wealth. There is another name for it, but it is extremely derogatory. Bitch slap them back into place and reality.

516 days ago


Kobe and his mother are in the wrong. She had no right selling off it personal items. She's very wrong for that. He's stupid because even I was appalled to hear he had no pre-nup. Who (which celebrity) does that??? AND WHY IN THE HELL IS HE BUYING HOMES FOR VANESSA'S MOTHER??? No wonder he's upset....he's upset at the wrong person. I remember reading somewhere that Vanessa's mother was upset with Kobe because she said he was SUPPOSE to buy her a house. As if HUS duty!! WTF! I didn't hear him venting then. He knows and I acknowledgement he gives, gives, GIVES. But WHO are u GIVING to??? Vanessa and her mother sound like leeches. No wonder Kobe's afraid to divorce her. He knows she with the help of her mother will take him to the cleaners. Damn idiot!!!!

516 days ago


If Kobe's in-laws showed even an ounce of gratitude every time he did something nice for them then I understand why he would rather pay for them. His own parents sound like greedy and ungrateful people. Now I know why I normally can't stand Kobe. His parents are entitled dbags who are exploiting their own son. You love and support your kids, you don't exploit them and ask for a refund in the cost of raising them when they become successful. You don't like the person your son is marrying and disagree with his decision to not have a prenup? You stay quiet and be supportive. Parents need to realize that your children are not slaves. They are human beings who can choose to accept or reject the values you have taught them. No matter what even if you have to be tough on them, you love them unconditionally.

516 days ago


U see NO PROBLEM buying a $3.2M house for Vanessa's mother but u wanna purchase a house for under $1M for ur MOTHER! Seriously? Anyone would've gotten upset about that. On top of that Kobe had no problem handing over the keys and deeds to three (3) houses to Vanessa so she'll stay with him. Lest we forget Kobe had to give her a big, pink diamond ring to stay with him when he was under investigation for rape. SO U SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE KOBE?? Are u that dumb? No wonder I stopped backing the Lakers!! Go Heat!!!!

516 days ago


A house in cali would cost at least 3 times the house in nevada cost for the same house so you cant really srgue that point his moms is just selfish! Now if they said less than a mil for a house next to his inlaws,then thats different,its call cost of living people

516 days ago


His NBA career is coming to an end and he is getting scared money wise. I think that in this world you don't take the money with you and if your parents want a house and you want to spend a certain amount you work it out. We live in a world were their is no middle class anymore. They raised you Kobe and your mother in law lives high off your hog. Just be fair.

516 days ago


would she pay his rent if he was broke ?

516 days ago


He can but Vanessa over a million dollar ring & purchase a house & gifts for her mother but can't do for ur own parents. To the person that said u aren't obligated to take care of ur parents, correction in life ur parents take care of & raise u from an infant until adult good & in turn u assist ur parents in their old she. That's what real thankful children do. I won't know where our who some of y'all were raised. His parents asked him for years what he wanted them to do with his belongings & he didn't want them. These are his memorabilia from before he was an NBA player. Now all of a sudden since they're selling it, it's now a problem & he wants his items seized. This is extremely petty of him.. Kobe always seemed to walk around with this air of superiority abt himself, even teammates & other players have had problems with him feeling as though he is better than the next person.

516 days ago


Kobe & his mom seem to have a lot in common!

He is suing her for selling his memorabilia, stuff he had no problems leaving with her for years!

She is selling his memorabilia, stuff that she had no problems holding onto for years!

Both seem SELF-CENTERED... sad, sad, sad!

516 days ago


I bet his parents wouldn't let him move back in if he was broke!

516 days ago
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