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Wes Scantlin

Arrested Again

5/8/2013 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Puddle of Mudd
singer Wes Scantlin is keeping his lawyer busy ... because TMZ has learned, he just got arrested AGAIN last night ... stemming from an issue with his cocaine case.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, Scantlin was pulled over in Hollywood around 11:30pm Tuesday night for speeding ... and when police ran his info, they discovered two warrants out for his arrest.

Scantlin was arrested on the scene and taken to a nearby police station, where he was booked. He was released a few hours later on $11,176 bail.

We're told the warrants stemmed from two separate cases -- one for driving on a suspended license and one for his recent cocaine bust. It's unclear what triggered the warrants ... but it's likely he simply blew off court dates.

As we reported, Scantlin was arrested for coke possession in January 2012. He was arrested again in September at an airport in Austin, TX, after allegedly becoming drunkenly combative with a flight attendant. The airport case was dropped.

Wesley's attorney had no comment.


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So what...

534 days ago


Who the hell is this douchebag?

534 days ago


What- not a rapper?

534 days ago

Az Heat    

What a dumb ass and he blew it with his very hot ex wife!

534 days ago


Wait.. He had taken the time to clear up his license issue, so he was no longer driving on a suspended license, and yet he blew off a warrant? That is seriously doubtful.

Sounds more like he was let off the hook for a very serious second offense fo driving with a suspended license. I don't think this story is complete.

534 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Just sentence him to rehab. It's Los Angeles, after all....

534 days ago


How come the 12-Step religious AA/NA cult's "HIGHER POWER" didn't SAVE HIM; isn't that the reason for conjuring-up a make-believe "HIGHER POWER" in the first place?

534 days ago


I don't give a **** what he does as long as he's no longer making music

534 days ago



And Jessica slept with and married this dude......
Jess stop sleeping with losers.....
It's a cycle, you keep meeting the same kind because you're not looking out of the box
There so many awesome men in different shades and colors,
But you chose to date losers like this all while getting older...when we are old they leave us, now is the time to date every kind of man and find what's out there before its too late and live in regret why you didn't ....west is a racist that acts worse than the people he talks SH!t about, and you thought he was cool..he's fvcking loser!!
I truly hate American white males...!!!!!!!!
They hate women (read their comments on women and how they judge every woman on how we should look and act)
Liars, manipulators, cheaters, racist, spineless, dirty, gossipers, entitled, always complaining whining and hating about something.
Have childish mentalities and can't get along with anybody... all these negatives but still claims to be above all, a bunch of pathetic a holes... a joke set of men....only stupid guys think they are above everything when in actuality they are not
Thats One of the biggest turn off ever...!!!!!! When will these fvckers grow up and get along with others.?
As women we should live for us, its silly to live your life worrying what others think...
The only reason we as woman even hate is because of what these animals tell us or try to feed us (brainwashing)
in reality they are just insecure lil puppies.....!!!!!!

534 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

11k bail vs. the 80k bail for two traffic violation from Lazy Bone?... lmao

534 days ago


Hey TMZ why nothing on Benghazi and the failures, lies, cover ups of Obama and Hillary? When the Red Phone rings at 3 AM, Obama sleeps and Hillary won’t answer!

534 days ago


This ******* is still alive? I thought he choked on his own vomit.

534 days ago

Blue Lake    

How about arresting him for that last crappy album?

534 days ago


He looks like Kurt Cobain....

534 days ago


He looks horrible. He use to have looks. Drugs did him in

534 days ago
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