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Kanye West


Goes Berserk on Pap After Smashing Head on Sign

5/10/2013 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So much for a cooler, calmer Kanye ...

West just emerged from a restaurant in L.A. and exploded on a photog -- not a TMZ guy -- screaming at the cameraman to stop taking photos, ASAP.

Minutes before the incident, Kanye had banged his head into a metal sign while trying to hide his face from a pack of paparazzi ... and blamed it on the snappers.

West restrained himself from going after the paps in the moments after the head-slamming, only to emerge from the eatery minutes later ... even angrier than he was before.

The pap told West he had just arrived on the scene -- and meant no harm.

West eventually turned around and went back into the restaurant. It's unclear if Kanye ever laid a hand on the photog.

Inhale, exhale ...


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It's not the paps fault he's too stupid to look where he is going.

501 days ago

Just Saying    

power struggle. 1 for Kim. 0 for Kanye. Is he that dumb that he doesn't know that she calls the shots when it comes to the paps to show up? He is screaming at the wrong person. Sucks to not be in control, right Kanye?

501 days ago

Spicy mag    

Lmfao. I hope this is part of the next season of kardashians.

501 days ago


(Maury) Kanye you are not the father
(Kanye) Wahahahaaha :'( stop looking at me

hopefully by hitting his head on the pole made him a bit more smarter

501 days ago


(Maury) Kanye you are not the father
(Kanye) Wahahahaaha :'( stop looking at me

hopefully by hitting his head on the pole made him a bit more smarter

501 days ago


What a POS loser. "Waah, they filmed me walking into a sign like a complete moron, waah it's all my fault for not looking where the heck I'm walking, I'm angry, waah, I don't know how to control my emotions, waah"

501 days ago


I can see him being irritated because he just smashed his head on that sign {hurts like a bitch} but jeezzzz. he didn't need to throw a 4 letter word tantrum!..get over yourself!..

501 days ago

BB not bb

Here is the video of him hitting his head before going into the restaurant. He got a big gash on his head. He walked into a sign at the end of a driveway that said CAUTION: Watch for Pedestrians

It is kind of funny. You can see the paps being very annoying though. They are swarming around Kim like a pack of angry bees afterwards. She gets in her truck and some big fat guy practically tries to get in the front seat with her.

I guess that is how they make their money, pulling stories out of thin air, but it is annoying to the people that they are using. No one likes to be followed and questioned about their life all day whenever they are outside.

501 days ago

Mom of Five    

This guy is an idiot. He seems to be a d**k in every situation.

All I can say is he and Kim deserve each other. I do feel sorry for the kid though. It will never get what it needs emotionally with such egotistical maniacs for parents.

Can you imagine how his temper is in private when this is what he shows in public??

This is the kind of temper that goes after women and children to satisfy their sickness because they can't take too many chances going after other men....... then they take a chance on getting their ass stomped.

501 days ago

mel greene    

This jerk needs to go away & take his tramp of a girlfriend & ALL her family with him. Buy your own damn island & stay there. Nobody care anymore, your 15 minutes are over with.

501 days ago


That kid needs some anger management classes.

501 days ago


The Paps probably called him a gay fish

501 days ago


Are all the pictures of him and his fat ugly whore of a wife finally getting to him ?

501 days ago


TMZ, please tell me how much effort exactly it takes you to write:


Please share with us the suffering of adding those 6 letters to "Photog".

501 days ago


It sounds like a has a command of the English language....well, kim K got herself in another hot mess by having a baby by this idiot! Just wait! it will get better, he'll cheat on her or better yet, leave her for another sorry, but, why is she a celebrity again? lol

501 days ago
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