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Puddle of Mudd Singer


Accused of Battering Ex-Wife

5/14/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was arrested in L.A. last night after cops say he roughed up his ex-wife in front of several witnesses ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... police were called to a business in West Hollywood around 3:30 pm after someone reported Scantlin shook his ex-wife and then tried to drag her by the arm or the shirt.

When cops arrived ... we're told deputies spoke with witnesses and the victim -- and decided to arrest Scantlin for domestic violence.

We're told Scantlin was extremely uncooperative during the arrest -- one source tells us, "He was very mouthy."

Sources tell us Scantlin -- who penned the hits "She Hates Me" and "Blurry" -- is currently in custody and bail has been set at $20,000.

It's been a rough month for Scantlin, who was arrested on May 7 on warrants stemming from his cocaine case.


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Stay away from women!!! They provoke you by hitting you, and then you hit them back. End result: Only the man gets arrested. WOMEN ARE BITCHES

528 days ago


Ashley I'd say Jessica will read this and for you to act like you know so much about her you really don't or you would not say some of these things. First, I believe in her last response to you she said I don't know who you are but call me and we can talk but I don't think she ever got that call. Second, what does politics have to do with this. No one knows everything about politics it's usually just how you have been brought up.Third, she is dating a very nice guy who is very good to her and has very good manners and most of all respects women. Fourth, I don't think using the word old is correct because I believe she has many more years before people consider her old . Since you know Wes so good maybe you have at one time been out with him since you are so down and out on him because you must have been around him a lot to know all this. His problem is his addiction and until he gets help he will have all kinds of problems. You know the ole saying you can't help you fall in love with especially when you are young and especially when you are in high school that's is nothing because e most people don't know what they want and it takes time. As we get older our views and stuff change on things and we all have made some bad choices in the past and as long as we live we will always makes mistakes. I just hate stuff like this when stuff is printed and then they beat up on everyone. Until they live in someone shoes they really don't know all the details. She has funny sense of humor and is fun to be around and has grown up a lot

528 days ago


Puddle of Douche.... That band sucks and this guy is a nobody.

528 days ago


I bet she f 'n hates you.

528 days ago


No one asks for anything when it comes to beatings or rape. Money and fame do not make one any more respectful of themselves, others or the planet. This "man' does not deserve excuses, he deserves to be alone.

527 days ago


Hey, there are always two sides to everything. Wes is a totally nice guy. I am very upset to see him back in the funny papers. My son is equally upset because he really likes Wes. Wesley, you have my number. Call me if you want to talk about it because I know when the cops think they have it all figured out about the kind of person you truly are they harass the hell out of you. Wes has been working on new material all the time. He is a really creative genius. I think of him like family. He is a friend and I will always support him and his music even if he is reckless or what would appear to seem out of control to you all. I know him well enough to see the goodness that is in him. I would tell him anything and know that he would tell me the truth even if it was not what I wanted to hear. If I was being a dumbass he would cuss me out maybe and I would appreciate his blunt honesty. Some people get offended by him, but I look at him as being the kind of person that I am as well. I cannot wait to hear that he is out of jail and home. I hope maybe even now. Wes, call me! Do not make me and my son worry about you. We love you no matter how bad it seems and you cannot do anything to change that. You are a genuine person with thoughts and feelings. You feel so much and your music tells a story about the troubles you have experienced. I feel that I know you best. You are sometimes a bear. We need to make you a shirt for your moods or some index cards that you can hold up to make people aware of the fact of whether it is safe to approach you or not. When you do not want to be bothered I simply leave you alone. I respect your space and others need to as well. Take care of yourself and your sweet Sophie. Sophie is such a cute dog and she needs you. I will watch your dog if you ever need me to. I am your friend even in the worst of it all. Just be careful because I think that the police and your ex-wife would not lose any sleep if you went to jail forever. I would cry a lot if that happened. Thank you for being the nice person that you are and a true friend because in my life I have a lot of people that claim to be my friend and I see through the phony ones. Thank you for not being a fake or a fraud. You just keep it real and do not let them change you. Write a song about it that will make you millions. Starting now.......

527 days ago


puddle of puke maybe

527 days ago


Hello TMZ! My question for you is; "Do you have any better pictures of Wes"? This one has been overplayed. If not you should get some. You do a tour of Hollywood and seem to have money to boot, so if you write about people get at least some updates on the images you project.

526 days ago

Miss Tennessee    

"Domestic violence?" Really? **** that noise. This sounds like the drama of someone who doesn't know what real problems are.

Btw, the comments section is for joking about the story. "Great sense of humor?" I think not.

I bet you think this is all because of "drugs" too.

Wes is a crazy hot and gets hotter every year. Glad he's free to be with a woman who knows what to do with him.

526 days ago
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