Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin What a 2-for-1 Deal ... Thanks to the Judges!

Puddle of Mudd's lead singer, Wes Scantlin, seems to be trapped in a loop of court cases -- ending one with a plea deal, and another with jail time ... both in the same week.

Scantlin copped a plea in his 2016 vandalism case -- when he allegedly trashed a bunch of stuff at his foreclosed Hollywood Hills pad. He got off Monday with 3 years probation, but also has to pay more than $40k in fees and restitution.


Wes followed up with a Thursday court date where he pled no contest in a case from last month. You'll recall he was busted trying to board a plane with a BB gun.

He got 20 days in jail, plus he's gotta stay away from LAX unless it's international travel for work.

Another satisfied customer.

Wes Scantlin Cops On Lookout After No-Show In Court

Wes Scantlin's gonna get that familiar feel of handcuffs again ... now that he's wanted for missing court.

Scantlin was scheduled to appear before a judge Friday, but neither the Puddle of Mudd singer nor his attorney showed up, so a warrant was issued for his arrest.

As we reported, Wes was busted in December for driving with an expired registration -- but cops said he also had a controlled substance.

Shouldn't take cops long to find him -- they've done it countless times before, just in the last year.

Puddle of Mudd Wes Scantlin Goes Ballistic In Mic-Tossing Meltdown!

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin went absolutely CRAZY during a show Wednesday night ... throwing his microphone into the crowd during a ridiculous on-stage meltdown.

It's unclear what caused Scantlin to lose it during the Dallas show (some reports say fans were upset because it appeared he was lip-syncing) but it was epic.

Scantlin's mic tossing might have injured a fan -- we're told paramedics were called to tend to an injured concertgoer. Medics won't say what the caused the injury, but TMZ spoke to several witnesses who pinned it on the flying mic.

TMZ reached out to Scantlin ... so far, no word back.

Wes Scantlin American Express F*****g Hates Me!

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin is starting 2014 in debt ... because he allegedly didn't pay a hefty credit card bill and now he's being sued.

According to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Scantlin ran up $5,214 in AmEx charges within the last 4 years and has yet to pay up ... so now, the company's going after him in court.

A lot's happened to Scantlin since 2009, so the credit card charges could be for anything ... divorce bills, random luxury items bartered for cocaine, a buzz saw, you name it. But we're just guessing here.

American Express. Don't leave home without it ... but pay your bill.

Wes Scantlin Bench Warrant Issued for Puddle of Mudd Singer's Arrest

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin is a wanted man ... again ... TMZ has learned, another bench warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Scantlin was scheduled to appear in court Thursday for a progress report in his ongoing coke possession case, but he failed to show up. A judge then issued a bench warrant for his arrest Friday.

Similar bench warrants have been issued for the singer over the last year in the same case.

Scantlin pled guilty to felony drug possession in 2012 and but the judge agreed to delay his conviction for 18 months, during which he was ordered to enroll in a drug program and keep the court informed about his progress. Apparently it's not going so well.

Pretty funny ... considering we got Scantlin out in L.A. Thursday night, and the guy had pretty much no idea what was going in with the case. Well, now you know.

Wes Scantlin Hummer Loses Wheel In Bizarre Hit-and-Run

Wes Scantlin's Hummer was found abandoned after apparently slamming into a parked car in the Hollywood Hills this week ... but even though cops classified the accident as a hit-and-run, Wes is NOT considered a suspect.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, since it's just a misdemeanor hit-and-run with relatively minor damage -- and nobody witnessed the crash -- the Puddle of Mudd singer can't be considered a suspect ... at least not yet.

We're told cops received a call about the hit-and-run soon after it happened Monday, and when they arrived on scene they discovered Wes' black Hummer damaged and missing its front wheel ... as well as the parked car it had apparently sideswiped.

It's unclear if Wes was behind the wheel at the time of the accident, but whoever was driving the Hummer took off. Cops only discovered the vehicle was registered to the singer after running the license plate.

Cops followed up at Wes' residence -- on the same street as the accident -- to inquire about what happened, but the singer wasn't home. The Hummer has since been impounded ... and the singer will have some serious explaining to do whenever he decides to pick it up.

Scantlin's attorney tells TMZ ... "For as long as I've known Wes, his normal routine has been taking public transportation, taxi cabs or getting a ride from someone. He never drives. I would be very surprised if he was involved."

Wes Scantlin's Neighbor I Need Protection After Buzz Saw Rampage

Wes Scantlin's neighbor is TERRIFIED of the Puddle of Mudd singer after he brandished a buzz saw outside her house -- and now she's obtained a restraining order against the guy, blocking him from contacting her in any way.

TMZ broke the story ... 41-year-old Scantlin was arrested last month after allegedly going to town on his neighbor's property with the saw and a sledgehammer ... knocking down a wall he believed had been illegally built on his side of the property line.

His neighbor Sasha Gradiva has now gone to court to make sure nothing of the sort ever happens again -- obtaining a temporary restraining order against the singer, barring him from coming within 20 feet of her at any time ... and prohibiting him from contacting her.

A hearing has been set for later this month to determine whether the restraining order should be made permanent.

Attempts to reach Wes were not successful.

Wes Scantlin Photo Of Alleged Buzz Saw Rampage

Of course Scantlin told a different tale, previously telling us, "My neighbor vandalized my house so I had to take action."

We're guessing no sugar's getting borrowed any time soon.

Puddle of Mudd Singer [UPDATE] Arrested for Vandalism WITH A BUZZ SAW

7/25 -- TMZ shot footage of Scantlin leaving the police station Wednesday night. On the way out, Scantlin defended himself, "My neighbor vandalized my house so I had to take action."

He also mentioned the sledgehammer ... but was mum on the buzz saw.

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin is behind bars in L.A. ... after allegedly vandalizing his neighbor's property WITH A BUZZ SAW ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Scantlin and his neighbor have been feuding for a while -- and it all came to a head this afternoon when Wes allegedly whipped out a buzz saw and went all Leatherface on the neighbor's patio.

We're told Wes also took a sledgehammer to a brick or cinder block wall -- which Wes thinks the neighbor put up on his side of the property line.

Cops arrived to the scene and arrested the 41-year-old for felony vandalism.

It's unclear what was destroyed in the alleged saw attack ... but we're assuming the neighbor was left unscathed, or Scantlin would probably be facing attempted murder charges.

Scantlin is no stranger to the law -- the "She Hates Me" singer has been arrested several times over the years for things like drugs, domestic violence and being a drunken d-bag at an airport in Texas.

Puddle of Mudd Singer ARRESTED Accused of Battering Ex-Wife

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was arrested in L.A. last night after cops say he roughed up his ex-wife in front of several witnesses ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... police were called to a business in West Hollywood around 3:30 pm after someone reported Scantlin shook his ex-wife and then tried to drag her by the arm or the shirt.

When cops arrived ... we're told deputies spoke with witnesses and the victim -- and decided to arrest Scantlin for domestic violence.

We're told Scantlin was extremely uncooperative during the arrest -- one source tells us, "He was very mouthy."

Sources tell us Scantlin -- who penned the hits "She Hates Me" and "Blurry" -- is currently in custody and bail has been set at $20,000.

It's been a rough month for Scantlin, who was arrested on May 7 on warrants stemming from his cocaine case.

Wes Scantlin Finally Free of Smokin' Hot Wife

It's time for Wes Scantlin to dust off that old eHarmony membership ... 'cause the "Puddle of Mudd" singer is officially back on the market, TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court ... Wes and Jessica Scantlin's divorce has been finalized. The couple married in 2008. The singer pulled the plug on the nuptials in November 2011.

But the rocker's not totally out of the woods ... even though the judge entered a dissolution of marriage, there will be another hearing to determine spousal support and division of all the goodies.

As TMZ previously reported ... Jessica wanted the court to toss out the prenup -- in order to score a bigger settlement -- but later withdrew her request after she and Wes came to a financial agreement on their own ... which will likely come up in the hearing.

'Puddle of Mudd' Singer CHARGES DROPPED from JetBlue Arrest

"Puddle of Mudd" singer Wes Scantlin just dodged a stint in prison because charges against him for an alleged drunken brawl on a JetBlue flight ... have been dropped!

TMZ broke the story ... Scantlin was arrested in Austin, TX back in September, after he allegedly got into a booze-fueled argument with a flight attendant. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing and Scantlin was charged with public intoxication.

Scantlin was adamant he did nothing wrong -- and earlier this week he was vindicated when a judge dismissed the charges due to "insufficient evidence".

Scantlin struck a plea deal for cocaine possession in July -- and was ordered to obey all laws for 18 months ... or he could face a prison sentence.

Calls to Scantlin's people weren't returned.

Puddle of Mudd Singer Arrested EMERGENCY LANDING After Fight on Flight

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was just arrested at an Austin, TX airport for allegedly becoming drunkenly combative with a flight attendant while in the air -- a rep for the Austin PD tells TMZ.

According to the Austin PD, Scantlin got into a verbal argument with a flight attendant over alcohol. It's unclear exactly what provoked the argument, but a source with airport security says Scantlin was upset because the flight crew wouldn't sell him booze.

Scantlin's flight was originally bound for L.A. but was re-routed to Bergstrom International Airport in Austin for an emergency stop, where Scantlin was booted from the plane.

A rep for the Austin PD tells us, Scantlin was arrested and booked for public intoxication, but he could also later face federal charges of interfering with a flight crew.

FYI -- Scantlin pled "guilty" to felony cocaine possession in July, but the judge agreed to clear his record in 18 months so long as Scantlin obeys all laws ... a condition Scantlin may just have violated.

Bottom line -- if Scantlin actually did cause a mid-air ruckus he could face prison time for the cocaine charge, as well as for public intoxication and interfering with a flight crew.

Puddle of Mudd Singer ARRESTED AT 3AM Powder and Pills

More problems for Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin ... TMZ has learned the rock star was arrested at 3:00 AM last month ... after cops discovered pills and some suspicious looking powder.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... the 39-year-old was pulled over in the wee hours of January 12 in Culver City, CA for an unknown traffic violation.

According to our sources, Scantlin showed signs of being intoxicated and a search revealed Scantln to be in possession of a controlled substance -- which we're told was some kind of powder and pills.

Scantlin was booked for felony possession and released a few hours later after posting $10,000 bail. Attempts to contact Scantlin for comment were unsuccessful.

It's been a rough couple of months for the singer ... he's divorcing his hot wife ... and Uncle Sam is on his ass for falling wayyy behind on his taxes.

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