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Debbie Rowe

Wade Robson's a

Publicity-Seeking Opportunist

5/16/2013 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051613_debbie_rowe_audio_launch_v2Debbie Rowe doesn't believe for one minute that her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, molested Wade Robson, telling TMZ the latest accuser will not blemish the memory of MJ.

Rowe -- reacting to Robson's appearance on "Today" and the 2 legal claims he's filed in court, tells TMZ:

"I was angered that Wade Robson reversed his sworn testimony from court in 2005, and now claims to be a victim of sexual abuse."

Rowe goes on ... "His publicity-seeking attempt is opportunistic and just oozes falseness."

Robson claims Jackson molested him for 7 years -- between the ages of 7 and 14, although he squarely denied it when he took the stand as Jackson's star witness in the 2005 molestation trial.

Rowe tells us, "It will be quickly forgotten, and will do nothing, nothing to tarnish Michael's extraordinary legacy."


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This whole thing absolutely reeks of AEG. The executors of MJ's estate are not stupid I sincerely hope they have hired private eyes. Lastly I hope they turn one of these people who have come out to say they are lying! Want a payday Wade, tell the truth like u did on the stand under oath.


522 days ago


Oh please. This whale sold her two children to this disgusting freak. What a sicko. Her word means nothing.

522 days ago




522 days ago

Master Po    

Just before the morons step on i would likee to point out last week the idiots called this lady fat and grubbing money for hanging with Paris, Watch the 360... you are going to see ahead lol

the lady who sold her children to mj is now credible? lol

522 days ago


Michael J. was innocent and had a heart of gold, he believed and trusted everyone. He gave away money, things, anything people wanted. He was toooo good for this world, damn. He was such an easy target to people. People took advantage of him. He liked being around children because first of all, he didnt have a childhood and secondly, children dont judge like adults, he wasnt weird or a popstar, he was just Michael. He was good, people. His bedroom had 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, can you imagine how big it was? Dont believe these haters, please do some research.. He was simply amazing. He wasnt even bitter and angry… He kept his heart pure! Honestly, even if Jesus walked this earth again, none would recognize him. He would have been crucified just the same on a different level.

522 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Lying under oath. Hope he does not become traumatized when no one believes his choreographed account of being victimized. Pfft he wants justice now but would not help other children get justice when - NO.

522 days ago


And we should look to you for advice, from your pulpit up on the moral high ground? You sold your kids...

522 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Debbie's talking to the press now? I guess she really is part of the family these days. But she's right. Michael's legacy can't be tarnished. The music is what it is.

522 days ago


No bias at all there. Well done guys for choosing someone who not only was so much of a sycophant of Jacksons that she would carry children 'so he could be a father' her words.. or someone who is emotionally invested in maintaining a relationship with her biological child she gave freely away. A childbirth a considerable fortune it's worth noting.

522 days ago


Since it's not repressed memory why not charge the guy for perjury?


522 days ago


What the hell does she think SHE is??

522 days ago


I can't stand the sight of that toothless wh0re.

522 days ago


Thanks Robson - for turning sexual abuse into a media circus, booking 'easy listening' shows and trash shows. You just turned the clock back 25 years in the way abuse victims will be judged as having an ulterior motive. Thanks a lot for hurting tons of abuse victims who are now forced to do something awful: Tell someone off who alleges abuse.
You were a man in 2005, Robson and if this was true you fu*&ed up bigtime and failed those whom you claim to help.

522 days ago


They should have stuck with the repressed thing though because the claims now are just ludicrous. So he was manipulated all those years, even as an adult and dint understand what was going on and that it was wrong.. as an adult? Really? Does he really expect people to believe that he only now realises, when he's 30, that what allegedly happened to him is wrong? He didnt realise that last year? Was he manipulated post 2009 too?

522 days ago


All of you who think wade is waiting for payday are dum as a box of rocks AEG already took care of that. He is a high roller now. Funnin an sunnin in Waikiki. While you all help the bottomfeeders like this website and the today show get paid lol

522 days ago
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