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Wade Robson

Says He Never Forgot ...

But Denied Specifics at Trial

5/16/2013 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
just said on TV ... he never forgot what Michael Jackson did to him -- he just didn't know it was wrong until recently ... but Wade's testimony in 2005 suggests if he didn't forget, he might have been lying.

Robson said on "Today" Michael performed sexual acts on him and vice versa when he was a child.

Wade told Matt Lauer on "Today," "I've never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse."

But we've looked at the trial transcript from the 2005 molestation case, and Wade was asked very specific questions about the physical contact he had with MJ.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen grilled Robson on cross examination and asked very specific questions:

--    Zonen:  Mr. Jackson would periodically kiss you.
--    Robson:  No   
--    Zonen:  Periodically hug you?
--    Robson:  Yes
--    Zonen:  Touch you?
--   Robson:  Hug me.
--   Zonen:  Did he ever kiss your lips
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen:  On occasions you stayed in bed with Mr. Jackson would you ever cuddle in bed?
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen: Would you lie next to one another?
--   Robson: No
--   Zonen: Would you touch?
--   Robson:  No

Short story ... Robson says he "never forgot" anything Michael did to him ... he just didn't know it was wrong.  So if he never forgot, did he lie on the stand or is he making it up now?  Fair question.


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If he never forgot what MJ did to him and he didn't think that it was wrong then why did he not answer the questions the prosecutor asked him truthfully. If it wasn't wrong then there would have been no reason to lie in court. He is so full of BS..just looking for a payday...a little to late Wade

493 days ago


Such a deadbeat druggie LIAR!

493 days ago


He was born in 1982, was old enough in 2005 to know what are sexual things. He is a big liar.

493 days ago



493 days ago


Wait, wasn’t it all repressed memories at first? And now he remembers everything but lied his ass off in 2005? And he’s obviously lying his ass off now. Oh well, who needs integrity when you can get a boatload of cash from a dead man who can’t defend himself.

493 days ago

Jeron McCall    

He either lied in 2005, or he's lying now. Either way, he has no credibility, and he won't get what he's looking for: money!

493 days ago


Its easy to say this now when MJ is dead --- but he has no proof. I think he has not so many brain and is a liar.
A man in this AGE will make us believe, that he not know till 20 years what are sexual things??????

493 days ago


First thing I'd do when I pass the Bar - ?

Demand my SAG card.

The Bar Association - is the new SAG.

493 days ago


Michael Jackson was a pedophile, that's why he couldn't sleep at night, all the guilt from all those kids he molested, trying to take all the meds didn't ease his creepy pain. I think he just had his own kids so he could live a lie and believe he was normal. MJ was a total pervert.

493 days ago


i think people have a hard time disassociating fame with being good. ppl seem to think if your famous, you must automatically be a good person. someone with MJs fame.... that guy could do no wrong. it wasn't his fault he did drugs, it was Dr Murray. Sorry but someone has to ask, why is MJ the one who always gets the pedophile association? someone has to wonder why no other famous person gets the same accusation associated with them. honestly for all those who say this kid is a liar, maybe, but if he isnt shame on you for revictimizing the victim. if he is lying then yes he is a POS but if he isnt then MJ is a POS who got away with it time and time again

493 days ago


One thing I learned on the East Coast.

From the great Jewish people -

How crucial it is:

To test people's sincerity.

Once I got that down -

Life became obvious.

Bless Them always, because They taught me that -on their own Dime -


It's instinctual for Them - not so for Goyem -

Made my life immeasurably easier...

493 days ago


If it's true, his parents belong in jail. Why are they letting a kid sleep at a grown mans house for 7 yrs?

493 days ago


I can smell the funky LIE on this disgusting bastard breath. Attention, Money, Revenge is what this loser is after and nothing more. How sad using a dead man who is not here to defend himself to make money.

It just pisses me off to no end! Sitting there you can tell he is lying. How much is Today show paying this s*** to lie?

493 days ago


A real victim not goes on public for money. a real victim would be wait for trial. What u think, what WADE get for this interview??? MONEYYYYYY!!!!!!
Its a shame

493 days ago


Liar,Liar his white pants on fire! Michael need to haunt him, smack his lying face.

493 days ago
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