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Wade Robson

Says He Never Forgot ...

But Denied Specifics at Trial

5/16/2013 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
just said on TV ... he never forgot what Michael Jackson did to him -- he just didn't know it was wrong until recently ... but Wade's testimony in 2005 suggests if he didn't forget, he might have been lying.

Robson said on "Today" Michael performed sexual acts on him and vice versa when he was a child.

Wade told Matt Lauer on "Today," "I've never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse."

But we've looked at the trial transcript from the 2005 molestation case, and Wade was asked very specific questions about the physical contact he had with MJ.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen grilled Robson on cross examination and asked very specific questions:

--    Zonen:  Mr. Jackson would periodically kiss you.
--    Robson:  No   
--    Zonen:  Periodically hug you?
--    Robson:  Yes
--    Zonen:  Touch you?
--   Robson:  Hug me.
--   Zonen:  Did he ever kiss your lips
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen:  On occasions you stayed in bed with Mr. Jackson would you ever cuddle in bed?
--   Robson:  No
--   Zonen: Would you lie next to one another?
--   Robson: No
--   Zonen: Would you touch?
--   Robson:  No

Short story ... Robson says he "never forgot" anything Michael did to him ... he just didn't know it was wrong.  So if he never forgot, did he lie on the stand or is he making it up now?  Fair question.


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What 23 perhaps 24 yrs old at the time of the 2005 trial and he didn't know right from wrong? He didn't know having sex with a minor is wrong? Wait! He knew what Michael did to him was wrong yet he took the stand and lied saying Michael never did anything to him then wait until Michael is dead 4 years later, telling the world that he didn't know it was wrong what he and Michael supposedly done to one another? Who in their right bloody freaking mind is going to believe this sc-um of the earth? Such a bloody freaking lair!

491 days ago


He is obviously a liar in some capacity. Can he ever be trusted? He should sue his parents for being abusive in their care for him. They obviously didn't do a very good job of protecting him if the allegations are true. What crappy parents. He should quit while he is behind.

491 days ago


Well well, you gonna have big problems saving yourself from this

491 days ago


He kind of ****ed up his case now. :D

491 days ago

BB not bb    

He isn't making it up now. It does take a while to get the courage to face things people don't want to believe or respect you for saying. He lied becasue he thought he had to. He thought he had a secret relationship that had to be protected.

I am glad he is breaking free from the lies now. He will be a better and healthier person for it.

491 days ago


I love Michael Jackson, love his music and know he was without fault and put himself in a love of crap he was caught up in. I also know there was a lot of people around Michael and used him to their advantage. If I thought for one second that any of Michael accusers were telling the truth I would hate Michael with every fiber of my being. I think it's disgusting, a disgrace for a grown man or woman to touch a child sexually and I don't care who they are.

But for the record, I haven't seen not one strong evidence that Michael sexually abused anybody. All I see is a bunch of money hungry bastards using Michael Jackson as a ATM machine before and after his death. All the accusers seek money and not JUSTICE! Someone touch my child, FK THE MONEY, I want Justice! After I get the justice proven allegation perhaps I would sue for damages to my child health and mental well being. But I'm sorry I want justice first.

This thing Wade is doing for money and attention not to mention revenge is a total slap in the face to all children out there who has really been molested and in some cases which they have not been heard or gotten justice for. Shame on Wade Robson and everyone involved in this scheme. SHOW PROOF or stop this insanity!

491 days ago


For all the people who keep saying how could he come out at the age of 30. DO SOME RESEARCH. Child abuse victims regularly come out decades later....

491 days ago


by the way, wasnt he bald yesterday? :S

491 days ago


Liar! Looking for a good payout!

491 days ago

BB not bb    

What I think is so unfair is that the government makes it like they want you to come out and tell when this happens, but then when you do, it is like no one belives you and people just keep asking you for all the detais like they are enjoying the story.

How do you prove this? Only by one person's word agaisnt another. I believe his word and if other people don't, God also knows the truth.

Wade has a happy life and Michael is dead and buried. There is some justice in this world.

491 days ago

Meme Jones    


491 days ago

Meme Jones    

Let the poor guy rest in peace!!

491 days ago


I don't think this guy is credible.

491 days ago

mj fan forever    

So now the new LIE is that he "never forgot" and did not know. Even if you want to follow his LIES it's easy to recognize that he is a PROVEN liar and could NOT ignore the meaning of these things at the adult age which was the period during which he testified in FAVOR of Michael Jackson specifically stating that he NEVER abused of him!!!! He did NOT lie on the stand he's lying now in the pathetic attempt to grub Michael Jackson's money, which he is NOT going to grub. DISGUSTING MONSTER SEXUAL ABUSER MONEY-GRUBBING LIAR.

491 days ago


Of course it's about money. Michael was like a surrogate father to this guy, paid everything for him for years. Since Michael's untimely passing, the money stopped and guy's life hasn't been the same since. It's jealousy too. Only three of Michael's kids will inherit it all and nothing was left for this guy. Boo Hoo, yeah I believe he had a nervous breakdown, FINANCIALLY, hahahaha

491 days ago
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