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Wade Robson

I Hope to Inspire OTHER Molestation Victims to Come Forward

5/17/2013 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Wade Robson says he feels LIBERATED after opening up about the alleged sex abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson on national TV ... and says he hopes he inspires other people to "speak their truth."

Robson had just landed at LAX yesterday after his big tell-all interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show -- and said he has no regrets about going public with his MJ accusations.

While Wade's story is under fire -- considering he so vehemently DEFENDED Michael during the 2005 molestation trial -- the dance choreographer says he hopes his decision to come forward will be viewed as inspirational.

"If my coming forward and speaking the truth can help, honestly, one [person] to gain courage to speak their truth and begin the healing process then that would really be more than I could ask."

TMZ broke the story ... Wade is going after the Michael Jackson Estate in court, claiming MJ sexually abused him as a child. Wade said he waited so long to take action because he didn't realize he was being abused until recently.


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What do you call a man that lets kids sleep in his "special bed"

Michael Jackson the Pedophile.

527 days ago


Is he done his "press tour" yet? I'm tired of his nonsense ...nothing adds up......and WHY is he all over the news NOW if he came to terms with being abused 2 years ago?...pretty damn convenient timing for AEG this coming out in the exact same time of their trial....hmmm >>>>BTW I'm annoyed that some people (tv hosts etc..) are believing what he's saying just simply because he's saying it. I've never met MJ , but I bet I could go on tv tomorrow and claim he abused me when I was a kid...and 75% of people would believe me just because I said so ....because it's Micheal Jackson. ugh

527 days ago


When i hear or read anything about Michael Jackson the only thing i think of is he was a child molester.

MJ's legacy: People will remember him being a pedophile.

527 days ago


Michael J. was innocent !!!!!!! and had a heart of gold, he believed and trusted everyone. He gave away money, things, anything people wanted. He was toooo good for this world, damn. He was such an easy target to people. People took advantage of him because he taught humans were better than this. He liked being around children because first of all, he didnt have a childhood and secondly, children dont judge like adults, he wasnt weird or a popstar, he was just Michael. He was good, people. His bedroom had 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, can you imagine how big it was? Dont believe these haters, please do some research.. He was simply amazing. He wasnt even bitter and angry… He kept his heart pure!

527 days ago


If this guy is lying then he's a REAL d-bag for saying this

527 days ago

Lynn M    

Here's the problem: Once you lie about something, especially as strongly as he has, your credibility is shot. Trying to blame a dead man you could have faced with the charges while alive is crap. Was he molested? Only he really knows. The only thing this is about is money. Grow up, get counseling, and move on.

527 days ago

mj fan forever    

This despicable guy is only hoping to grub Michael Jackson's money which is NOT going to happen!!! The dance choreographer is just broke as hell and is grabbing some money by saying his disgusting LIES on national tv!!! The Estate should sue him for defamation and slander!!! It's quite odd that while he speaks about these victims there are rumors about two more people which would want to sue, but only if they would see him grubbing money. This sh*t just seems to be absolutely set up and it's very very probable that there is AEG's dirty paw AND it wouldn't be a surprise at all if there were proofs about that. The ONLY PAEDOPHILE MONSTER is him with his disgusting pedo-fantasies, he and his lawyers which have the courage to defend such an abject guy. But riffraff like them are willing to do ANYTHING for money after all, they have no moral and are DISGUSTING!!!!

527 days ago


Wade Stop!!! That's what's wrong with the world. Every body's tough when the people your talking about aren't around. Some of you who leave these crazy comments ask some people in your family if they don't think you have problems. Exactly tell you leave response on TMZ everyday and watch the look they give you.

527 days ago


I believe him,,, micheal Jackson was a sick f'd up child molester

527 days ago


I think he is full of s?!t. You wait all this time to come forward because you didn't realize you were being abused? Really? A five year old knows what abuse is!!

527 days ago


The thing is--Wade Robson could have helped molestation victims years ago. By denying any type of molestation had occurred made it harder to for the alleged victims to make their claim. He kinda turned his back on them and called them ridiculous.

527 days ago


Good for you wade.

527 days ago


A molester is a manipulator a conartist if you will. making you belive you wanted this fact you did not.

527 days ago


wades a liar. if he had the breakdown two years ago why not say something then why wait til now . he was saying nice things about michael last year when he thought he was getting the mjone vegas show which opens this month thats funny the same month wade files a claim for money with this lie. even though he had a breakdown two years ago oooh the familys lawsuit against aeg started this month two . wow how can no one see the timing of this , wades full of pigsh#it. liar youll say anything for money

527 days ago

Rush Limbaugh    

Hey, I can sympathize with him, I didn't know I was Black until recently. For 29 years of my life I thought I was Scandinavian.

527 days ago
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