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New Nickelodeon Movie

Italian-American Org.

Demands Boycott

5/25/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is brainwashing your kids to think Italians are all bootlegging mafiosos and it MUST be stopped -- so says a pissed off Italian-American advocacy group, demanding parents BOYCOTT Nick's new flick.

The Italian-American One Voice Coalition -- a major national org. fighting against negative Italian-American stereotypes -- is peeved over the TV movie, "Nicky Deuce" ... set to bow on May 27th. 

FYI :The flick is about a dorky Italian-American teenager who transforms himself into a mobster (to be cool, duh) ... just like his Italian-American uncle, who has mafia ties. Like "The Sopranos" with kids.

But One Voice tells TMZ ... this "trash television" is an affront to their culture, meant to "brainwash a new generation with an insidious and hurtful stereotype of Italian Americans."

"It is beyond reprehensible that Nickelodeon would so grossly abdicate any semblance of corporate responsibility and target young children with a biased, stereotypical movie."

They add, "We are appealing to all parents to not have their children watch this garbage."

Now here's the trailer. You decide ...


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Ted Frunk    

Nobody cares. Boycott something interesting like New Jersey. The entire state. Boycott it.

483 days ago


Now more people are gonna watch to see what all the hype is about. DUH!!! The number of viewers is gonna go up now. Should of kept it on the DL

483 days ago


Hey,yo what? ltooks cute.I am a dago,looks good to me. You want I should make a few calls to my gumgah's at IT Club....Done! My friend.Now,I must aks a favor of you.....

483 days ago


Giibbbbyy..... Can't you tell I have kids!

483 days ago


Next they'll go after Nintendo for the way they portray Mario and Luigi in video games. This group is being ridiculous and likely trying to turn the release of this movie into a fund raising vehicle. If you want to go after a group that is stereotyping Italians unfairly then how about going after the Olive Garden for saying they serve Italian food. What they serve isn't Italian food, it's a crime against humanity!

483 days ago


People these days need to grow a backbone and stop getting their feelings hurt so easily. Maybe if they spent the same amount of time on worthwhile causes that they spend on whining they would actually make a real difference in the world.

483 days ago


Minorities are only minorities because they WANT to be and work hard at it. Shut up and assimilate and become Americans. Douche bags

483 days ago



483 days ago


Hey, Nickelodeon: How about a new kids show where a black kid turns himself into a Crack dealer, you know, to be cool? DO you think THAT would be , you know, OK? Jerks.

483 days ago


Why is their an Italian -american org. at all? I'm making an American - Italian organization.,and we support nickalodean and Jersey shore!

483 days ago


If no one cancelled Jersey Shore...even though two people from the entire cast were actually Italian then this will not get cancelled, all groups get stereotyped on tv anyway, deal with it

483 days ago


Oh please, we didn't imagine the mafia. It is an Italian gang on a world scale. Even if you don't participate, the culture itself has a mindset of privilege, crime and debauchery. Maybe if you didn't spew Snooki all over the media, you might have a chance at bullchitting everyone about how Italians are just typical people.

483 days ago


It's time for americans to do movies about american gangsters. The US crime rate is FIVE TIMES HIGHER than the Italian:

By the way, I also don't understand why "italians" in american movies are fat. Italians (from Italy) are among the slimmest people in the world, only american wannabe-italians are fat.

483 days ago

BB not bb    

Zel, you have never seen a movie about American gangsters that was made in America? I thought that is one of the most popular themes in Hollywood. If you want to see more movies about American gangsters, maybe Italians should make some. Maybe US gangsters are just boring to them or they don't want to see things about crime.

I think America is in very large part run by the mafia. They are into the drug trade, gun running, betting and bookies and sports rigging, sex slavery and human trafficking, dumping illegal waste, graft and pay to play contracts in the construction industry, and probably even more. How are you going to act like they are a non-issue in American society?

483 days ago

BB not bb    

Zel, you ask why are Italians in America fat? I don't know why but a lot of them are. Maybe the only comfort they have is in their food. I read a book where a lot of them complain about having eating disorders.

Whatever they are they are. Art imitates life. Stop trying to be so controlling about what someone else sees.

483 days ago
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