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Steve Nash


Place to Raise Kids

5/30/2013 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:20 PM -- Both sides have rested their case, which is now in the hands of the judge. We're told a ruling could take up to 60 days.

4:30 PM -- Nash
just finished his turn on the stand ... saying his ex-wife has been making it EXTREMELY difficult to see his kids in Phoenix ... so it makes NO SENSE that she wants to move to L.A. so they can see him more often.

Nash said he sees the kids in Arizona at LEAST as much as would in L.A. ... and maintained that her only motivation for moving is so California courts can nail him for child support -- which he says would really only support her lavish taste.

“A major reason we divorced was her incessant spending, social climbing, materialism,” he said.

Nash testified about several occasions when Alejandra made it difficult for him to see 8-year-old twin girls Lola and Bella, and 2-year-old son Matteo Joel … including a Christmas homestand, when Nash wanted his girlfriend to escort the kids on a flight to L.A.

“She had none of that,” Nash said.

Nash said he can totally afford child support ... he just doesn't want it to ruin his kids: “I don’t want my high-privileged lifestyle ... to be an artificial environment.”

Steve Nash
-- who plays for the LOS ANGELES Lakers -- just trashed L.A. in open court ... claiming the City of Angels is NO PLACE to raise a family.

Nash slammed L.A. on the stand in his legal war with ex-wife Alejandra ... saying point blank, "I don't want my kids to grow up in L.A."

Nash said he would consider raising his kids in San Diego ... but only because "it's a different lifestyle."

Of course, Alejandra doesn't believe that -- she thinks Steve's trying to block her from moving the kids to L.A. because the Arizona courts aren't making him pay a penny in child support and he's afraid a California judge would nail him.

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Trade Nash to the Kings for Salmons and Outlaw. what nerve! Send Nash to the greatest Fans in the NBA , That should teach him a lesson. Sacramento will make him suffer hearing Cowbells every game. the loud crowd will give him nightmares. Having Great Owners and new arena to play in is aweful. Send Nash to Sacramento at once! we will show him how the arena wave is done. Why would Nash want to get away from the L.A Smog is beyond me. He made a terrible Comment and should be traded to Sacramento!

473 days ago


No truer words were ever spoken! LA is stomping grounds for the devil himself. A LOT of very bad people in that city and all around it. Tons of drugs, pimps, cults, gangs, pedophiles, killers, sociopaths - you name it. Look at what its done so so many young actors/actresses. A very bad place with many psychos and nut-jobs like #1 billionairess_petra_ecclestonia who obviously has some sick obsession with the girl who bought Spelling Mansion. Get a life or a shrink dude. Nobody gives a rats a** about this girl.

473 days ago


LA is not only a bad place to raise kids, it's just just plainly a bad place overall. It's the land of phoney people, high taxes, high gas and food prices, the land of liberal wackos. LA is the perfect example what happens to a city that has liberals running the government, crime increases, the economy declines, prices increase, taxes increase, and the government continues to say they are broke, they need more tax money out of your paycheck to stay in business. LA is a joke.

473 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

does anyone else think his wife looks like the actress Minnie Driver in this picture?

473 days ago


Man up Nash! You need to pay child support, and spend (more) time with your kids. L.A. is not Satan's play palace. It is how you raise your kids that makes the difference, man.

473 days ago


He's mad that she wouldn't put her children on an airplane with his girlfriend?! Eff that! I wouldn't put my 3 young children (including one baby) on a plane with a strange woman either. If he's too busy to go pick his kids up for Christmas, then maybe that's MORE of an argument for why they shouldn't live flying distance away.

473 days ago


You don't likey, then get the hell out..

473 days ago


Two problems with his argument...1st if she is such a terrible person then you would want your children close by so you could check on them regularly 2nd is I live in Phoenix and this week alone we had a police officer killed and a 11 year old child killed by a hit and run drunk driver and we found headless bodies in our canals so it isnt any better here.

473 days ago

Six Million Dollar Man    

Steve Nash is right on. When you're right, you're right! LA is a horrible place to raise kids. Way too many gangs, selfish, superficial other kids and illegal aliens and politically correct groups and constant LA Mayors ripping off the city, not to mention Gloria Allred suing everyone and Justin Beiber alone is enough to make you want to go to Alaska or Hawaii.

473 days ago


It's true

473 days ago


If they're allowed to move here, remember the day of the ruling. When his kids are older and all want to be actors or musicians and begin partying underage and full on drug zombies like everyone else in Hollywood you'll see his concern.

473 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Gee Steve I can't see why your ex wife wouldn't want your 20 year old bimbo girlfriend taking her kids on a flight to see you! I'm sure you'd LOVE if her new man was flying around with your kids. F*cking idiots! You screw the Lakers out of $9 million a season, give your ex some damn money and let her live wherever she wants!

473 days ago


Steve Nash is a very smart man. I hope he wins his case.

473 days ago

Boss Mann361    

Ho get a thing called J.O.B . Feels good when you know you paid for what you own.

473 days ago


I don't know why TMZ hasn't mentioned this, but the school district in Manhattan Beach, where Steve Nash lives, is one of the best in the country. Forbes ranked it #5 a year or two ago, and it was just rated #3 out of CA's 400 school districts. Manhattan Beach - really the entire South Bay - is also considered a wonderful place to raise kids. For Steve Nash to object to having his kids raised "in LA" really rings false, because if his ex wife moved near him she would be moving their kids to one of the best school districts and communities in the US.

473 days ago
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