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Justin Bieber

Goes Off on ANOTHER Pap

I'm Taking Your Memory Card Bitch!!!

6/6/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber was the ringleader in a SECOND pap altercation in Miami Wednesday -- ordering his goons to steal a photog's camera ... all while the man pled desperately for mercy -- and the entire exchange was caught on tape.

The incident occurred outside The Hit Factory recording studio at around 4 AM ... just hours before Bieber's security guards allegedly choked another photographer, and tried to jack his camera equipment as well.

On the tape, you hear Justin scream to his bodyguards, "Grab that camera!!! Get that f***ing camera out of here!!!" (time code: 1:08)

 You can hear the photog plead with Justin, who responds like a benevolent prince, "Alright, alright. I'm gonna give you your camera back. I'm gonna take your SIM card though."

The photog begs and pleads to let him keep his memory card -- even offering to delete the photos he took -- but Bieber is unmoved.

Authorities are currently investigating the altercation that took place later in the day -- but law enforcement tells us, police have no record of the earlier incident because it wasn't reported.

We reached out to Justin's people ... so far, no comment.

All told, Bieber's had three run-ins with photogs while in Miami this week -- the first incident occurred Monday night at the American Airlines Arena following the Heat game. Someone snapped this pic of Bieber on his cell phone and the singer reportedly flipped out.



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WTH is with this kid? He is out of control. We've seen this movie before, and we all know what's coming. It's too bad he is surrounded by so many negative influences. He's still just a boy and has so much to learn about life. Maybe when he hits rock bottom soon---and he will---he will being to learn and change his life around.

472 days ago


Lord have mercy, here we go again. This kid is so stupid.

472 days ago


It's about time! I would have punch those sleezy bottom feeder paparazzi long ago. How much they get in celebs faces should be against the law. Come to think of it, it should be against the law to report stories (like TMZ here) without any facts.

472 days ago


It's about time! I would have punch those sleezy bottom feeder paparazzi long ago. How much they get in celebs faces should be against the law. Come to think of it, it should be against the law to report stories (like TMZ here) without any facts.

472 days ago


Can they deport him already? I get it paps suck sometimes but you signed up for that. You can't just go around stealing someone's property like that. Make him delete the photos if you must but like your dumb music pays for your bills his photos of your horrible fashion sense pay for his.

472 days ago


We hate you biebs

472 days ago


This is not a big deal... If you don't want your **** stolen or broken, don't stalk someone to their place of work until 4 AM. Honestly, if I left my job at 4 in the morning and some idiot kept snapping pictures of me, body guards or not I am going to grab that ***** camera and sma*****, no questions asked. Not to mention everyone has a breaking point, constantly being photographed and KNOWING that the photographer is going to try and make you look BAD in the photo would get to you after awhile.

Now lets be honest all you tough guys out there, if this happened to you or one of your buddies would you have acted differently? No probably not, in fact you would probably run off to tell all your butt buddies about how you beat the snot of of some guy (of course exagerating and making it look like you are some sort of God at fighting even though everyone can see through your bull ****.)

To everyone that says you give up your rights when you become a celebrity, I would like to see the "celebrity" contract that states "you must give up all your rights" If no such do***ent exists. ****in' all the power to him. The reason people get in such an uproar over Justin is becouse they don't like him. So when something about him comes up that can be seen as negative everyone jumps on the bandwagon to slam him.

On top of all this I would like to say I am NOT a fan of his music, I just don't like it and I am allowed to not like it. It is called personal preferance. However, I have never met Justin so why on earth would I assume he is a douche becouse he has a different Musical taste than I?

I am just so sick of seeing people hate on this poor guy. (Not kid, come on guys... the use of the word Kid to a 19 year old is such a pretentious thing to say... get off your ****ing high horses. Espeically if you consider most of you are older than him and think it is okay to try and bully him, real mature.. the way I see it is you are all the Kids in this scenario, grow up.)

472 days ago

Sovereignty Soldier    

Would someone smack this little punk around please? First he is a no talent little dork who looks like he may be light in the loafers, he is a poser, and why people would pay money to see him is beyond me. As for his "bodygaurds," if I saw them touch anyone I would use any means necessary to put them in the hospital...paralyzed!

472 days ago


Sim cards are not used in cameras, they are used in cell phones. They are a type of memory card but not used in cameras. A rich 19 year old should know that. Some people let others know how dumb they really are just by talking.

472 days ago


It'll be great when we hear that he got his little ass kicked in someday! Spoiled little bastard.

472 days ago


can somebody please just beat the **** out off this wannabe?

472 days ago


little punk needs to be put on ignore. stop taking his picture, stop following him. just ignore him.

472 days ago


This no-talent punk is already chewing up too much scenery and it's gonna get worse because all his fans will freak out when the inevitable crash and burn comes.

Becoming rich and famous at a young age in the entertainment business doesn't lead to disaster, it staves it off for a short while. The star-maker machinery only seeks out human basket cases to elevate.

Anyone taking bets on Beiber's crash date?

472 days ago



472 days ago

Holdon McGroin    

P.o S kept in the light by other adoring Ps. o. S.

472 days ago
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