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Jane Lynch

My Gay Marriage Is Over

6/10/2013 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0610_jane_lynch_laura_embry_gettyJane Lynch is pulling the plug on her marriage to wife Dr. Lara Embry ... just 3 years after tying the knot in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal.

Lynch just released a statement to saying, "Lara and I have decided to end our marriage. This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another."

The 52-year-old "Glee" star met 44-year-old Embry back in 2009 at a fundraiser in San Francisco ... and they married in 2010.

Lynch and Embry are California residents and a California court will almost certainly dissolve the marriage, even though gay marriages are not legal in California.  The State recognizes marriages from places where gay marriage is legal.

Now ... California is a community property state, which means unless there's a prenup, Lynch and Embry would split all assets acquired during the marriage 50/50.  Although Embry's no slouch, Lynch has made a bundle on "Glee" and other projects.

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... they don't have a prenup.



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Oh goodie! Does that mean she might be hitting for the other team now

407 days ago

Mary E. Clark    

TMZ: "My Gay Marriage Is Over" Why on earth did you have to use the word "gay" in your headline? I've never seen a headline at your site that stated: "My Heterosexual Marriage is Over." Why does there have to be any distinction? (I happen to be heterosexual. I didn't choose it.)

407 days ago


So sad - she is one dynamite lady - and she is giving me the honeyglo something awful! "wreck it ralph"

407 days ago


"Actress" divorcing 'wife"... snort-laugh... you "marry" someone after knowing them a year and you're 50 years old? Something tells me this wasn't well though-out to begin with.

407 days ago


time to remake the film "The Gay Divorcee"

406 days ago

Mel harrison    

Jane lynch is funny.

405 days ago

Cry Me A River    

"My gay marriage is over". You are such a twit. Her marriage is over, it has nothing to do with being straight or gay.

When are idiots like you going to get a grip and lay off the stupid, hate mongering, prejudicial labeling.

405 days ago


Yay! Now maybe she can have a normal heterosexual marriage!!!!!

405 days ago


Was the "My Gay Marriage Is Over" an actual quote from Jane Lynch, or is TMZ just slimy as all hell and encouraging the lesbiphobic commenters that are all over this article? Damn, thirsty much?

396 days ago


Of course Lynch is happy and taking things well, you want to deflect suspicion from yourself when the accident happen.

315 days ago


So I've got an opinion up here in Canada, I'm fine with Jane giving her ex what she wants if that's what she wants to do. The more important thing is that as a Dr. Why not say to yourself I have great job and i can keep up a lifestyle I am comfortable with. Gay or straight why does everyone retreat back to needing someone to take care of them. As a gay single man I work my ass off and have over come many life lessons. Instead of jumping into a "gay marriage" which is so true why not get over it and find yourself and be the best you can be on your own. lets face it long lasting marriages are fewer and fewer between. Lets start having save the date im marrying myself and all i want are expensive gifts including lots of money. anyway Back to my original thought, Jane is her own success so let her do what she chooses with her money. Btw I could use a down payment I hate paying someone else's mortgage. Also I'd love some dental work... Enough said I love you Jane, you put a smile on my face all the time and that's what's important. Xoxo.

Btw does anyone really read this stuff????

If so I'm visiting LA Oct 13th I'd love a tour wink wink!

315 days ago


Ok so comment two. "Gay marriage" or " breeder marriage" is the same either way you look at it someone will play the victim that needs a life style they didn't work for when money is involved. If you we're divorcing a broke person would you be looking for half of nothing??? Lets be real someone got hurt and the person that wasn't the bread winner will always play the victim. Earn your own money and you'll be just fine. Enough said... So what's on my mind is can Harvey Levin twerk?

315 days ago
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