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2 Chainz


of Rapper Being Robbed at Gunpoint

6/13/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained EXPLOSIVE VIDEO of 2 Chainz and his crew being robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco this weekend ... and the footage shows the chaotic moments as the rapper and his crew desperately ran for their lives. 

2 Chainz and his entourage were casually walking down the street Sunday afternoon when at least 2 men approached the crew and pointed guns at them ... one in a white shirt, the other in a black hoodie.

2 Chainz and his crew immediately scattered -- frantically trying to sprint down the street while the gunmen chased after them.

One of the gunmen seemed to be having fun during the incident ... and gleefully skipped after the rapper while 2 Chainz tried to get away.

During the chase, 2 Chainz stumbles and falls ... and one of the gunmen pounces ... hovering over the rapper with his gun drawn.

According to police, the bad guys jacked 2 Chainz for his cell phone and wallet. Towards the end of the video, you can see a man running back up the street with what appears to be the loot stuffed under his clothes.

Under the category: "Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes" ... 2 Chainz later posted a tweet denying he was robbed ... saying, "Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken."

As far as the bad guys, so far no arrests have been made.


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2 Chainz next song will be called "Ran Away Like A Bitch"

498 days ago


For a rapper who claims to be so hard, that is pretty crazy and embarrassing for him.

498 days ago

PJ in Texas    

He was skipping so he could keep his pants up ... you know that stupid lil I'm gonna show my boxer crap game.

498 days ago


I'm sure that the street thugs in California are well aware that rich rappers like 2Chainz and Chief Keef often walk around with like $10,000 in cash just to impress people with.

These rappers might as well be wearing a sign that says "rob me and you might get THOUSANDS" ... especially if he's walking around in a high crime area.

These dudes need to get these things called CREDIT CARDS with a low $5,000 - 10,000 limit on it. You can even get a credit card with terrible credit if you put up enough cash as collateral.

If someone steals the card, I hear you can call the credit card company immediately cancel the card and eventually get any money back that a thief might have charged onto the card.

498 days ago


Man yall so full of crap TMZ! Anything for hits. I like how u edited the camera 2 footage to not give a front shot of the guy u claim is two chainz. Also i like how u edited the camera 1 foot to remove the clear front shot as the guy was running toward the camera.

498 days ago


It's only material sh it! Atleast he still has his life!!! But, he should know better walking in certain neighborhoods like that.

498 days ago


this thing that happened is not funny nor is it to be made light of. I am glad that 2chainz got away with his life.

498 days ago


LOL...So he LIED about the whole thing!!! Oh well- caught on camera! You got burned 2 Chainz!

498 days ago


get rid of your friends that was with you did ran with you so if you are paying them let them go

498 days ago


Some of the new generation of rap artists try to show they are "gangsta" by having the entourage, doping, flashing cash and "making it rain", all for publicity. They have no idea what the "gansta" lifestyle is. Ask Ice Tea, Ice Cube, Snoop...they lived the life, and overcame, to become successful (and survive, by the way). These select few want to give the impression they are living a gangsta life, but they are performers, not gangstas (talking to you too, Justin "take that camera" Bieber).

498 days ago


Just one of his peepes from the fan-base.
What the hell do you expect IDIOT? Talk'n 'bout your different bitches glisten'n diamonds, weed, guns... what the hell do you expect?
Of course they're going to rip your dumb ass off---as they should. Keep talking that crap and maybe (no tears here) they'll put your dumb to rest... and don't worry, you feel a thing. (nor will anybody else---maybe your mama and then only because of the cable bill)

498 days ago


I think he denied the robbery so he could either 1) save face, or 2) they can try to take care of it on their own. Bad idea...I'm guessing the guys doing the robbery are not afraid of retaliation.

498 days ago

shay Jon    


498 days ago


nba ers are targeted also

498 days ago

My 2 Cents    

So was he not suppose to run for his life?

498 days ago
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