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The Game

NJ Saggy Pants Ban


6/14/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0613-the-game-gettyA new law banning saggy pants on the Jersey Shore has pissed off a bunch of famous rappers -- including The Game, who tells TMZ, the anti-sag movement is racist ... and tantamount to SLAVERY.

In case you didn't know, the city of Wildwood, NJ just passed a law that prohibits anyone on its boardwalk from wearing pants that sag 3 inches below the hips, exposing skin or underwear. First time offenders are subject to fines ranging from $25-$100 ... and after that, the fines go up to $200.

40 hours of community service is also a possible punishment.

Now, several rappers are speaking out against the law -- Game tells us, "N***** should sag down to their socks out there. They trying to get people to not sag, please. Can’t tell people how to wear their f***ing clothes. What time are we in? This ain't the f***ing slave days. F*** that."

He adds, "I am with the sagging movement. First five people to get fines, I will pay their tickets ... I will go there and sag cause I am a sagging Sagittarius."

Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony tells us, "Are they talking about black people? How can they do that? This is racist and ridiculous."

And for the white guy's perspective ... Mac Miller says, "I just think that's ridiculous because no one has time to do that much community service. I sag and will sag anywhere I go."

The law's scheduled to go into effect next month. You're welcome, Larry Platt.


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I personally think that walking around with the ass of your pants around your knees is tacky, nasty, AND stupid. It is not cute and I would NEVER be seen in public with a man who was too stupid to pull his pants all the way up. And WHY put on a belt if the damned things are around your thighs and knees anyway. It's just stupid. BUT having said that do I think it should be illegal? Not really. We have much more pressing business than some stupid people who don't know how to pull their pants up and look like a baby who took the biggest dump ever in their pants. Laugh at them when they walk by. Ladies reject them when they ask you out AND laugh at them as they try to walk away with their pants sagging. Let them keep losing job opportunities because who is going to hire a grown man who can't pull his pants all the way up? You don't have to make it illegal; make it difficult for them. They will change or suffer.

310 days ago


How the hell is this racist? I am sorry but if I am out and about I don't want to see people's asses unless I am at the beach. Is it hard for a guy to look respectable? Guys of all races sag. So they don't want to see people's freaking underwear all the damn time. This is a good law. You can wear two things. A belt or suspenders.

310 days ago


I have never understood wearing your pants that way, just looks like you have a load of poop in your pants.

310 days ago


oh and it's not racists..that's just silly because it's not just one race that does it. Yes, it's predominantly black rapper/street thug kind but look at little Justin Bieber and other white wanna-be. It's not racists, it's a stupid law and it's a stupid style of fashion in a world that has gone completely stupid!

310 days ago


I don't like the law. seeing saggy pants lets me know who the losers are. but I also don't want to see skid marks. if they're too lazy to pull up their pants, they're too lazy to do other things.

310 days ago


3" is to far. It should be about 1.5-2". IIRC, this is not the first town to put a law like this in effect. However, most cops I know really dont complain about this, because they say it makes it harder for a criminal to run.

310 days ago


I'm from/live in Jersey. I'm 1/2 Haitian, 1/2 Italian. I like EVERYTHING from hip hop to Frank Sinatra. It ain't RACIST Game!!! NO ONE in Jersey (or ALL OF AMERICA, for that matter) wants to see someone's/anyone's SAGGY-ASS PANTS and/or NASTY-ASS DRAWA'S!! Game's just an ATTENTION CRAVING MAD-MAN, who will do/say ANYTHING to stay atop the "controversy list" and in the tabloids, because he CAN'T with his GARBAGE-ASS MUSIC!!!

310 days ago



310 days ago


Why pull the race card? just because you don't like the ban on saggy pants you have to say its racist. WTF Well nobody wants to see your ass hanging out of your pants moron, nothing to do with race, just common decency. I'm sick of having to cover my 5 yr old nieces eyes every time some idiot walks by with his butt crack exposed. Other people have rights too, like the right to not have to see your skanky behind.

310 days ago


Lookin like a fool with yer pants on the ground. AGT 2012.

310 days ago


This has absolutely nothing to do with race. Game has now made himself look dumber than usual.

It is about 3 things for me..1. The sag look is just plain stupid....may as well be wearing clown shoes. 2. People of any race who sport the sag look like they just don't care at all about how they's sloppy and unappealing and 3rd and most importantly, it is impractical to walk around having to have a 4 foot stride in order to keep your pants from falling down, or to have to reach back and hike your shorts/jeans up every 2 steps. Who likes doing that? I compare it to having a loose bra annoying to deal with!
Tighten up sag wearers and act like you care about yourself!

For the record, I also feel this way about short shorts. Who wants to wear shorts so small that your undies hang out and your thigh skin sticks to everything? Just as gross as saggy pants.

310 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Saggy Pants > Guys wearing their sisters pants. If anything that should be banned is that this law is stupid and shouldn't matter how someone else dresses and to everyone saying "We don't want to see your @ss why are you look at them below the waist look at their face not @ss just makes it seem as alot of guys are suspect looking at another mans lower body half.

310 days ago


People of TMZ, a little history. So sagging your pants came from prison, meaning you wanted a man to get you from behind. It's common knowledge. I can't stand when a guy has his pants half on his ass... No sorry now they don't even be half on. They go below your ass now. Might as well not have any pants on. Point is nobody wants to see your stank ass. They sag anything. Even pants that isn't meant to be sagged like skinny jeans. ??? Come on guys pick your **** up ware a belt. If not that please just please at least change your damn underwear....

310 days ago


I don't understand and never will. And if you don't want to be treated like **** fix yourself. Sagging pants and gold teeth and poor language skills are what setting you back. Man up.

310 days ago

Tammy LM    

THANK YOU!!! Bout damn time somebody passed a law on these disgusting slacker a$$ punks that are too stupid to operate clothes! I'm so sick to death of seeing teens and adults walking around showing their nasty stanky dingy underwear and their a$$es. It's rude and disprespectful and NASTY looking. It's nothing but a way for people to use a fashion trend as a way of "legally" committing "indescent exposure". I can't believe adults of normal thinking abilities would even choose to pull their pants down off their asses like that. It's a sign of a lack of intellegent. And personally myself I blame WOMEN for it. Yes, I said it. I'm a woman and I blame women for it.
If girls didn't find it attractive men would not wear their pants like that. What descent woman on this planet would even think a guy's attractive walking around with his pants falling off his ass like a toddler with a loaded diaper. I've seen these guys. They look RETARDED! Guys permanantly got their hands on the front of their pants looking like a woman who's constantly holding her dress up as she walks. They can't run anywhere or their pants will fall. They constantly have to hang on to their pants and they look ridiculous! I say ban it nationwide and bulk up the fines. We'll get this deficit down if you do.
And to those who think it's racist. You're just about as dumb as you look then. ALL races wear their pants like that. Not just black people. So get off the race card. It's not workin. For the black rappers that said that....I can't believe you aren't embarrassed for the way you're all representing the black race as so stupid you can't even operate clothes! Stop and think..... My God..What would Martin Luther think? Bunch of common thugs! THUG AINT SEXY. IT'S IGNORANT! KNOW THAT!

310 days ago
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