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You Be the Judge

6/15/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614-sheen-farrah-paris-uchitel-2-chainz-bieber-cyrusCharlie Sheen won't be banging Farrah Abraham any time soon -- at least that's what he says. Lots of stars had lots of strife this week, so we gotta ask ...


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The only person that believes Farrah is a Millionaire is Harvey Levin and Farrah. Harvey since Farrah is dumber than most of the staff in your office call me and i will teach you about economics, and how Farrah is not even close to being a Millionaire.

494 days ago

Virginia sawa     

Kanye say he's God but the only thing he parted was Kim K's V. I suggest he get started on the Red Sea,


494 days ago


Farrah wl be rimming strangers in west hollywood

494 days ago


The fame whore vs no chainz can't choice great week for TMZ news

494 days ago


Michael Jacksons ghost told Lionel Richie’s ex wife yesterday that he inadvertently killed himself.

Case Closed.

494 days ago

some guy    

As you sit in the theatre this weekend, try not to think about how some of the people that made the movie you're watching enjoy molesting kids.

494 days ago


Charlie and Farrah would make `` really ugly kids!!!

494 days ago


Justin Bieber wasn't driving... possibly the most confusing way to poll. How about "Was Justin driving?" Btw, yes, of course he was.

494 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, because surely, tmz is the place to whom you would want to open your heart to... lol. creeps.

494 days ago


If i'd be the judge i would pronounce them all guilty for being absolutely useless waste of resources...

494 days ago


Unless Farrah takes on an actual career in porn, I highly doubt her money is going to last. She, unlike most of the other Teen Moms, came from a well-off family and had REAL potential to make something of herself. She seemed to be on a decent path, attending school and all. It seems she still has her restaurant dreams but since she had dabbled in porn and has now been forced to enroll in an ONLINE "university" - I highly doubt she'll actually find any success in that. Unless more Teem Mom porn in on the horizon, I say she'll be a lot poorer in the future - especially if wealthy mommy and daddy are refuse to support her. On a better note - what's going on with her sister? Has that chick gone into hiding or what after all this embarrassment? Now that's the one I actually feel sorry for in that family.

As for Charlie? He may or may not sleep with her. Either way, it won't bring her any more fame or fortune. Maybe more STD's but nothing of value lol.

As for Paris - I know a lot of people hate Debbie for basically selling her parental rights to MJ. And I agree with the sentiments. But at the same time, I'm sure MJ wasn't someone she could battle. She was just a normal, run of the mill person with no money or power of any kind. I find it hard to believe that even if she didn't agree that there was much she would have been able to do about it. His money and power went a long way - just look at how it got him off from child molestation charges. @@

Who cares about the Beibs - his star will fade as his fan base gets older and more mature. He might have shot at some sort of nostalgia tour in 20 years like the boy bands are doing now...

Katherine Jackson is just showing what has mattered to her all along - money. Dr. Murray is already behind bars. She isn't looking for justice. She's looking to fatten her bank account. Really the whole family ought to be thanking their lucky stars that he died. He wouldn't have made nearly this much money if he were still alive. They hit the jackpot when he kicked the bucket and now they are just looking to squeeze out whatever they can since the cash cow is dead and gone.

Rachel Uchitel single? She's a whore. She's never single. Didn't she go on TV to say she was addicted to um, I mean addicted to "love" @@ she'll be fine. She'll find another dick to bounce on soon enough.

Chad Johnson should be in jail for other reasons - it was dumb of that judge to toss him in jail over the butt slap but not his actual crimes. Stupid justice system.

Is Miley banging the Beibs? I doubt it - Miley looks like she's into girls and Justice looks like he's into dudes.

2 Chainz robbed in SF - hilarious.

494 days ago


If Miley and biebs are bangin it out, my question is who is giving and who's receiving?

494 days ago


Farrah A. and Forrest G. have much in common. Both have IQ's around 75. Both found fame/glory by being in the right place at the right time.
I put blame on the parents at least until the time she left the house. Her parents are sick people. Now they passed the illness to Farrah, now she will make her kid into a monster.

494 days ago


TMZ, I want to see some of the old random polls we took to see if we were right.

494 days ago

I'm so right    

Maybe y'all could use some synonyms for sex that aren't violent...."banging" and "hit that" sound more like fight club than making love. It's gross. Don't be jerks.

493 days ago
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