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J. Cole

Gun-Toting Twitter Fan

Investigated By Police

6/19/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The idiot who blackmailed rapper J. Cole on Twitter yesterday -- by threatening to kill his little sister if J. Cole didn't retweet him -- is now being investigated by police, TMZ has learned.

A rep for the New Braunfels Police Department in Texas tells us, they have opened an investigation into the 19-year-old responsible for the tweet ... after the picture (showing the fan aiming a gun at his sister's face) was brought to their attention.

The rep says the teenager in question "is cooperating and it seems this was just a bad lapse in judgment." Police say the gun in the picture is a BB gun, not an actual handgun.

The rep adds, "For now this is still an open investigation, and for the time being no charges are being filed."

As for the teenager -- we spoke to the kid, and he has profusely apologized for sending the message, telling us, "I'd like to apologize to America for the photo and to put J. Cole in that position. It was all a joke."

He added, "It was an unloaded BB gun and my sister was in on it. I only tweeted it because I didn't expect a response. Mr. Cole please don't sue me. I want to formally apologize more to J. Cole and yeah my mom made me delete my twitter until I fixed it.” 

So there you have it. DON'T BE STUPID, KIDS.


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Get a grip, people. It was a stupid stunt by a kid that wasn't thinking. He's probably scared sh!tless already, which should be more than enough punishment for the "crime".

490 days ago


His sister doesn't look to be in on it-judging by her stance.

490 days ago


does noone else think it was pretty funny? Its just a sense of humour people, he was obviously joking! If some famous comedian who you admired did this, you would all say how funny (if a little edgy) it was.

490 days ago


Bet that little girl grows up happy and well adjusted, just like her big brother.

490 days ago

Michael Weaver, Jr.    

I'm sorry but this is NOT a "lapse in judgment." Just because it was a BB gun doesn't make it okay. Just because it was unloaded doesn't make it okay. Just because the little girl was in on it doesn't make it okay. She looks like she's 5-7, definitely under the age of 10...most likely SHE didn't know the possible outcomes of this situation. If I was the D.A. in this town, I would bring charges to the boy. He is 19-years-old...he DEFINITELY knew better and KNEW this wasn't the right thing to do. And his excuse of "I only tweeted it because I didn't expect a response." is pure bull crap! The reason he's apologizing to Cole (the rapper) and to "America" as he puts it is because he doesn't want to get sue. He even says that in his "statement" to TMZ. This situation should have NEVER had occurred. Especially since there is so much violence in this country. We are just, what, six months since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and it's still fresh in people's minds. Violence towards children is NEVER okay, even if it's just "a joke". Okay, rant over.

490 days ago


Yes, he is technically still a teenager, but constantly referring to him as a teen and a kid is VERY misleading. This is a 19 year old adult. A 14 year old doing this is stupid, but in that case he really would be just a dumb kid that needs a smack upside the head. This guy is plenty old enough to know better and should be held accountable.

490 days ago


Thank you N.S.A. for identifying this culprit.

490 days ago


This picture makes me feel so bad. Poor little, innocent baby. What is wrong with people? She deserves a million times better. This isn't funny, that guy needs to be thrown in jail.

490 days ago


I think Justin Bieber and Miley Cryus are worse role models than this guy.

490 days ago


charge him, lock him up, throw away the key, keep it moving.

490 days ago

Mr. Moet    

The only thing he is sorry about is knowing his ass could go to jail. Social Services need to be involved. I do not believe his behavior was a one time act.

490 days ago


Why is he being referred to as a KID.. he is over 18 a legal adult and should be treated as such.

Dont excuse his actions because he is a kid.. he is not

490 days ago


dumb ass

490 days ago


The ONLY time you point ANY kind of gun at ANYONE is if you intend to shoot and kill or mame them. This guy is a piece of chit

490 days ago


If this were a libtard state and the kid had a poptart bitten into the shape of a gun the media would have crucified him, his parents and every gun owner in America.

490 days ago
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