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Justin Bieber


... Or Definitely High?

6/20/2013 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062013_justin_bieber_instagram_launchJustin Bieber just posted a video on Instagram ... and let's just say he appears a bit elevated.

Bieber -- with his shirt off and a chain around his neck -- is trying to deliver a message to his fans about his excitement over the new ability to post video on Instagram ... but can't get through 3 words without cracking up.

Plus, his eyes are super glazed.

Now, we're no weed experts ... (ok, some of us are) ... but it seems like Bieber's next move was probably a munchie run.

... not that there's anything wrong with that.


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Rusty Shackleford    

those tattoo's are just a beard right?

thats how it looks anyway, just another nancy-boy trying too hard to pretend he isnt gay.

454 days ago


Why can't he laugh or smile or be happy with out you guys starting rumors about him being high like just LEAVE HIM ALONE is that all you guys can do is judge people try and make people's life horrible get a life leave Justin alone he did nothing to you guys smh

454 days ago

Jordan Jones    

I don't understand why you guys are always claiming he is smoking. He isn't! I guess you didn't watch the video closely. People in the background were making him laugh. You always have to hate on him for NO REASON. He clearly did nothing wrong.

454 days ago


you guys have nothing better to do than to make up stupid idiotic lies about Justin!!!! He's just happy! He cant just smile because he's high?! That's stupid honestly get a life and quit trying to make a lie over something that's not true!!!

454 days ago


I'd love to knock that dickeating grin off his face

454 days ago


see if gets behind the wheel and be sure the Sheriff follows his sorry ass and charges him with reckless endangerment and driving intoxicated.

454 days ago


He gets younger looking everyday.

454 days ago

Kev the Realist    

He is complete douch$bag and if he continues he will be able to take credity for totally destroying his own career.

454 days ago


Who cares about that little turd?

454 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

this boy has become a male Lyndsay Lohan
maybe Lyndsay can coach him to rehab
when you have all the $$$$$$$$ in the world you still wake up in the same body every day you can't buy a new one

454 days ago


Look I just think yall gotta leave this kid alone he's young and wants to have fun why the f*** do most of u care about what he does or doesn't do nothing u say is going to make a difference so there's no point..... And go Cannibis

454 days ago


Yup, he is high,

454 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

Everyone smoked pot at his age, nothing new this turd just wanted to show his fans he is "cool".

454 days ago

Kenneth D. Frazier    

He is a 19 year old KID for God's sake ! He has plenty of time to become an old fogie of some kind .... So many are jealous of what he has done and become compared to their lives that they continue to make fun of Justin ; BUT look where he is at ... where are YOU ?

454 days ago


He is completely baked and NEWS FLASH He has been smoking for a very long time because his eyes are clear. If he didn't have the smarts to NOT post this video then he didn't have the smarts to put drops in his eyes. After heavy usage eventually your eyes won't glow red. So we all know he his a habitual weed smoker a.k.a stoner. Some say "who cares let him smoke weed". I say what is his problem that he requires marijuana? Why does he have a prescription? If he doesn't why has he not been investigated? I guess money talks. He makes the cannabis community look stupid. He goes against everything they stand for. People like him are such a great example of abuse. Most people want to come home after a long day, smoke a bowl and feel all their troubles lift from their shoulders or they are in pain and need relief without poising themselves with meds from big pharma. Justin Beiber you are a dweeb, tool, idiot, and jerk rolled into one. Congratulations!

454 days ago
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