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Paula Deen

Food Network Gives Her


6/21/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM PT -- Paula has just released a statement, thanking the Food Network for 11 "great years." She said, "Because of the gift the Food Network gave me, I've had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country."

Paula Deen
's goose has been cooked at the Food Network.  Officials tell TMZ they are not renewing her contract, which expires at the end of this month.

Paula apparently was done in for her comments during a deposition in a civil lawsuit, in which she freely admitted to using the N-word in the past.

Deen issued an apology this morning that bordered on ridiculous -- it was heavily edited and frankly insincere.

She issued a second apology shortly before the Food Network said it would not renew her contract.



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Ok y'all! I'm a 30 year old black man..... With 3 half black half white babies! And my mom accepts my beautiful children..... But my wife's mother...... Doesn't even want to see her grand babies....... Is that wrong?

457 days ago

Breaking Bones    

there you go...
Proof it doesn't pay to be honest!
either way.....with an R or A ENDING
same, same....but different?
i think...NOT!

457 days ago


I say....... Hang that white devil!

457 days ago


Democrats founded the KKK. Republicans, of which MLK and rosa parks were members, freed the slaves. Easily searchable facts. Thank a liberal for poor race relations.

457 days ago


This lady is a whack job.

457 days ago


TMZ deleting comments that don't fall in line w their liberal agenda while allowing racist blacks to spew hatred , unedited. Cowards.

457 days ago


I don't approve of the n word. It hurts peoples feelings. That's the bottom line.

But if what she says about just saying it in reference to someone who held a gun to her true...I think we can all agree that just about any insult you can think of is that case. Without regard to race color creed ethnicity or parents marital status... :-)

457 days ago


she needs to bake them some waterrmolon, chicked fried chicken and greens

457 days ago


They should have kept her...what would the blacks have done?? Riot and burn down their own neighborhoods?? Good riddance. So sick of hearing them cry and piss and moan about what the "white man" did to them. They gotta try and attack a 70 year old white woman for comments made years ago, but they don't have a problem using the word on their own people....pretty damn sad. Am I racist??? YEAH just as racist as YOU are.

457 days ago


i dont use the word, but i have yet to meet anyone black, white, mexican, middle eastern and asian who doesnt use races terms about another race. they all have people they dont like, or respect. it is a two way street, you cant say remarks (even joking) about other people and thank they shouldnt say them about you. its not alright for one group to shout racism, when they are themselves. it isnt just in america, its been that way since the begining of time, not just black and white. wrong, but its the truth.

457 days ago


If she was black it would have been fine but since she is white everyone has an issue with it....people need to grow up if you want to be treated equal the quit whining about every little thing that happens!,,, everyone talks about people inappropriately you just don't get caught. Grow up!,, if ll cool j called mc hammer one none of this would have been said. Be proud of who you are and stop the childish **** the is 2013.....

457 days ago


You pink booty sons of bitches!

457 days ago

Say Cheese    

I prefer cats to dogs. PC or no? The pussification of America is so rampant I'm not sure if that's ok or not. FAIL!

457 days ago


But I do love banging me some white woman! That's how I got my 3 Lil mixed babies! Wit her pink booty! I love my Lil n*gga Luva! She love her black mamba too!

457 days ago


If Paula Dean is so racist, why was a black woman her manager in the first place? I think we need more information here? If offensive things were done or said AND the plaintiff expressed her discomfort, that's one thing. Or did she play along in order to trap this rich and famous family?

457 days ago
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