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Paula Deen

Food Network Gives Her


6/21/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM PT -- Paula has just released a statement, thanking the Food Network for 11 "great years." She said, "Because of the gift the Food Network gave me, I've had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country."

Paula Deen
's goose has been cooked at the Food Network.  Officials tell TMZ they are not renewing her contract, which expires at the end of this month.

Paula apparently was done in for her comments during a deposition in a civil lawsuit, in which she freely admitted to using the N-word in the past.

Deen issued an apology this morning that bordered on ridiculous -- it was heavily edited and frankly insincere.

She issued a second apology shortly before the Food Network said it would not renew her contract.



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KEEP HER the food network took away someone special and anyone who says they never have said anything bad about anyone are LIARS

456 days ago


what a sorry ass world this has become.when a white person gets hung because the said ******...sorry paula -white people better start standing up for our rights,,,or is it to late--GO TO HELL TO ALL ******S --if you dont like it then GET THE HELL OUT OF THE would be so much better if you left

456 days ago


Being from the south and using the N word as a public figure - not cool. Paula - don't you think you should've know better. Would you say that word to any of your black friends ? Or maybe you just don't have any?

456 days ago


Hang in there Paula it's a slow news week errrr month cuz Lindsay's away in treatment.
They're just picking on you.

456 days ago


perfect reaction.. what do you expect..

456 days ago


I feel so sad about Paula..I'm Mexican and people say comments about us too..At least Paula apologize and I know she said it without thinking just like everyone. Hang in there Paula..I love U :)

456 days ago

Nelson betancourt     

Your the best Paula hang in there we all make mistake I accept your apology love you & best to you & your family

456 days ago


IF YOU THINK THIS IS BS! Buy everything you can afford from her, I didn't really care either way about her, BUT THIS ONE WAY RACIST ROAD TRIP THE LIBTURDS HAVE US ON HAS TO STOP!!!!!

And I served with many blank heroes in the Navy so not a racist bone in my body, but pigs like Jamie fox and Harry belafonte and every rapper DON'T GET ANOTHER PASS FROM ME WHEN THEY DESTROY THIS BABE FOR NO REASON

Buy her things.....

456 days ago


Perfect Reaction!! What else could you possibly expect to happen.

456 days ago


JEFF!! Your remedial!!

456 days ago


There is nothing poor about Paula Deen!!

456 days ago

Who am I 2 Day    

OMG people STOP the whining...geesh No one's going to "reap what they sow" at the Food Network...they going to wake up tomorrow with a clear heart I'm positive lol. Many people have used this word both black and white, however, since so many of us black people are sooo misguided due to the fallout of slavery (ie hatred of color, hair, racism in and around the world, generations torn apart, no identity of tribe ancestry etc) we, IMO have a pass within society to say this word and not have any consequence. Sux but true...I'm like still deal with being black at work, school etc so we'll gladly take back a word (in out misguided way) that gives us a sense of ignorant power lol. Paula-on the other hand lost the Civil Word War when she used the dang word at work and around her employees. That's the ONLY reason Food Network fired her. Like if I and most of you go to work there is constant EO and Ethics trainings...and if u violate these...and it's founded that's your ***. Oh and yes lil Wayne can do stupid s*** like he does lol...he doesn't work for anyone's family friendly network. FYI-I'm from NYC live in a culturely diverse Alabama city (not huge but family like) and totally understand Paula's point of view. If she thinks she's too old to change (like many I know) then she just can't receive the support from people/society who have made changes. I know many southern whites who detest that word-old and young-because they've learned/know first hand ALL that's associated with it.

456 days ago


i say good riddance she knew what she was doing and you know too many people are using that word too loosely like it's alright to say and know you was taught better then that i dont care if it was a slip of the tongue or not you may use that kind of language in your house but in some places it is not allowed and like a live tv she got canned good for food network i would have done the exact same thing people need to realize that you cant go around saying that around people and think somebody not going to do nothing about it it's wrong and inappropriate and shouldnt be use especially from any race or gender maybe now she will learn that throwing that word around like that isnt cool for anybody

456 days ago

Mike boyes    

Lets get real we all say something we shouldn't I can't understand how Gordon Ramsey can still be on the air, after talks and yells with his filthy mouth. how many time can you bleep out ****, I won't watch you any more for not playing fair (---- you)

456 days ago


Paula Deen and Martha Stewart are not the problem. Can't stand how these distracting techniques hide the real issues. Such a non-event. Leave the woman alone.

456 days ago
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