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Chris Brown

Accused of Assaulting

Girl In Nightclub

6/24/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:20 AM PT
  Chris just scoffed at the allegation, tweeting, "I didn't do anything."

Chris Brown
has been accused of badly injuring a 24-year-old girl inside an Orange County nightclub Saturday night ... and the alleged victim says it was so violent she might need surgery.

Deanna Gines tells TMZ ... she was in the VIP section with Chris at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim -- where he had just performed.  When the bar was about to close, she claims Chris shoved her to the ground.  Deanna tells us, the shove was deliberate and she fell hard on her knees.

Deanna tells us she filed a police report, and a rep for the Anaheim PD says a female did indeed file a report for assault inside the club, but the rep won't disclose the name. Cops are investigating. 

Deanna says she went to the hospital and doctors told her she had torn ligaments in her right knee. She's going to see another doc later this week and she says she's already been told she may have to go under the knife.

Chris Brown's rep, Nicole Perna, tells TMZ, "I'm unaware of the incident, as is Chris' lawyer and his entire team.  He was in a great mood after Powerhouse."  Perna adds, "None of this makes sense."



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Is Chris brown a violent juvenile? Definitely. Will Chris brown never ever change? Most likely not. Is this girl just trying to sell a story.....probably. Its not that I'm trying to scare people who report true violence, but come on......I...yeah nothing will come of this, Thats all I have to say, this story will be done with in 3 days, the facts will come out, even if Chris shoved this girl truely, he won't be charged with anything. Of You're in a crowded club, near a pop star everyone's trying to get at and maybe You're being an annoying bitch, You might just lose your balance in your six inch heels and fall straight forward, and yes probably be too drunk or too busy holding your phone and purse to actually support the fall properly and not **** up your knees lol. I've talked forward, very very hard, many times and I mean it takes a very special person to fall....with your knees...knees are week people.

449 days ago

just sayin    

so.. this girl was in a vip area with chris, fell, and now is looking for a paycheck. chris is a douche but this just sounds fishy

449 days ago


If the gold-digging bimbo has torn ligaments in her right knee then why is the brace on her left leg? She and her ambulance chaser lawyer better get their stories straight....

449 days ago

Um Yeah    

Let's be honest here, I don't even care if the story's true or not, I just want to see that Mofo in jail

449 days ago

Um Yeah    

...and the thigh tats

449 days ago


Lies lies lies! This never happened. I was there! nobody was allowed VIP except his people. They had mad secutity. Some dumb, gold digging groupie trying to get cash. Bad karma.

449 days ago


Smh as many ppl being in the club how u not know if it was somebody else didnt do it smh next time get the hellout the way taking up space

449 days ago


If it's her right knee, why is the cast on the left?

449 days ago


would Chris risk violation for some hood rat looking for dick in a nightclub, I think not!!!

449 days ago


Doctors say it's her right knee...Then WHY is her Left Knee/Leg in a Brace??? Hmmm There's something Fishy about this

449 days ago


Is it just me or did you guys get scared and jump also when seeing the sex offenders add when logging on to the site

449 days ago


Once a woman beater always a woman beater.....He better watch out out,REAL MEN don`t like men that beat on women.....

449 days ago


I am no fan of Chris Brown...but to be fair to him, this photo makes me her room, crib in the background ( why are you out at night in clubs anyway?) taking a selfie that is a full body shot, bit of glamour there? I would guess, and I might be wrong, but would guess a lawyer would get photos done, in the emergency room, in the Drs office. not some selfie taken with her trainers fashionably untied and sunglasses perched on her head

449 days ago

Cesia Hernandez    

This doesn't make sense. It says "she went to the hospital and doctors told her she had torn ligaments in her right knee." You see?? RIGHT KNEE! and on the picture she has that thing on her LEFT knee not on the "Right" one. If she has torn ligaments on her right knee then why she's not wearing something for the "RIGHT" knee?? Why is she wearing it on the LEFT knee?? The story doesn't make sense and the picture is even worse. She that first ;)

449 days ago


IDK if I believe the story. Why would any female ever want to even look at him. Any and all females should run away when they see his posse of misfits. What kind of deep daddy issues could you possibly have to want to see him. Seriously all women in the world should band together and never give him any p^##y ever cut him off. Poor old Paula Deen in trouble for using the N word and you have african american jack asses acting like this in public. When will he just realize he needs therapy for his post traumatic stress and tell the world he is gay. Move in with the Beiber Crew in Calabas.He could smack around little twist.. he could scream as loud as he wants and none of the neighbors will call the cops. My guess is they would pay to have Chrisy B smack down lady za and twister Unless they get a note from the HOA first. Lets get those little gay boys matching golf carts to drive through the hood.. oh my rich people and there problems

449 days ago
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