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Michael Jackson & Children

Emotional Home Videos

Tug Heart Strings in Court

6/28/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
was a loving father who cared deeply for his 3 children ... and they suffered an immeasurable loss when he passed away -- at least that's what Jackson family lawyers tried to show in court with MJ's own candid home videos.

The videos -- both shot by Michael -- were played for the jury in the Jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG.

The first was shot on Christmas Day in 2006 ... when Prince was 9, Paris was 8, and Blanket was 4.

It's pretty touching -- Michael asks each of his children what they want to be when they grow up, and he really does sound like a caring father.

The other clip was shot years earlier -- when Prince and Paris were both toddlers. It's clear from the footage they both adore their dad, calling themselves "daddy's baby."



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To bad TMZ continues to put these poor kids photos online knowing that Paris is VERY INVOLVED in social networking and this REALLY EFFECTS HER (obviously)....Hey we are all adults here but some this is NOT COOL!

491 days ago

Max Smart    

It's nice that they had some family pics and all, but what has that got to do with the fact that he couldn't handle the stress of a big comeback, over-medicated and died? The cause of his death has nothing to do with pictures of him with his kids. Almost any parent has pictures of their kids. So what?

491 days ago

Lucy in the Sky    

Omg. They are so cute.. No matter what you guys say about mj, those kids are beautiful..

491 days ago


Am I the only one that noticed the weird panning at the end?

491 days ago


So he was blonde....

491 days ago


Michael isnt shooting this video,you can hear his voice from the side & the children keep looking to that direction & you can tell that the man that says 'very nice' is behind the camera. I actually think this video looks abit staged. The one were MJ is giving them the dog,is more authentic.

491 days ago


A bit creepy. His focus on the male children, and dismissiveness of Paris is clear as she grows. Also if M.J. or even is extended family cared at all about a healthy family. They would have stopped using drugs around the children, stopped M.J. from sleeping with toddlers. Amongst many other things. The Jackson family is a sick twisted nightmare.

491 days ago

mj fan forever    

It's NOT what Jackson family lawyers tried to show it is the pure TRUTH. Michael Jackson has always been a loving and caring daddy and his children always adored him and so he loved and adored them. Not by chance Paris said he is the best father you can ever imagine, and more than once, because it is the truth. Not only a loving caring daddy but also the most loving and caring human being, and the best entertainer of all times, the genius who amazed the world. His heart was filled with nothing but pure love. These videos are so touching and heartbreaking at the same way, Michael Jackson had to be here with his beloved children continuing to raise them like only he could do. And with his beloved fans from all over the planet. We L.O.V.E. you Michael from the bottom of our hearts and MISS you so badly!!! :'''(((

491 days ago

Miley Cyprus    


491 days ago


His children always said he was an amazing father and everyone that has ever met Mj and the kids has said that he was an amazing father! Home videos and pictures of the kids with their father have always been available, but you want to act as though this comes at a surprise? SMH

491 days ago


If that does not pull on your heart strings then you must not be 100% humane..
Those kids loved there Dad and MJ loved them..

491 days ago


Being a good daddy is not reason enough for the Jackson's to win this case. Michael was a grown adult and he made his decisions. He should have thought about his children when he was making them.

491 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

Those videos prove nothing except that the kids were adorable.
Everyone knows MJ was a neglectful drug addict, and those of us who aren't in denial know he was also a pedophile.

491 days ago


The judge is stupid to allow these video showing. They are obviously made for the purpose of propaganda, same purpose that the kids were bought from the beginning, to put MJ in a good light, to cover up his kinky sexual desire and pedophile interests on children. Creepy is right.

While the taxpayers are on the hook for this proceedings and since it has been going on for month, why don't the judge put on the show "This is it" for the jury to watch. Wasn't it made for the same purpose of glorifying MJ and now that the facts were coming out that the film was not depicting what was really going on???

Why are the ambulance chasing lawyers allowed to show such irrelevant "evidence" to what is being accused is beyond me, and the way that is going is getting stupider by the day, but I am loving the dirt so keep it coming.

now, 1..2...3, click hate!!!

491 days ago


Too little too late. Well his kids are pretty screwed up now.

Jacksons were not left a penny from his will so they are sueing AEG to get his money.

The kids are the only Jacksons link to his money. Still spongeing off their dead son and brother. Very classy.

491 days ago
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