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Michael Jackson & Children

Emotional Home Videos

Tug Heart Strings in Court

6/28/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
was a loving father who cared deeply for his 3 children ... and they suffered an immeasurable loss when he passed away -- at least that's what Jackson family lawyers tried to show in court with MJ's own candid home videos.

The videos -- both shot by Michael -- were played for the jury in the Jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG.

The first was shot on Christmas Day in 2006 ... when Prince was 9, Paris was 8, and Blanket was 4.

It's pretty touching -- Michael asks each of his children what they want to be when they grow up, and he really does sound like a caring father.

The other clip was shot years earlier -- when Prince and Paris were both toddlers. It's clear from the footage they both adore their dad, calling themselves "daddy's baby."



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He is DEAD!! What is it that all you people do NOT get? he will NEVER come back. he is better off dead, he was a pedophile who hurt innocent children? I hope he is burning wherever they burn....

446 days ago


I think a lot of people have kids that were sweet and cute at ages 9, 8, and 4..... only to become train wrecks in their teen years.... that can happen to famous and regular families.... with dead or alive parents.

446 days ago


Paris Jackson won't testify in court battle

June 28, 2013, 9:12 AM EST

Michael Jackson's troubled teenage daughter Paris will be spared the pain of testifying in an ongoing court battle over her father's death. Paris Jackson was expected to be among the witnesses called as part of a legal stand-off between the superstar's family and executives at AEG Live, the concert promotion company behind the King of Pop's doomed London comeback concerts. The 15 year old was recently hospitalised after a suicide attempt, and now lawyer Deborah Chang has confirmed Paris will not be forced to testify. Speaking during proceedings at Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday (27Jun13), she told the judge, "Paris is not going to be testifying." The revelation comes just a day after Paris' elder brother Prince took the stand and told the court his sister has struggled to cope following their father's death in 2009. Prince, 16, said, "Out of all my siblings, she was probably hit the hardest because she was my dad's princess. It really hurt her a lot. She definitely is dealing with it in her own way." He added of his own grief, "Nothing will ever be the same. I can't sleep at night. I have a hard time sleeping. For a while after he died, I became emotionally distant from a lot of people." The Jacksons are suing AEG Live chiefs in a bid to have them held responsible for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to treat the superstar in the run up to his London shows. Murray is serving time behind bars on an involuntary manslaughter charge relating to Jackson's death from an accidental drug overdose in 2009.

446 days ago


The guy had no deadly behavior in the 1980s, then he destroyed his nose and blamed racism after lower album sales. He couldn't act in movies with that face and he was dying from drug intoxication.... Sure, fanboys... That's the best father.

He manipulated his kids by making them give wads of hundred dollar bills to Murray.

He tried to make the kids believe that swallowing pills & accusing other people of killing him, throwing money away on a failed backyard amusement park, trusting criminals & buying the service of horrible doctors & businessmen were normal for a liar like himself.
He said he'd "slit" his wrists, so why didn't he slit his wrists. We all know how his daughter learned to slash her wrists. Poor MJ. No love for his own daughter, so he preferred to die than admit he was going to prison for drug purchase & abuse.
Cry & vote HATE to prove you're a liar for a dead liar.

446 days ago


I feel sorry for them

446 days ago



Michael Jackson's nephew says singer happy in final days
By Dana Feldman | Reuters – 4 hrs ago..


By Dana Feldman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Michael Jackson's nephew and co-guardian to his three children testified on Thursday in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the late pop star's family that the "Thriller" singer appeared happy at a family party about month before his death in 2009.

"He was in a good mood, he was happy, making jokes," T.J. Jackson, 34, the son of Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson, told jurors in a Los Angeles courtroom about the last time he saw the self-styled "King of Pop."

"We talked primarily about the children," T.J. said. "I wanted to have more kids, so did he."

Jackson died about a month later at age 50 in Los Angeles from an overdose of surgical anesthetic propofol ahead of a run of 50 concerts in London.

T.J. said he could not gauge Jackson's health at the party, a wedding anniversary for the singer's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson.

"I wasn't in the mentality to check him out," T.J. said, adding that Jackson wore a suit. "He seemed happy, jolly."

Jackson's 83-year-old mother, Katherine, is suing privately held AEG Live, which was promoting Jackson's "This Is It" comeback concert series in London, for negligence in hiring Dr Conrad Murray as his personal physician.

Murray was caring for the singer as he prepared for the shows and was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for administering the propofol that killed Jackson.

T.J. is the second Jackson family member to testify in the trial. He followed Jackson's eldest son, 16-year-old Prince, who took the stand on Wednesday, four years and one day after the pop singer's death.

Jackson's nephew said he had never heard of propofol and did not know the singer was using it at the time he died.

When asked by an attorney for AEG Live if he believes Jackson was murdered, T.J. said, "I do."


"He (Jackson) would tell me and my brothers that he was going to be murdered because of his position (celebrity), that he was a target," T.J. said of recurring conversations he had with Jackson from the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

AEG Live has said that Jackson had prescription drug addiction problems for years before entering into an agreement with the company and that the singer chose Murray as his physician.

AEG Live also has said it could not have foreseen that Murray posed a danger to Jackson.

T.J.'s older brother Taj, 39, also testified on Thursday, and the brothers offered a view into Jackson's private life. They described him as a humble family man who supported his family in times of need, telling jurors that he helped and comforted them after their mother was murdered in 1994.

"He kept me inspired and ambitious. He was just there for me," said T.J., who broke down in tears.

"I still feel lost sometimes without him here," Taj testified, adding that Jackson gave him moral support and helped pay for him to attend college.

T.J., who is in the R&B group 3T with Taj and a third brother, echoed Prince's testimony that Jackson's death has been hardest on the singer's teenage daughter, Paris, who has spent time in a hospital after an apparent suicide attempt this month.

"The loss of my uncle has hit her at a different level," T.J. said. "She was daddy's girl; my uncle was her world."

Paris, 15, and Jackson's youngest son, 11-year-old Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket, are not expected to testify during the trial, which began in April.

Testimony over the past two days has focused on Jackson's relationship with his children, with the family's attorneys showing home videos and photos of the pop star with his kids.

446 days ago


I still wouldn't let MJ babysit my kids! :-/

446 days ago


Where is the video of him dangling the child over the balcony?

446 days ago


He gave TJ advice & support after his mother was murdered. I find that ironic because Katherine is neglecting Paris. MJ truly believed the lie that Katherine was his Saint. Why didn't he continue selling her bible door to door, as she forced him to do...?
Katherine bragged to Oprah that she sold bibles on June 25, 2009.

Poor Katherine, religious woman. Don't forget to tell your "Marilyn Manson worshipper" Paris to forgive & forget Murray & AEG... Forgive Joe because the hero MJ told her to.
Plus last, but not least, forgive MJ, dear.
Aww, Katherine. How about you forgive by not taking $40 billion. It's not that hard to admit that MJ injected Propofol since the 1990s.

446 days ago


When reading some of these comments i can see why USA is the country with most idiots in the World, joke of a country. Anyway RIP MJ

446 days ago


MJ was scared of dogs but he wasn't afraid of hurting the kids, enjoying excruciating face surgery, rubber injections in his face & Propofol infusion in his groin.

No wonder he talked so much about death and forgave his father. I guess he thought money & gifts bought normal behavior from Joe and strangers' boys (supposedly boys helped him feel harmless, humble & respectful, which he had trouble being when he was attempted to do business with musicians & music promoters).

446 days ago

arale norimaki    

what the trunk michael jackson kids are white

446 days ago


This is sad to watch. Never saw Blanket smile after MJ died. And Paris went from a happy little girl to having to deal with so much now.
Those of you bullies out there, MJ is gone so remember that your hateful comments about about him are only affecting these 3 kids now. So shut it.

446 days ago


Los Angeles Times

Michael Jackson's eldest son recalls pop star's final moments

Prince Jackson is the first relative to testify in a wrongful-death case. He says he saw his father lying halfway off a bed while Dr. Conrad Murray gave him CPR.

June 28, 2013|By Jeff Gottlieb

Michael Jackson's children Blanket, Paris and Prince Michael, shown… (Dan Steinberg, Associated…)

Michael Jackson's son Prince was in the sitting room of the family's rented Holmby Hills mansion when he heard screaming. He ran to the kitchen and saw Dr. Conrad Murray dash upstairs.

Prince, 16, said he followed, and when he looked in the bedroom, he saw his father lying half off the bed, his eyes rolled back in his head and the man he called "Dr. Conrad" giving the pop singer cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

After the entertainer was rushed by ambulance to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Prince said he and his two siblings saw Murray again.

"Sorry, kids — Dad's dead," he said the doctor told them.

"We just cried," Prince said.

In sometimes dramatic testimony, Prince spent 90 minutes Wednesday detailing his father's frenzied final moments and the chaos that erupted in their house. Prince is the first family member to take the stand in the wrongful-death case that he, his two siblings and his grandmother have brought against AEG Live, the promoter and producer of Michael Jackson's comeback concerts in London.

Prince was ushered into the downtown Los Angeles courthouse through a garage below to avoid paparazzi and others seeking a peek. He wore a black suit and tie and white shirt, and his brown hair was tucked behind his ears, touching his shoulders.

The pop star's eldest child came across as a bright, composed teenager, a member of the National Honor Society who conceded his musical talents are limited, at best. His voice was quiet, and at times he seemed melancholy as he spoke of his father's death and how much he had meant to him.

His father would come home from rehearsals for his "This Is It" concerts happy about the way things were going but stressed that he wanted more time to practice before going on tour, Prince testified.

Michael Jackson would get upset after phone calls with AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips or Tohme Tohme , his sometimes manager. "He would get off the phone, he would cry sometimes," Prince said.

"He would say, 'They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me.' "

Prince described a conversation between Phillips and Murray at the family home in which Phillips aggressively grabbed Murray's elbow. He said that the meeting took place shortly before his father's death and that he did not know what they were talking about.

Jackson died June 25, 2009, of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol that Murray administered.

Prince's testimony also offered a glimpse into his life, which was closely guarded while his father was alive.

He said he lives with his grandmother in Calabasas, just finished his sophomore year at a private school, makes jewelry, enjoys martial arts and is on the school's robotics team. He said he wants to go to USC to study film, business or mechanical engineering.

Although he enjoys music, he said, "I can never play an instrument. And I definitely can't sing."

He also spoke of living in Ireland, Paris, Bahrain, Las Vegas and Aspen, Colo., with his father and siblings. His attorneys showed home movies and photos of Neverland, the Santa Barbara County compound that Prince called "a very homey place,"

The children were allowed to ride the Ferris wheel and go to the compound's zoo — filled with alpacas and giraffes — only on special occasions. "My dad wanted us to remain humble," Prince said.

Spread around Neverland were messages and poems that their father posted, he said. "When children play, tyrants cry, there is nothing to say," said one that was scrawled on a rock.

Prince said that his father made him and his brother and sister wear masks in public "so no one would know what we looked like, so if we went out without him we could have a normal childhood."

Prince said he's now followed all the time. "So I know why he did it."

The one room at the Holmby Hills mansion that was always kept locked was for "meditation and medication," he said.

The Jacksons say in their lawsuit that AEG negligently hired and controlled Murray. AEG says it was the singer who hired the doctor and any money the company was supposed to pay him was part of an advance to Jackson.

The singer's son testified that his father sometimes gave Murray a couple of hundred dollars for food, gas and other essentials because AEG was not paying him.

446 days ago
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