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We Don't Want 'Blood Money'

from Hernandez Jerseys

7/5/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0701_hernandez_in_jersey_gettyeBay's profiting off "blood money" from Aaron Hernandez' alleged murder by allowing sellers to jack up jersey prices -- so say several New England sports memorabilia store owners ... and they REFUSE to do the same thing.

As you know, prices for Hernandez jerseys on eBay have soared in light of recent events -- with some jerseys reaching $1,500 or more -- but TMZ spoke with the owners of multiple New England sports memorabilia stores ... and not ONE of them plans to raise prices to meet demand.
The owner of Sportsworld USA in Saugus, MA, tells us, "We don't want to make money off this incident. It's what we consider blood money. We just want to get our money back."

The owner of Your Sports Memorabilia in Boston says, "I do not stand for what he allegedly did and wouldn't want to profit off an individual who was murdered ... Sports memorabilia is a dirty industry and this is one of the reasons why."

The owner of SureShot Promotions in Hanson, MA, says the store is even discounting some of the jerseys to get rid of them ASAP -- telling us, "It is a sad situation."

And for the record, the demand in memorabilia stores is just as crazy as it is online ... the owner of New England Pictures (Manchester, NH) says they sold more Hernandez jerseys the day his murder charge was announced than they did in the 6 months before.

Bottom line: people are really weird.

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No Avatar



Burn all of them.

478 days ago


i bet peeps are buying them at discounted prices and then putting them up on ebay and jacking the prices..

make money off murder.. only in america

478 days ago


Folk still rock the #7 Vick jersey in the ATL... He went from a mediocre turnover prone quarterback to a folk hero once the man brought him down.

478 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

burrito supreme wrapper. wtbck in a cheap us wrapping. are you SURE he's puerto rican? i'd check in with j-lo on this, because he does not look one bit puerto rican to me.

478 days ago


It's been reported by numerous credible agencies that the ebay sales are not actual sales. Various members are bidding up Hernandez jerseys and memorabilia to absurd amounts and then refusing to pay. Some members are then messaging the sellers harassing them for trying to profit off of Hernandez's murder(s).

477 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Ebay has nothing to with the prices sellers set. I assume that those who sell "Hernandez" jerseys were making a profit when they sold them before he was accused of murder or are we to assume they were giving them away for free?

477 days ago


Well, the guy hasn't been convicted of murder (not yet, anyway). So much for America's "Innocent until proven guilty" bs...

477 days ago


Retarded statment BLOOD MONEY
What Blood Money???? WHere is this big AMERICAN LAW that states INOCENT until prooven guilty,, What a pieces of **** those *******s

477 days ago


Bottom line: People are stupid! Just another example of people rewarding bad behavior by continuing to make them relevant. When someone commits a terrible crime, they should be locked away and forgotten...no book deals, no sensationalism, etc.

477 days ago


These kind of stories encourage people to try and sell something that really has little to no value... this jersey thing is overblown... a few toxic idiots probably bought jerseys early on... but that bird has flown. Hernandez is a terrible blip... he will not be an icon unless the press keep printing non-stories like this.

477 days ago


Ummm i maybe wrong but didnt christopher columbus kill the native americans then stole their country then to add insult to injury we made it a holiday. Hipocrites.

477 days ago


My husband and I purchased Aaron Hernandez jerseys for both of our sons before the Patriots vs. Giants 2012 Superbowl. The Pats are their favorite NFL team as we live in L.A. and have no NFL team. The Hernandez jerseys have the superbowl emblem as well and I paid nearly $200 for each jersey. Will we will allow them to sell their jerseys on eBay? Yes. What are two young boys going to do with them? Wear them? Not a chance! If someone else wants to purchase them as a collector's piece, why not?

477 days ago

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