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Nigella Lawson's Hubby

Files for Divorce

I'll Teach You, Bitch!

7/7/2013 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The husband of famous TV cooker Nigella Lawson has gone from the throat to the jugular -- filing for divorce because his wife didn't come to his defense after he choked her in public.

Yeah, you read right.

Charles Saatchi -- the mega-wealthy art collector who famously put his hands around Lawson's throat last month outside a famous London restaurant in plain view of paparazzi -- issued a statement announcing the divorce:

"I feel that I have clearly been a disappointment to Nigella during the last year or so, and I am disappointed that she was advised to make no public comment to explain that I abhor violence of any kind against women, and have never abused her physically in any way."

  Saatchi got a warning from cops to not do it again. Boy, those Brits are forgiving.

But Saatchi wasn't done. He went on to blame Nigella, saying they had drifted apart over the last year and essentially admitting that he went to town on her throat:

"The row photographed at Scott's Restaurant could equally have been Nigella grasping my neck to hold my attention -- as indeed she has done in the past."

So what should happen to Saatchi? Please advise in comment section.


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paul a.    

Great news! Dump his ass!
Dont worry, suitors will be lining up.....
U are welcome over to my house to scramble my eggs anytime you want!!!!

435 days ago


Anyone married knows how women can drive a man to this. Mel Gibson was another. You have to have some sympathy for the dudes come on. I am sure its OK for her to slap or choke him tho right? lol!

435 days ago


Not only does he look like a psycho, but he speaks like one too. I wonder just how many times he's done this and worse to her behind closed doors. RUN girl RUN!!! Oh and take 1/2 his money with ya!!!

435 days ago


Sounds like another O.J.!!! Its ALL HER - I"m Mr. Nice Guy. Yeah, we saw through O.J. and we see through this maggot. Congratulations Nigella, you are FREE at last!!! All the best to you. You sure do deserve a much better life than you had with this batterer. Hope he gets the holy sh*t beat out of his sorry a** by somebody. Or maybe even hit by a bus. Either one will do.

435 days ago



435 days ago

Drew Gasaway    

Its his lawyer for sure. It's the latest defense tactic in domestic violence paid troll lawyers play book. File for divorce first and then blame the victim. Claim their using this as a result of a brewing divorce. It's a shameful and emotional tactic below any human. Don't do business with lawyers who take clients with domestic violence. If they can't get an attorney let the public defender or legal aid help them.

435 days ago


Nigella Lawson's Hubby
Files for Divorce
I'll Teach You, Bitch!..............Crazyyy!!!!!

435 days ago


He is a coward, obviously this guy does not want to admit his mistakes.

435 days ago


Narcissistic, sociopathic abusers never recognize that they're narcissistic, sociopathic abusers.

435 days ago


Nigella needs to cut his balls off while he's sleeping. What a coward!

435 days ago


He's a smug self-absorbed money-grubbing unrepentant serial abuser.

435 days ago


Thankfully Nigella escaped and can go on to a new life. I think true abusers never admit they have done wrong and somehow in their mind they have convinced themselves. Unfortunately every day women die at the hands of men that "have never been abusive" and it crosses all levels of income, fame and gender.

435 days ago


Citizen's Arrest. Maybe the person taking the picture had enough. Something at the table was going on a long time before that pic was taken. Scarey.

435 days ago


Who wrote this article? "Lawson got a warning from cops..." Uh no, it was the husband, Saatchi who received a warning. And seriously, as deplorable as this story is, do you have to post a headline with the words "I'll show you, b*tch"?

435 days ago


what a douche baggot!

435 days ago
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