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Lady Gaga

Seeks to Block Court Docs


7/7/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_lady_gaga_article_tmzLady Gaga is so afraid of what is being said in a lawsuit involving two of the people who discovered her, that she's filed legal docs to try and keep certain information from EVER seeing the light of day.

Former Gaga collaborator and close friend Wendy Starland sued Gaga's former BF/producer Rob Fusari in 2010, claiming Fusari screwed her out of revenues she felt she was owed for her role in discovering Gaga.

Earlier this week, Gaga filed docs pleading with the court to seal certain information in the Starland/Fusari case. She claims the info is "sensitive, private, and personal."

Gaga claims that if the info went public, it would "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her. She also says that she and Fusari are legally bound to keep the information private as part of a non-disparagement agreement between the two.

A judge has yet to rule.


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Wendy is a cool chick and deserves what she's entitled to. She's also a good musician and her friend shouldn't make things hard for her just because she has the big piece of chicken right now. Really it's all about luck at some point and you really should share it with those who supported you.

Stefani has had a nice run, but really if stuff comes out, it's because she's let things get out of control and her friends feel left behind.

My advice; make good with the people who believed in you before the money, take a deep breath and get back to work. Music heals all baby. Don't be a copy of Madonna's image because in actuality Madonna is a real decent person and most musicians that work with her like her. I also know for a fact Madonna took care of everyone she worked with. My engineer hung with Madonna back before she got wealthy and she's been nothing but sweet to him for years. It's good karma.

To anyone else commenting on here, behind every well known act is a variety of people who helped out and some got thrown in the garbage if they threaten to outshine the person in the spotlight or turn them into a "real person" in front of new entourage. The confidence level of the person in the spotlight has everything to do with how big the garbage can is.

Stefani... just settle this stuff with your friends and heal the wounds. Its easy to fix.

In 2013,everything is under a microscope and it's not that easy to toss people aside.

482 days ago


If Gaga needs advice on turning embarrassment into dollars, she should phone Kim Khardasian. Avoid calling Paula Deen.

482 days ago


Lady Gaga is a HERMAPHRODITE. Google it

482 days ago


Ruin her image? U mean more than the awful transcript I read regarding her ex employee. She sounds like such a tit and so horrid. Turned me off

482 days ago

Darkskin Diva    

That man needs TO LEAVE GAGA ALONE...SHE IS AWESOME! Estate Jewelry & Precious Gem Jewelry At a DISCOUNT! --->

482 days ago


Lady Gaga is a talentless piece of crap. She needs to go away. What's up with the freakin rat teeth too? Get em fixed!

482 days ago


So she screwed her way to the top. penis or no penis. yeah, like we didn't know that.

482 days ago


So she screwed her way to the top. Yeah, like we didn't know that.

482 days ago


I hope they don't seal the do***ents. Gaga is such a phony. Let the truth out.

482 days ago


Even if she's successful in court it won't stay a secret. Everyone now knows that she has something big that she's hiding and eventually it will be brought to the light.

482 days ago


Lina Morgana of course!! She doesn't want people to know about her or her suspicious death

482 days ago


She probably used to work as a hooker. No big deal and no big surprise either.

482 days ago


If she is innocent,she has nothing to fear.

482 days ago

Ozzie X    

Melodramtic thinks she can change the world and people's hearts. All her fan base are sheep can't think for themselves.

482 days ago

charlei harper    

I subscribe to the penis theory or hermaphodite (sic) theory.

482 days ago
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