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Brandi Glanville


and My Clothes are Falling Off!

7/9/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_brandi_glanville_tipsy_photos_launchYou ever hit the bars so hard, you can't walk straight, you show everyone your ass, and your boobs fall out of your dress?

Yeah ... that happened to Brandi Glanville last night.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star was stumbling around West Hollywood after what appeared to be a high-end bar crawl that started at The Abbey ... moved to Dan Tana's ... and ended at the London Hotel.

Good news -- it appears she took cabs everywhere.

Don't drink and drive kids.


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Just another example of why the rest of the country laughs at the uneducated cretins in Hollywierd..

438 days ago


Let's just quit reporting (and reading and commenting) on trash and maybe they'll go away. I mean, she isn't famous for any TALENT... she is famous for being a bitter ex-wife. This is the last time I'll comment on her or anyone in her extended family.

438 days ago


Eh. Who cares? I'm sure her kids are well cared for, and her husband probably has them for the weekend or something. It's not like she's sniffing coke off a whores stomach... people will forgive Charlie of anything but a woman of nothing.

438 days ago

my 2 cents    

My hunch is that she'll have a 3 day hangover.

438 days ago


Hahahaha, wow

438 days ago


what a pig.

438 days ago


She's so thin that it probably only took 3 drinks to get her like this. I feel sorry for her because she's obviously drinking to numb the pain of her husband whom she adored leaving her. Now her kids are with him and Leann all the time. Leann just loves to rub it in. Especially when she posted the picture of Brandi's kids having a great time on the 4th with Leann while Brandi probably spent the time being lonely. It's great that it seems the kids have a good time with Leann but she doesn't have to rub it in Brandi's face. She's already had enough pain. That's just wicked of Leann. At least Brandi was smart enough to take a cab. Hopefully she'll learn from this mistake although it looks like all the perfect people who post here have already cast many stones at her.

438 days ago


I used to loathe LeAnn Rimes for being a homewrecker. After multiple incidents like this, I'm beginning to understand why her husband left. She's a disgrace.

438 days ago


Egads woman! You just handed Leanne the VICTORY !!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for your kids if the kids they hang around with show them these pics. BTW you are NOT a young in her prime 20 year old girl.That outfit might look good on Miley...Selena or a very young fit Kate Moss type supermodel but NOT on an older woman like you.

438 days ago


Maybe this will get her to crawl back under her rock and quit whining. She has no one to blame but herself for her behavior. I feel sorry for her kids. Some school mate is going to make sure they know what their mom did and how everything was in disarray. Those photos are pretty gross.

438 days ago


her ex-hubby should get those kids from her. I use to like Brandy but man, I feel bad for the children of these train wrecks. she sure doesn't give a **** about her kids.

438 days ago


Am i the only one who's trying to figure out what this outfit was supposed to look like - back at the start of the evening when she was sober? is the lining missing, were there trousers too? drunk is one thing, but black panties with basically a long blouse that splits in the middle - she can't have started the night that way!

438 days ago


Brandi Glanville will "DO & SAY" anything for "ATTENTION"!!! She figured running around "DRUNK & HALF-NAKED" with everything hanging out would certainly "DO THE TRICK" when, in fact, she looks more like a "TRICK THAT NOBODY WOULD DO"!!! SHE'S "DONE"!!! STICK A FORK IN HER AZZ!!!

438 days ago


You're a disgusting mother and public figure!! Three help now!! Your clothing is falling off and you're falling down drunk, stay home to do that and your children won't suffer!!!

438 days ago


Pitiful. Why would Eddie Cibrian want to get with that bag of wind, when he can have Leanne Rimes. This hag bullied Leanne Rimes relentlessly online, and hurt her deeply. Can you blame him for wanting to leave that marriage.

438 days ago
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