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Clooney & Keibler

Broke Up Over the Phone

7/10/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_george_clooney_stacy_keibler_articleGeorge Clooney and Stacy Keibler phoned in the end of their relationship ... as in, they broke up over the phone while they were half-a-world apart ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us ... the two had been growing apart over the past 3 months, with George in Europe working on a movie and Stacy in L.A. working on her new TV show.

But with Clooney scheduled to remain in Berlin until December -- Stacy decided she couldn't do the long distance for another 5 months.

One source tells us, "Both sides realized there is no way to have a relationship when you don't see each other."

We're told the two talked out the situation like adults -- and both agreed going their separate ways was best.

So how did George handle it? Like a friggin' gentlemen -- "He was very respectful, adult about the situation ... and they discussed the fact that they were friends before they dated and want to stay friends after."

There are reports that Stacy was pushing GC for kids and that's why the relationship fizzled -- but we're told that couldn't be further from the truth.



No Avatar


at least he has always been honest that he never wants to marry or have kids.... It is any womans own fault if she starts out knowing this and later wants to "change" his beliefs? It won't work..

449 days ago


"There are reports." That is the sloppiest reporting I have ever seen. You don't say there are reports, without saying who, because you probably made that up to make the story more sensational. TMZ lies like george bush.

449 days ago


Who breaks up over a phone??? You can always get a new phone. Geez, people are stupid! ;)

449 days ago


He wanted to poo-push her.

449 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Clooney needs to ditch this Rock Hudson "love 'um & leave 'um" facade. We all know what's really going on with George, and what does it really matter anyway? Just stop leading these dumbazz women on by pretending to be straight.

449 days ago


He needs a new scriptwriter, this one's getting old. His publicist has been pushing this identical "gentlemanly" break-up skit on the tabloids like clockwork every 2 years.....

449 days ago


BTW, what is her 'career' ? Did she go to school or something??

449 days ago

Hell If I Know    

This Rock Hudson "I'm a hetrosexual love 'um & leave 'um type of guy" is getting old and nobody believes it except my 90 year old grandma. Clooney is gay, so is Ryan Seacrest, Matt Damon, John Travolta and Tom Cruise. This never ending parade of women these men trot out is yawn inducing. Clooney never has any kind of a connection or chemistry with any of these broads, neither does Seacrest...just look at the pictures. A pictures tells a thousand words as they say. Did old George really believe that the public would buy that he was attracted to a wrestler for craaps sake???

449 days ago

Hell If I Know    

LOL...most "breakups" are so ugly that it is hard for the parties involved to refrain from killing each other. I've NEVER stayed "friends" with ANY of my ex' a matter of fact, I hate all of their guts except one...fine line between love and hate and al of that jazz.... Clooney has "nice" so-called "breakups" where they remain "good friends" because he is not emotionally invested in these women in the least....and that is because Clooney is a gay man. Nothing wrong with being gay, just stop with the "I'm just a romeo lady-killer who can't be tied down" lie. He's getting like Liberace who used to tell Mike Douglas "I'm still seaching for the right woman" whenever Mike asked him when he was going to "settle down".

449 days ago


on to the next one

449 days ago


i'm sure gerogey boy has his next victim lined up! No chick should ever think "she's the one" when dating him. Your are, just the one right now.

449 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

What? Over the phone? What is this? 1953? You break up on Facebook and fight about whose fault it was on Twitter for a year afterwards. The person with the most "likes" gets to keep the dog. That's the 2013 way to end a relationship!

449 days ago


forget me knots.......california sunshine

449 days ago


I could care less about Clooney and his hermit ways. Why so much focus on his lack of commitment to women?

449 days ago


I'm telling you...he's the Rock Hudson of our time!

449 days ago
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