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Clooney & Keibler

Broke Up Over the Phone

7/10/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_george_clooney_stacy_keibler_articleGeorge Clooney and Stacy Keibler phoned in the end of their relationship ... as in, they broke up over the phone while they were half-a-world apart ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell us ... the two had been growing apart over the past 3 months, with George in Europe working on a movie and Stacy in L.A. working on her new TV show.

But with Clooney scheduled to remain in Berlin until December -- Stacy decided she couldn't do the long distance for another 5 months.

One source tells us, "Both sides realized there is no way to have a relationship when you don't see each other."

We're told the two talked out the situation like adults -- and both agreed going their separate ways was best.

So how did George handle it? Like a friggin' gentlemen -- "He was very respectful, adult about the situation ... and they discussed the fact that they were friends before they dated and want to stay friends after."

There are reports that Stacy was pushing GC for kids and that's why the relationship fizzled -- but we're told that couldn't be further from the truth.



No Avatar


I'm sure his gal pals sign a contract and get a great pay off in the end & vow never to bad-mouth him. A good career move for all these D-list celebs. They won the lottery.

416 days ago


Let's destroy the hypocrisy in these quotes of his, shall we...Mr. "Pay Your Fair Share"?

"It's not about wealth; it's about taking time and actually enjoying things." However,"I bought it (Italy house) as an investment," he explained. "To me, owning land means you could sell it at some point and have money."

It's not about wealth but is about having money. What a hypocrite. Own a house? Destroying the American Dream...of which owning a house is a big Obama's game plan. Remember, now, Hollywood got TONS of tax breaks and kickbacks as a result of Obama getting elected. Of course, Clooney held that infamous fundraiser in May of 2012...$10 million or something help with the campaign. One must also wonder if he keeps a satellite to "keep an eye" on Obama since he has admitted drone use on American citizens like he does with that dictator in Africa? we face Obamacare, soaring energy costs, stagnant to no job growth, and complete dismantling of our Constitution, this one has been out of the country for most of the year except for award season for Argo. He spends July 4th at his mansion in Italy and Thanksgiving at his place in Mexico...two major American holidays. He will not be affected by Obamacare or energy costs because he's an evil 1%er...the same ones he vilifies in public and in his movies...and has more money than God.

The general themes of his movies and the way he conducts himself in public show how much he hates this country and capitalism. However, just like the rest of them, he loves the money and power it affords him. He is the king of the Hollywood Hypocrite, but, like Obama, he's charming and good with the Jedi mind tricks, so everyone swoons and falls for it.

416 days ago


Sorry, George, gentlemen don't break up over the phone. Coward.

416 days ago


My self esteem isn't that low to do what Stacey does

416 days ago

Judd Paynter    

Oscar Wilde said:" To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance." I guess greater love hath no man than old Gorge has of himself. He will always come between him and another woman.

416 days ago


Well look, at least he is honest with himself. Some men just get married to cheat. You have these serial cheaters who get married and hurt their family without a care in the world. At least Clooney is straight up honest with these women. If you know you can't stay faithful, stay single.

416 days ago

Dennis D    

She is way too hot for him

414 days ago
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