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Justin Bieber

Caught in a


7/17/2013 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_justin_bieber_abs_instagram_launch Like a spitting image of The Situation, Justin Bieber once again blew his top ... and flexed his abs HARD for some shirtless photos on a boat in Connecticut.

Complete with soggy sagging basketball shorts and Marky Mark inspired underwear, Bieber hung topside with his posse  -- Including Little Za and Twist -- to soak in the sun.

Dude seems to be allergic to shirts these days -- he's been showing more skin than that guy from "Silence of the Lambs."

He's ripped though ... so good for him.


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Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Lil' Disaster-Area and Lil'Waste-of-a-Human-Life look very happy to see Justin Bieber in his tighty whities, complete with skid marks and bullet holes. They must have a romantic evening planned.

442 days ago


I can't wait for the day that the only time we hear about this d-bag is on one of those "What ever happened to?" shows!! Just. Go. Away.

442 days ago


He's ripped for a 10 year old !

442 days ago


Why is this little boy always surrounded by older men? I don't know how old he is, but if he's under 18, is he a victim of some type of abuse? If he's over 18 does he prefer boys?

I sense something off with this kid. He always has such a dumb, vapid look about him I wonder if he's a plaything to older hustlers. You hear about him on drugs etc. and I hope he hasn't been taken advantage of.

442 days ago


quick, put a cinder block on his leg and throw him overboard.

442 days ago


This won't be popular with TMZ, but ...

J.B.'s under attack from all fronts - and he's 19 - 19 - nineteen years old.

Okay, he has a few beers, acts like a jerk -

We all did and do -

Alcohol makes suckers outta everyone - everyone.

... not just nineteen-year-olds.

But lookit what an amazing young adult he is.

How RIPPED - any IDEA how much WORK this takes !!!? -

He's ALMOST as ripped as Harvey Levin!

IN the damn gym every morning -

-when most peeps are just going to SLEEP (can you say 4 a.m.).

J.B. OWNS in Calabasas - his own crib!

A world-wide celeb!!!

From a You Tube campaign!!!

HE alone dreamt up - Bieber did this ALONE!

At least initially - managers/management come AFTER the fact!

So J.B. has to take to the H20 (as does Harvey).

For relief!

And even THERE someone snaps his dang picture !!!

"Hey fool, look over here, wanna make a buck off y'all..."

I celebrate the kid.

Admire the hell out of what he's done.

May Justin Bieber - live forever -

May the World and Society?

NOT turn J.B. and pals/posse -

Into "punks."

You get called ENOUGH names?

ENOUGH times!

By ENOUGH people!?

And a valve -

Inside your mind -

Shuts down and off.

...leave him alone...

My valve did.

Took a dozen or so years -

Switching it back on.

Word on that one...

442 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

Does he think he's tough, or black? He is what is commonly know as a bitch!

442 days ago


You're cool. Your pants are falling down and you're on a boat with a bunch of dudes.... Just sayin

442 days ago


What a white trash dweeb. I hope he was good to these users on his way up because they may not be there for him on his way down.

442 days ago


From the grimmace on his face and the smile on the face of the guy sitting to the left, I would say he just got laid!!!

442 days ago


Ugh I hate saying it but his body does look good. He's still a little twerp though

442 days ago


Why is Miley Cyrus topless in the middle.. she has some lame tats now also

442 days ago


Looks like the waistband on his shorts ripped.

442 days ago


The brat needs to pull his pants up.

442 days ago


Can all these mop bucket peeing, talent-less Douchbags Please PULL UP THEIR PANTS!! You look like you pooped your saggy diapers

442 days ago
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