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Jay Z & Beyonce

Protest In NYC

With Trayvon Martin's Mom

7/20/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jay Z and Beyonce have made it clear -- they believe justice was NOT served in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ... they spent Saturday protesting the laws which allowed his killer to walk.

Photos of the superstar couple showed up on Instagram ... of Jay and Bey in NYC, protesting against "Stand Your Ground" laws ... the law in FL which allowed George Zimmerman to claim self-defense in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon.

J & B were seen posing with Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, and Al Sharpton. Al reportedly told the crowd of protesters the famous couple was there ... but didn't want to speak and didn't come for a photo op.

As TMZ previously reported ... both Beyonce and Jay have taken time out of recent performances to honor Trayvon. And last week, Beyonce tagged a photo on Instagram "JusticeForTrayvon."


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Hannah H.    

The Show can't go on without JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN !

425 days ago


These protests are ludicrous. Dress like a thug, throw a first punch, make someone fear for their life & then call it racism?? C'mon!

425 days ago


Kudos to Beyonce, Jay, and Al Sharpton for protesting.

As usual, the racists are mad, which makes this all the more awesome. #JusticeForTrayvon

425 days ago

Annette Lee    

I am in Australia, I am disgusted by the comments I am reading from people in the US. I'm a law student and I stayed up all night every night of the trial watching it live. I believe that George Zimmerman got away with murder and he deserves to be punished for it. My heart is breaking for Trayvon's family. I feel hopless here in Australia and I wish there was something I could do for the Martin family. However regardless of whether he did it or not, the disrespectful comments I am hearing towards Trayvon and his family are disgusting. Grow up America and at least show them some respect.

425 days ago


Lesson to be learned.........We should have picked our own cotton.

425 days ago


And of course the Sharpton a22hole had to make an appearance. As far a JZ and Beyoncé, they just shot themselves in the foot. No pun intended. How come they didn't or don't speak up about black on black crime, the stuff that is going on in Chicago or Detroit? It's all about the publicity for JZ, Beyoncé and the Sharpton dude, all we need it more comments by our President and something said from Jesse Jackson and it will all get better. JJ should worry about his son stealing from people! How come there was no well you know from him about his son! And how come the REVEREND Thomas Masters hasn't made any public appearance. It wasn't too long ago that a family member of his was involved in a FATAL SHOOTING. How soon some people forget.

425 days ago


I would be more impressed if they were protesting the 5,000 shootings in Chicago in 2011/2012 that resulted in 1,000 deaths.

425 days ago


Don't understand why all these protesters , Sharpton,JZ,Beyonce, etc are protesting about. What part of STAND YOUR GROUND LAW dont you people not get? That law was NEVER used in the trial of Zimmerman they applied the law of self defense instead. Florida and 21 other states in this country have the same stand your ground law. But it was NEVER used in the defense of Zimmerman only self defense. This shooting is being used for political and racists agendas against white people. There was NO racism found by a jury,FBI,Trayvons parents, parents attorneys . Why now are they changing their minds? CAUSE the not guilty doesnt fit their racist ,political and money agenda. Trayvons parents already before verdict got over a million dollar settlement from the HOA apt complex. Now they want more money but it will be harder because of the not guilty. President Obama with his 17 minute speech yesterday just needed his Pastor Jeremiah Wright standing beside him to complete the picture. Racism against whites.

425 days ago


Take your protest to Cuba, Bey.

425 days ago


Guess it was alright when this loser was a drug dealer and assisted in the self destruction of many a young black man's life. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have used this to help make themselves relative again. Have these black leaders no shame? Don’t forget the President! You didn’t hear a single word out of B.O.’s mouth about the 15 black kids that died in Chicago the weekend the jury was deliberating ( black on black shootings). He is only making a bad situation worse so he can push his gun policy once again. Wake up black Americans! Are these the people you really want your children growing up to admire?

425 days ago

William Kramer    

Whatever did anyone everyone think that these monkeys wouldn't stick together? That's what chimps do they travel in troops and protect each other.

425 days ago


2 overrated publicity whores looking for free publicity

425 days ago


Anyone who walks with that racist Sharpton loses all respect from me. So sick that the black community listens to that a-hole. I should have kept that to myself since no one bothers to ridicule the riots that have happened. These people are the biggest hypocrites. Screw you SuckZ and your whore of a wife.

425 days ago


Ironically, if Trayvon was not shot, the "little angel" would be in jail for felony battery, attempted murder, or most likely....murder... and would we have heard a peep out of any of these people then?

425 days ago


Ill never buy anything from these racists again. Everyone should protest people who support criminals

425 days ago
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