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Jay Z & Beyonce

Protest In NYC

With Trayvon Martin's Mom

7/20/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jay Z and Beyonce have made it clear -- they believe justice was NOT served in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ... they spent Saturday protesting the laws which allowed his killer to walk.

Photos of the superstar couple showed up on Instagram ... of Jay and Bey in NYC, protesting against "Stand Your Ground" laws ... the law in FL which allowed George Zimmerman to claim self-defense in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon.

J & B were seen posing with Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, and Al Sharpton. Al reportedly told the crowd of protesters the famous couple was there ... but didn't want to speak and didn't come for a photo op.

As TMZ previously reported ... both Beyonce and Jay have taken time out of recent performances to honor Trayvon. And last week, Beyonce tagged a photo on Instagram "JusticeForTrayvon."


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Why should Beyoncé and JayZ give a care what angry white males think about them. They are sending a message that the life of young black male should not be taken because of racial profiling gone bad. Mr. Zimmerman was an aggressive guard who ignored all security training to "not be hero" and always yield to police warnings. Zimmerman is guilty of negligence and manslaughter. What about the white homeless guy who resisted arrest in Fullerton Ca.? After he was killed by the police, The city moved to close the entire department, give me a break. God bless America.

397 days ago


Lets move forward America. Life is too short to be full of hatred. God bless the USA

397 days ago


Black people don't own civil rights. What about George Zimmerman's civil rights? He was found not guilty in a trial everyone agrees was fair. Now liberals want to go judge shopping until they get Zimmerman for SOMETHING. You are unamerican. GTFO

397 days ago


It's time for Trayvon followers to put it to rest, he was just a little thug that was going to get part of his mixture for his drugs. We don't CARE about hearing about this, there are a lot more important things in the world than a little druggie thug and future gangbanger !!

397 days ago


and each one of them a racist!

397 days ago


Get over it!

397 days ago



397 days ago


Did the leaders at all the protests take up a collection $$$? I remember watching Al Sharpton take up a collection for the Martin family in Sanford, FL at the first rally he held in 2012. I always wondered how much of that money did the Martin family actually receive. Also the HOA where Zimmerman lived gave the Martin family over a million dollar settlement a while back. How much did their sleazy lawyers take of that? Who all is profiting from this tragedy?

397 days ago


The us and them mentality .....Us is because they are down with the cause....Them is the are filthy rich and you are not them....Who says you can't have it both ways...POTUS does..

397 days ago

Angry in FL    

I'm from Orlando and find it ridiculous that they are touting the stand your ground law got Zimmerman off. If you were the slightest bit educated and watched any of the trial, you would know that Zimmerman DID NOT USE THE STAND YOUR GROUND as his defense. If you followed the case at all you would have heard about the court hearings before the trial in which the defense decided not to use the stand your ground defense. He claimed self defense(two totally different things here in FL) and the evidence proved he was defending himself. If anyone was in that situation having their head slammed into the concrete and being punched in the face, you would have to make a decision on how to defend yourself and unfortunately in this situation a teenager was shot. I have an 18 year old and teenagers think they are invincible and the realization is that you never know who has a gun and people are shot everyday so you have a choice to walk away or risk losing your life. It is very sad that a teenager lost his life, but Zimmerman did not shoot Trayvon because of race and it is ridiculous that people are using poor Zimmerman for their own political agenda with the stand your ground law and creating racial tensions instead of promoting unity. We live in the best country in the world with the best judicial system. I was angry that Casey got off, there was more then enough evidence to convict her of child abuse and manslaughter at the very least, but there was too much reasonable doubt in the Zimmerman case and he was able to prove self defense and that should have been the end of it. Instead Zimmerman is in hiding fearing for his life and the crazy tweets I saw after the verdict show how easily people are riled up by Al Sharpton and how they go too far. Why don't you promote peace Sharpton!!!!!!!

397 days ago


These fools try to out their 2 cents into everything and its really starting to get on my nerves, picking a side just makes people dislike you more than they already do. Just go away!

397 days ago

PJ in Texas    

The biggest THUG in the picture is the Rev Al Sharpton. He has made his fortune over race.

397 days ago


beyonce and jayz are such gross people

397 days ago

PJ in Texas    

I am from Houston, TX and we have our very own local race card puller. His name is Quanel X. He is the leader of the new black panther party. Whenever a man of race has an issue he shows up on TV playing his race card. Today he and his supporters had a demonstration in one of Houston's oldest and most affluent neighborhoods. It is called River Oaks. What id those people have to do with the TM court verdict. All he does is continue to spew his hate and live in the past. Not one day did he know anyone in his entire family who was oppressed. Local Houstonians heard of his protest in this affluent neighborhood and met him there waiving there Concealed handgun Licenses and rebel flags. Not sure which side is more insecure but I personally have better things to do than add fuel to an already heavy burning fire.

397 days ago


if you don't want jury trials with evidence and witnesses, just do away with jury trials. it is the law of the U.S., to have juries decide guilt or innocence by evidence presented. because you don't like the verdict, you want to change the chain of events. not because you loved this person it is because of your hate for color of the accused . martin is a pawn used to release your hate of white people even thou the president is more white than Zimmerman. president was not a president for the people, he was a race baiter, maybe he didn't like his white, well off grandparents that took him to raise. he has had a privileged life not afforded a lot of black children. if white people are so bad and oppressive why are there so many wealthy and professional people of color, not to mention a president who would not have been elected by black vote alone?

397 days ago
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