Amanda Bynes Accused of Trespassing Cops Called to Old Folks Home

7/23/2013 7:25 AM PDT

Cops confronted Amanda Bynes outside a retirement community after she got into an argument with a cab driver Sunday night ... TMZ has learned.

According to the cab driver ... Amanda was trying to get into an old folks home in Thousand Oaks -- outside L.A. -- when management at the place turned her away because they felt she was drunk and accused her of trespassing.

However, the retirement community was nice enough to call a taxi for Amanda -- but when she got into the cab she said ... "Get me the f**k out of here ... I don't have any money." Naturally, the driver kicked her out at that point.

We're told Amanda walked back toward the retirement community ... and that's when cops were called.

There's no record of Amanda getting arrested ... so, we're guessing she might have only been ticketed, possibly for trespassing.

Amanda grew up in Thousand Oaks -- and owns a house in nearby Calabasas.

The cab driver tells TMZ ... he was told Amanda was at the retirement village to visit a relative.

Story developing ...