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Henry Cavill

Is ZimmerMan a SuperMan

After Car Rescue??

7/23/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


If anyone knows about what it takes to be a superhero it's Henry Cavill -- Superman himself -- so when he arrived to LAX yesterday, we had to ask about the new life-saver in town ... George Zimmerman.

We asked Henry if it's possible for a guy to be considered a "hero" even after millions of people branded him a villain for life -- but ya gotta listen to the way our photog poses the question, it's incredible.

As we previously reported, cops say GZ helped rescue a family of 4 from an overturned car after the driver lost control on a Florida highway last week ... just days after he was acquitted in the Trayvon Martin case.

There's more ... our photog also asked Henry about the recently announced Superman vs. Batman movie ... and who he thinks would win in a fight between the two.

Check it out.


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I see the assassination of George Zimmerman by your racist little piggy's is still in full swing....what are you going do tag his name to every thing you can thing of to muddy it up.....Guess what ? Sweetie ! YOUR racism is showing big time and YOU are the ones who look like fools.....and this man isn't even WHITE ! so damn well get off your soapbox already it's NOT and never was a race issue till people like you and the media got their nasty fingers in the pie ! ...

422 days ago


Zimmerman is a killer who needs to burn in hell and anyone who supports him is a complete moron

422 days ago


The drugged thug was found guilty and society is better off for it....get over your stupid selves.

422 days ago


How ironic that Zimmerman displayed super strength to "pull" people from a car wreck, yet he was so "wimpy" he had to shoot and kill an unarmed teenage boy to because he was scared he wasn't going to win the fight he started? What part of that is not BS?

422 days ago

BB not bb

ATLAH Ministries sermon excerpt on Trayvon Martin -- people think that Trayvon is guilty becasue they put their being black above Christ or anything else.

422 days ago


Something fishy here! Obese Zimmerman had the strength to pull 4 people from an overturned vehicle but had to resort to using a gun to kill a teenage boy that was beating the crap out of him????

Doesn't make sense to me!

422 days ago


Anyone who bothered to watch the trail and look at the FACTS would have been educated enough on the subject to know that Zimmerman wasn't guilty. The race baiters and the main stream media are guilty of screwing Zimmerman over. I hope he sues the hell out of all of them ..... P.S. Martin was a thug.

422 days ago


I enjoy watching your show, but not when you guys either hire rude *******s who don't know when the f*ck to STOP BOTHERING PEOPLE beyond an initial 10-15 second window - especially when it's plain obvious that celebrity isn't wanting to engage with the dunderhead holding the camera.

I do not wish any ill will or physical harm to any of your idiot morons who think they're clever with their inane questions. However, I'm shocked that more of you numbskulls aren't repeatedly punched in the head every other day by someone that you CONTINUE TO PESTER WHEN THEY DO NOT WISH TO ENGAGE YOUR CAMERA MORONS.

When you continue to enable these idiots to represent you, it makes it damned difficult to want to support your show in any way.

422 days ago


At the end of the day You got your "justice" and Zimmerman was "trialled" I'm the court of law and found "Not Guilty". As for Zimmerman maintaining to be Zimmerman isbwhatbhe did when he coragiously got out of his vehicl again. Let it rest folks or tell me if you think Travon, his mom or dad would go out of their way to rescuer or are they the type to keep going on with their business!??

422 days ago


Henry Cavill should teach Kanye how to act like a human.

422 days ago


That guy asking the question is such an idiot. What a jerk. No wonder paparazzi get punched in the face. This is harassing and trying to convince him to say that Zimmerman is a hero. That's disgusting. I have now realized why the Paparazzi are so hated. This type of harassment should be illegal.

422 days ago


SCAM! SET UP! Like Dr. Murray saving a woman on an airplane. This was a PR stunt nothing more.

422 days ago


Mr. Z. did the right thing and help those in need. Good job!

422 days ago


This is soo Stupid! Henry Cavill said Nothing! He said nothing.

422 days ago


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422 days ago
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