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Amanda Bynes

Parents File for


7/25/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Amanda Bynes’ parents have just filed court documents asking a California judge to impose a conservatorship on their daughter due to her apparent mental illness, TMZ has learned.

The conservatorship would empower Amanda's parents to have decision-making authority over certain aspects of Amanda's life ... though it's unclear, at this point, what specific aspects Amanda's parents are looking to control.

Amanda is currently being held by authorities on a 5150 psychiatric hold ... which was put into place earlier this week after she lit a fire on the driveway of a random elderly woman in Thousand Oaks, Ca.

TMZ broke the story ... doctors at the psychiatric hospital say Amanda is showing signs of schizophrenia.

TMZ has learned the documents outline Amanda's bizarre behavior and highlight the troubling string of incidents -- including the driveway fire -- leading up to the 5150.

There will be a court hearing Friday. 

It's worth noting ... it's VERY difficult to get a conservatorship in California.

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Would someone PLEASE take that little dog away, and place it in doggie foster care!!!!!!

420 days ago

Seriously wtf    

So what are the options for treament if she is schizophrenic? Will she be hospitalized for awhile? Is she being put on meds now? Who decides to medicate or not during the 2 weeks? How hard is it to get a conservatorship? Do experts think it is likely her parents will get one? Come on TMZ - do some leg work and answer the obvious questions please. :)

420 days ago


I hope you get sued for violating her medical privacy rights, TMZ. That was an unethical, immoral thing to do and it shows you lack integrity. LEAVE HER ALONE ALREADY. at this point you've caused enough damn! And I hope that Judas hospital employee or "source" you gave some chump change goes to jail or gets sued with you!

420 days ago


I'm happy that they are stepping in. Now she won't need a 5150 hold to be placed in the hospital....her parents will be able to sign her in...she needs a little Lithium and some therapy. Best of luck to her.

420 days ago


This really isnt funny its very sad :((

420 days ago

Wow ...    

With her family releasing personal information regarding her mental health, I hope the judge doesn't award them a conservatorship and assigns someone else to help her.

420 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

Leave Amanda alone, there's nothing wrong with her, she's just a normal person who doesn't need help.

420 days ago


She played that crazy little girl on All That a little too well for me

420 days ago


NOW they decide that she's incompetence? Thought they weren't gonna clean up for her?

420 days ago


Hope she gets the help she needs.

420 days ago


It's about time and somebody please rescue that poor little pup. Sad, so, so sad.

420 days ago



420 days ago


Their only 10 years late not a biggie

420 days ago

Mary P    

She needs a court guardian ad litem for her finances. There's obviously animosity with her parents and no one should just take the parent's word for anything. Sure, make medical decisions and what not. But they should not at all be financial conservators.

420 days ago


first of all how disrespectful that you guys are exposing her medical conditions on just what you assume. I don't doubt she has some medical condition, but give her some privacy!!!! I know this is a gossip blog, but people's medical treatments etc. should be left alone.

Secondly, I don't know if this is true but RadarOnline is reporting that Sam Lutfi ( Britney's spears' ex "manager") has been involved with Amanda recently. Could this have something to do with her ecentric behavior? Please confirm this TMZ.

420 days ago
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