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Amanda Bynes

10 Hours of Sanity...

1 Hour of Crazy

7/25/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Bynes has been true to form in the hospital where she's being held on a psychiatric hold -- she's completely lucid for long stretches, and then goes off the handle crazy. 

Sources with knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... doctors have already determined Amanda is suffering from a severe mental illness "with schizophrenic tendencies."  We're told she's aware "there's a good Amanda and a bad Amanda."  When she talks about the bad Amanda she almost mimics an exorcism, pulling at her body as if to remove the demon, and even biting herself.

We're told yesterday Amanda was lucid for 10 hours -- she was kind, quiet and nice.  During that 10 hour period the staff questioned her about the fire she started Monday and her personality changed radically.  She got frustrated and "shut down."  But she still remained "normal."

After 10 hours of normal, out of nowhere, her eyes widened, she started to grill the staff about her dog (the one she soaked in gasoline).  The staff then told her the dog was safe with her parents, and Amanda went nuts, saying "They'll kill it, just like they tried to kill me."  This went on for an hour.

Amanda then got incoherent and so out of control she had to be physically restrained.

And, we're told, Amanda was extensively drug-tested, and everything came up negative, except for marijuana.

And there's this.  Initially Amanda was placed with another female patient, but she started berating and insulting her to the point they removed Bynes and put her in a room by herself.


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Nun ja biz    

At least she is getting help for now. This is so sad.

400 days ago


Once the doctors stabilize her to some type of normality I bet she realizes that she screwed up her nose by getting multiple plastic surgeries on it.

400 days ago


At least we now know that when Amanda says she doesn't smoke marijuana we'll know she's a bald faced LIAR. Everyone already knew she was lying. At least there's proof now.

No doubt, her brain cannot handle weed. It makes her bat shyte cray cray. Some people really do freak out on just pot ... they get "Reefer Madness" like in that really old 1936 movie.

400 days ago

NormaJean started as a news show for celebrities and because you have become such trash your reporters are not getting any stories because not even the hollywood stars want to associate and give you the time of day. Your show is now about the size of someone's pexxx, smoking pot, orgassm, and thats just your staff talking about themselves for the entire show. Amanda Baynes has a mental illness and the word is not "crazy" but your show is having such a great time laughing at the sight of someone's life being robbed by a very real disease which could be schizophrenia or she could also be manic depressive. Maybe you have gone to an even lower level and find amusement over seeing somekne suffering as Amanda and her familyIis. Have a little class. You and hour team are always claiming that you have such wonderful educations and have gone to great schools but not one of you can recognize the signs of a mental disease? You are all a waste. Use this story to help viewers understand the signs of mental illness...just do something that you could for once say that you collect a paycheck but you have also earned it. I pray that Amanda gets the help that she needs now that she is in a place where they can help...I pray for strength and compassion. BTW you ignoramus....when someone Iis mentally ill they are sick 24 hours in the day...they have ups and downs....try to sound smart and change the story one canun

400 days ago


Do HIPPA laws not apply to celebrities? I feel sorry for this girl and her poor dog :(

400 days ago


Way to violate her HIPAA rights, TMZ! How awesome would it be if 'sources' leaked YOUR medical issues to the press! Leave the girl alone. She is severely ill and is FINALLY getting help.

400 days ago


Okay, TMZ is really crossing the line. This poor girl is suffering and you are trying to get a story out of it. Shame on you!

400 days ago


What happened to patient privacy?

400 days ago


remind me never to check into that psych ward .scary all that info being released ..O_o

400 days ago


Marijuana can trigger schizophrenia. Of course we don't know in this case, but it makes you wonder. And for the record, either you made up the information in this post or you acquired it through somebody who works or is getting treatment at that facility which is just a gross violation of her privacy.

400 days ago


For the next NINE months, I think Amanda needs to be in that psych hospital/rehab to get her head screwed on straight AND stay the heck away from ALL drugs ... all street drugs, all commonly abused prescription drugs like Adderall and painkillers, booze, cigarettes, and even caffeine. Don't even let her get sugar highs.

She needs to give her brain cells and the rest of her body a break. Feed her body only high quality food and purified water for the full 9 months.

If she also exercises 4-5 times a week during this time, I bet she'll be like a whole new person when she gets out.

400 days ago


She is a NOBODY,


Please there has to be someone, anyone more pertinent.

400 days ago


I'm sure all the drugs and alcohol this girl did really helped her brain.

Get real with all of the sympathy for her. She sure wasn't crazy before she got famous.. She acted this way after;

400 days ago


Who leaks this personal information and how much does it cost to get it? If it was a nobody it would be highly confidential.

400 days ago


Hopefully HHS and DOJ will investigate and prosecute this outrageous HIPAA violation.

400 days ago
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