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Aaron Hernandez

Handwritten Letter

God Put Me In Jail

8/1/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aaron Hernandez
wrote a pen pal a letter from inside his jail cell, declaring his innocence, saying his murder charges are God's plan, and vowing to return to the NFL ... and TMZ has a copy.

We have verified with law enforcement the letter is the real deal.  You can read it yourself ... among the highlights:

-- "The world just makes things out of false accusations ... and it will all die down, especially when they say NOT GUILTY"

-- "All the people who turned on me will feel like crap."

-- "God put me in this situation for a reason."

-- "Can't wait to sign [autographs] again when I'm playing again an [sic] prove all the haters WRONG."

As for the fan who received the letter, Karl ... he just called in to "TMZ Live" and told us he wrote Hernandez first.

Karl says he sent the letter because he was in the same jail 15 years ago, and wanted to reach out to Hernandez to give him some encouragement.

Karl also says he would like to visit Aaron in jail -- if Aaron will let him.

FYI, Hernandez -- who's been accused of murdering semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd -- has been denied bail and will remain behind bars until his trial.


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No Avatar


Cuckoo cuckoo, he's already lost his mind.

411 days ago


Shame the pen pal couldn't be nice and not share the letter with the media.....shame

411 days ago

arale norimaki    

to Aaron you ain't no george zimmerman

411 days ago


I didn't know he could write.

411 days ago


My father went to prison when I was a little girl. Right before he went to do his time, I remember him sitting on the couch, saying he believed in the devil. This reminds me of that. He is definitely blaming the wrong person. I got a feeling he's about to play cuckoo.

411 days ago


TMZ I hope you didn't pay this guy for the letter because it's NOT REAL! It is NOT from Aaron Hernandez! I know for myself its not real and a few ways you should've been able to tell is 1. In order for a prisoner to rcv your letter it has to have their inmate number on it. If it does not or is addressed to the medical ward like this guy said, they would throw it away no exceptions 2. the envelope is not from the jail, it was made 3. there's no postmark 4. it's a females handwriting If this guy really got a letter from Aaron and was hoping to visit with him some day or continue talking to him he wouldn't have risked any chance of Aaron adding him to his list of only 5 visitors he can have by selling it to tmz. I'm certain that when his lawyers hear about this they'll set the record straight and so will the jail when they see the homemade envelope. To the person who claims he wrote this to you, nice supporter you are, shame on you! Did you really think adding the touch of "please keep this off social media" was really going to make it seem more authentic?! Only tmz seems to think its real. Shame on you and shame on tmz for publishing a lie. Did you not catch "Karl" lying when (s)he said he sent it to Aaron 2 weeks ago and he got a response a week later which means he would have got it a week ago but yet he just got it?! All the studdering should've been another indication to you that he was lying. All of you look very foolish and extremely desperate!

411 days ago


Karl is my father & the letter is REAL all you haters need to sit down and mind your business, if you have somethimg negative to say dont say it at all! Congrats dad <3

411 days ago


To little princess tiara, first of all you're a child and I'm a grown woman so I really don't care what you respond to my comment with. Just like you find it necessary to defend your "father" I find it necessary to defend Aaron. I didn't lie about anything I said or say anything nasty. I spoke the truth. I know for a fact that letter is not from Aaron Hernandez!!! Its a small world honey and you never know who your talking to.

411 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Rex Ryan and the Jets can't wait to pick this guy up in 2015.

411 days ago


what a friend. wonder what tmz paid him? thats a ****ing disgrace.

411 days ago


*keep this off social media PLEASE* Um, nope!

411 days ago

BB not bb    

Sometimes when you are young, you are very naive and trusting towards the world. You don't see the danger in the things you had aspired to. There are probably a lot of very despicable characters involved in organized sports. Jerry Sandusky comes to mind for one. Aaron probably got on the wrong side of some of them and they set him up with him not having a clue.

411 days ago

Aprille Kidmann    

I am not born yesterday, we are all smart and we do have smart justice to know the tactics of Aaron Hernandez, all criminal like him will always think of something on how to convince the media and justice.. all criminal people are always this way, they will pretend like angel.. satan does that and please in your everyday lives observe people and the world the leader the country.. a person with money always get away with crime, a powerful man in the government he or she never been punish for her crime, a criminal like Aaron Hernandez is full of tactic - his time in jail all he has to think is to get away from this crime so he has time to think of many tactics, the prisoner mates may even help him how to do tactics.. so this letter is written by his satanic mind.. satan ask him to write that, satan always wants a criminal to get away from his evil doing and criminal bad person will always be bad.. have a little look at his face for 5 minutes, he has fullness of evil thinking and mind all he wants to hurry up for more tactics how to convince the justice and media... May GOD BLESS HIS TACTICS

411 days ago

Hope Kidmann    

yeah hahaha .. letter ..Aaron has so many full of tactics, a criminal will always think of tactics how to convince justice that he is an angel, but were not born yesterday, satan always wants him Aaron to do tactics, because satan needs him, satan wants Aaron Hernandez to kill more innocent people so satan needs to find a way how can AARON disguise and more tactics that he is not guilty of crime.. Aaron needs a mental advise.. might his girlfriend is worried, how can he survive now without her Aaron ..no more millions for his girlfriend to spend.. hmm tactics tactics..

411 days ago

Jason Kushner    

innocent until proven guilty you brainless baboons

411 days ago
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