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MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks

Dropped by TWO Sponsors

After God Rant Arrest

8/2/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MasterChef finalist Josh Marks has just been canned by 2 of his sponsors after he was arrested earlier this week for allegedly attacking a police officer ... TMZ has learned. 

A rep for the "Make A Sound Project" -- an organization dedicated to helping people who suffer from depression -- tells us Marks is OUT as an official spokesperson, effective immediately.

"We appreciate what Josh has done for us but we're in the market of helping people. So, we'll keep him in our prayers ... but as of now Chef Marks will be dropped as a spokesman."

Marks has also been 86'd from an NYC cooking competition called "Culinary Fight Night" -- which had marketed Marks as a celebrity judge for an upcoming event.

The CFN people tell TMZ ... they made the decision to ax Marks from the event because they don't want to to put their fans in danger -- adding, "We won't have this man tarnish the integrity of our brand."

As for Marks ... we're told he remains hospitalized in Chicago ... and his lawyer says doctors are evaluating him to determine if he suffers from mental illness.


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So an organization devoted to helping people suffering from a mental illness makes a public announcement that they're dropping him because he suffers from another mental illness. Real nice.

449 days ago


Josh Marks Dropped by TWO Sponsors After God Rant Arrest................Today is a Great Friday...

449 days ago

Ozzie X    

His sole sponsor now is Bellevue.

449 days ago


how come fox new not reporting on this

449 days ago


From Make A Sound's website- "We are a non profit project that works with bands to help those in need. We believe that one touch, one glance, one sound can make a difference in the life of someone who feels that they mean nothing in this world. " They're in the market of helping people? Josh is going through something right now and you drop him? I think Josh would be a GREAT spokesperson, once he receives the help he needs. Unfortunately, he's not receiving support or help from a organization that is in the business to "support and help". Sounds like a shady organization. SMH!

449 days ago


They haven't determined whether or not he has mental illness yet but the mental illness sponsor has dropped him already?? I'll be sure not to ever support them...

449 days ago


It's racism.

449 days ago

Jeff Porlier    

It's terrible to treat this man ( who, by the way, has not hurt anybody but himself ) this way. The sponsors should be ashamed and have lost all credibility (if they ever had any ) in my eyes. And what kind of bogus organization supposedly helping people stuck with metal illness would drop someone obviously suffering from a momentary lapse of reason? By the way, Josh Marks may also feel that he's been cheated of the Masterchef title because his opponent, visually impaired, was helped by a sous-chef all along and maybe, that was one of the triggers of this sad event.

We have to command the work of the police, in this case. They did not shoot this man who was obviously distraught. He's a big, tall man and their self-control was admirable. I wish that Josh will be treated in a way that he'll be able to continue his culinary journey with the help of WORTHY and sensitive sponsors.

449 days ago


The fact that he is still in the hospital shows that he obviously needs help. Both of these sponsers should be absolutely ashamed in themselves for dropping him. Especially, Make A Sound Project, who is out their to help people with mental disabilities, Josh is someone who they should be helping NOT shaming. Culinary Fight Night just Tarnished their name by throwing Josh under the buss like that.
I am so dissapointed in those two groups, how awful. That is what is wrong with humanity. SMH

449 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Well that non-profit makeasoundproject at their dotcom still have the chap emblazoned on the right of the page, with "Come see celebrity chef Josh Marks at Ciao Italian Kitchen in Wichita!".
Uncaring, spiteful and stupid. I wonder how helpful they are?

448 days ago


Make a sound project's new statement (I think they got some backlash from the first one)

"I've decided to write a new statement concerning Josh Marks. I've had a few people write me about Josh being temporarily put on hold with Make a Sound while getting better. I will admit maybe I did not choose my wording correctly. We would love to keep Chef Marks on the Make a Sound roster, just not making any statements or taking on any duties until he's back to his healthy, happy self. We do love Josh. He's a great person, chef and friend. I would like to apologize for any confusion in this matter. "

448 days ago


"We proud to say we're currently working with chef Marks attorney to put out a never before aired video that shows chef Marks sharing his mental struggles. We completely support Josh and cant wait to have him healthy and back representing MAS. We feel this will show everyone that we're all human and have our own personal struggles.

Please share this and stay tuned for more to come."

448 days ago


Yarite. Damage control. They had to be shamed into showing a shred of humanity. What makes it worse is that the whole purpose of their organization is to help people with mental problems. I will give them credit for speedy crisis management, but I still question their kneejerk reaction. Doesn't say much for their "help", does it?

448 days ago

Mike C    

I am the owner and founder of the Make a Sound project. We are NOT dropping chef Josh Marks. He is a friend of mine and we will hold onto him and once he is healthy we will pursue future events. I've been working with his lawyer to put out a video that shows the real Josh Marks. At Make a Sound we are dedicated to helping those in need and we know Josh could help us to reach out to so many more people with a struggle. I regret the way some of these things have come out but we are not about dropping Josh in his time of need, rather, we're doing all we can to help him.

448 days ago


Ok, so I just checked with the Make A Sound people, and they have NOT dropped Josh... Just allowing him time to get better... They said TMZ really twisted around their words...

448 days ago
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