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Lady Gaga's

Damaging Secrets

Hidden From Public Forever

8/5/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whatever skeletons are in Lady Gaga's closet will stay there -- after a judge agreed to have sensitive info filed under seal ... info which the pop star says would seriously damage her career.

TMZ broke the story ... Gaga begged the court earlier this year to seal documents in a lawsuit between her former BF/producer Rob Fusari and former friend Wendy Starland ... documents that have not yet been filed but Gaga knows are coming.

Gaga felt the information could harm her ... by exposing details of a financial settlement she made with Fusari YEARS ago, in addition to other sensitive personal info.

A NY judge has sided with Gaga and ordered the docs sealed, pointing out that both Gaga and Rob want the info under wraps.  So it's pretty obvious ... Wendy's the one with the damaging info.

The judge made it clear -- the information could definitely "seriously injure" Gaga.

Kind of makes you wonder what it is, huh?


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We are all a little crazy at times ,don't worry about it and look ahead.

441 days ago


That's a man, baby!

441 days ago


If it's something that could potentially ruin her career, well then, it's got to be pretty bad, and if she has people idolizing her, even worshiping her, they deserve to know the truth about who she really is.

441 days ago


oh god say it isnt so bitch is trying to cover up what could destroy her career what career? but yeah she was born a man...................................ROFL i knew it i knew it x100000000

441 days ago


I can't even imagine what would be so damning since she airs everything so publicly. An abortion? Hit and run? I don't think she lip syncs, so she can't be facing a Milli Vanilli crisis.

441 days ago


Well the if the dick don't fit, then cut it off! She is a he!

441 days ago


wasn't this already a story like 3 years ago? wasn't it something about lady gaga really being a guy that had had a sex change.

441 days ago


Another lesson to be learned by uprising celebs like Shakira and now Gaga: Don't have boyfriends/managers who are managers/boyfriend. The new celeb usually moves on to the power players and think they can drop the current manager/boyfriend/manage like yesterday's news without financial compensation even though they may have contributed to the early creative successes and were promised future earnings. This scenario is typical. Verbal agreements are usually successfully challenged by the celeb's legal team (it's boyfriends' hundred bucks retainer v. thousands buck for the celeb). The embittered boyfriend/manager then threatens to write a tell all book which collides with the holographic image the celeb has built. God knows what it is that she fears the info might damage her now.

441 days ago


She is Milli Vanilli?

441 days ago


Lady Gaga is a guy...

441 days ago


Ok im going to try and figure it out: so badically Fusari was working with an aspiring singer/songwriter named Lina Morgana. Im thinking Fusari knew she was on to something because when she unfortunately commited suicide im thinking he and his hot new girlfriend, also an aspiring singer , conspired to badically jack all of that material. I mean whos going to know if shes dead right? Like sharks to blood. Stefani Germanotta was made over with this new style and style of music almost immediately after. And on top of that they knew to target the gay community i mean the entire thing is fraudulent. Yes Stefani met Lina Morgana in the studio THROUGH Fusari. I think i figured most of it out??

441 days ago


She's a closet homophobe!

441 days ago


Or i coukd just be full of it. I dont really know what im talking about i just googled it. Not that hard.

441 days ago


What ever her deep dark secrets are or seem to be most definitely, someone out there will post it to TMZ, its amazing the info that shows up here.

441 days ago


maybe she had surgery and used to be male? must be pretty intimate or pretty bad if a judge agrees to seal the do***ents

441 days ago
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