Lady Gaga's Damaging Secrets Hidden From Public Forever

8/5/2013 12:30 AM PDT

Lady Gaga's Damaging Secrets -- Hidden From Public Forever


Whatever skeletons are in Lady Gaga's closet will stay there -- after a judge agreed to have sensitive info filed under seal ... info which the pop star says would seriously damage her career.

TMZ broke the story ... Gaga begged the court earlier this year to seal documents in a lawsuit between her former BF/producer Rob Fusari and former friend Wendy Starland ... documents that have not yet been filed but Gaga knows are coming.

Gaga felt the information could harm her ... by exposing details of a financial settlement she made with Fusari YEARS ago, in addition to other sensitive personal info.

A NY judge has sided with Gaga and ordered the docs sealed, pointing out that both Gaga and Rob want the info under wraps.  So it's pretty obvious ... Wendy's the one with the damaging info.

The judge made it clear -- the information could definitely "seriously injure" Gaga.

Kind of makes you wonder what it is, huh?