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Shaquille O'Neal

Yeah, I Got That

Amber Alert

8/6/2013 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you live in California, we all did the same thing last night -- we wondered, 'Who the hell sent me this Amber Alert on my cell phone ... and how can I turn it off?"

It happened at 10:54 pm -- cell phones across the state started buzzing, sending people (especially sleeping people) scrambling to find out which app was responsible for the late night push notification.

Turns out, there's an Amber Alert setting in the "notification" section of your iPhone -- that most people didn't know about until last night ... when everyone from Shaquille O'Neal to Mike Epps to our camera guys got the message.


Of course, the message was sent with good intentions -- to help authorities hunt down a suspect who allegedly abducted two children in San Diego and is possibly trying to sneak them into Texas -- but still, we couldn't shut it off fast enough.

So, we gotta ask -- when your phone went off last night ...

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Why would anyone be pissed about getting amber alerts? I mean, really? Sorry missing and kinapped children are such a bother to you. Good grief.

442 days ago


How immature and self-involved are you? That alert could save a child's life. Grow up.

442 days ago


At no time did I ever feel a bottom feeding site like tmz had any moral aptitude.

but this article is the most blatant display of TMZ s***bag journalism.

442 days ago


How disgusting of you, TMZ. That man had killed his wife and possibly his children. So sad that you were "inconvenienced".

442 days ago


That's not so bad. Here in GA the last Amber Alert I got went out a little after 5 AM. They're necessary, so they need to continue, but I have to admit, I wasn't exactly thrilled...

442 days ago


And exactly why is this TMZ worthy news?

442 days ago


Really? If your kid was taken u would want everybody in the world notified

442 days ago


I think my comment got messed up, I saw it but now I dont? I dont know but what I said was: Because its literally 10 times louder than any other normal sound. And really what is a sleeping person across the state gonna be able to do to help at 11 pm. Its a good system but a very bad set up. Its just gonna make people go shut them off, as there are no options to it like how loud or what hours it sends out. I dont think this post is about "hey amber alerts are stupid" as it is "um that was unexpectedly loud and new" many dont even know their phone is preset to on for them, or what they are when that loud buzz goes out.

442 days ago


Next the State will alert you with whats acceptable to eat and when you can use the bathroom. We can't all be flushing at the same time can we.

442 days ago

Pissed Viewer    

WOW!!!! "we couldn't shut it off fast enough" that is an extremely F'ed up thing to say, like really...come on TMZ!!!! I come to TMZ everyday, but I think it's time to find another site, one that doesn't get bothered by Amber Alerts.

442 days ago

Dingo Ate My Baby    

The same thing happend a couple weeks ago somewhere and it actually worked. The perp was caught thanks to the alert.

442 days ago


The two children (along with a woman and dog) were found dead in a house near San Diego. So no, TMZ, I'm not pissed, I'm sad.

FYI, I got another amber alert message in NY a week or two ago.

442 days ago


If you were infuriated by this story...

LOG OFF and stop Supporting Sc*mbag Journalism!

442 days ago


I was sleeping. Fresh from a breakup of an 8 year relationship, so I was still nervous about sleeping alone in the apartment by myself. That screeching scared the crap out of me. I thought we were having some national disaster and I started thinking about how I should've listened to my ex when he wanted to stock up and start a bug out kit.

442 days ago


I wasn't pissed, but it scared the hell out of me because I was sleep. I thought something was wrong with the battery in my phone and I wasn't about to touch it until I realized the whole house was alerting.

442 days ago
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